The most interesting Japanese and Japanese-inspired games on Steam.

Recommended October 29, 2017
"It's... not really Ridge Racer, but it's still a good time, even with the sad demise of its online component. Burnout and Split/Second fans will have a blast... literally."
Recommended October 15, 2017
"Play this. Don't read anything about it, don't look up any information on it. Just play it."
Recommended October 9, 2017
"A fun blend of tower defense, action RPG and dungeon exploring. Yes, it's a bit like Dungeon of the Endless, but distinctive enough in its own right to stand on its own merits. Gorgeous art!"
Recommended October 4, 2017
"A perfect palate-cleanser, particularly if you've been delving into anything that's been heavy going recently. Short, sweet, charmingly silly and filled with gorgeous art."
Recommended August 13, 2017
"Maple and Cinnamon take centre stage this time around, with a story about believing in yourself and following your dreams, even when the world seems against you. A surprisingly moving story!"
Recommended August 13, 2017
"The fun and frolics with the Minaduki catgirls continues, this time focusing on Coconut's lack of self-confidence and Azuki's desire to be a responsible older sister. As charming as ever."
Recommended August 13, 2017
"Following a day in the life of the Minaduki catgirls and their master Shigure from a time before Kashou moved out, this prequel fandisc is a delightfully silly complement to the series' main story."
Recommended August 13, 2017
"An absolutely charming kinetic novel about life with a pair of adorable catgirls. Delightfully humorous but heartfelt, this series deserves every bit of the success it has enjoyed to date."
Recommended June 23, 2017
"It's a game where you shoot the clothes off girls while enjoying a lovely '80s neon aesthetic. I see nothing to not like here. It's actually a surprisingly solid shmup, at that."
Recommended April 19, 2017
"An interesting idea - an episodic visual novel - with a solid premise and likeable characters, Games&Girls needs a little polishing but has started promisingly with this initial half-hour episode."
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