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Recommended January 15
"Comic style post apocalyptic side scroller which worth the price!"
Recommended January 13
"Large scale tower defense game + strategy game. Expanding your base is the fun part of this game."
Recommended January 13
"Rich story line presented in fantasy art illustration style. Very good visual experience."
Recommended January 2
"Very smooth animation and intensive effects. A quality game that you should own."
Recommended December 16, 2016
"Wondering in a geometry style planet. Modify the terrain and express your creativity!"
Recommended December 16, 2016
"Very cute characters waiting for you to play with them."
Recommended December 5, 2016
"Almost as real as the real world. Enjoy open world exploration while trying out your moves."
Recommended December 4, 2016
"An epic game in a light graphic. Still doesn't lose the fun of Tomb Raider's adventure."
Recommended December 4, 2016
"Very satisfying hack and slash rpg game."
Recommended December 1, 2016
"This game let you starts your exploration in the galaxy! How cool is that?"