“These are the games on Steam that received two 'Play It' recommendations--one from Chris and one from JJ--on the 'Shall We Play a Game?' podcast.”

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Recommended October 19, 2016
"CS: A showcase title for PSVR from two former Harmonix designers. The first game in a long time that's giving me thumb blisters. JJ: It's very trippy."
Recommended September 6, 2016
"CS: What if “Super Mario Bros.” were “The Road”? Beautiful and disturbing. JJ: Wordless and, without a question, one of 2016’s best games."
Recommended September 6, 2016
"JJ: Historical drama w/o a black-and-white perspective. Action sequences are weak. Chris: Fast-moving, artfully shot and animated. End is unsatisfying."
Recommended March 3, 2016
"JJ: You feel like the star of a John Woo movie. Chris: New mechanics are so rare that I recommend it despite some quibbles."
Recommended February 22, 2016
"Chris: 'Novelistic. Smartly written, a lovely environment. A game by adults for adults.' JJ: 'A very well-written relationship between two characters.'"
Recommended February 22, 2016
"Chris: 'The video game that made me cry the most.' JJ: 'Extraordinary. Probably the most powerful narrative video game that I have ever played.'"
Free to Play
Recommended February 22, 2016
"JJ: 'For 15 minutes and free, you can forgive a lot.' Chris: 'An absurdist sense of humor. A little Monty Python, a little Stanley Parable.'"
Recommended February 22, 2016
"JJ: 'Fascinating, thought-provoking.' Chris: 'Well-written, oddly affecting, funny in other places, filled with small, creative ideas.'"
Recommended February 22, 2016
"Chris: 'One of the best games of 2015.' JJ: 'Really engaging.'"
Recommended February 22, 2016
"JJ: 'I did quite a bit of searching on the Internet to figure out what it meant, and am more confused now.' Chris: 'I have no idea what's going on.'"