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Recommended June 21, 2016
"It’s a colourful, vibrant, quirky and incredibly complex city planning simulation which puts emphasis on management, not purchases"
Recommended June 9, 2016
"It’s a well organised well-oiled machine about making well organised well-oiled machines."
Recommended June 9, 2016
"It’s rough around the edges, but a diamond is forming. The concept is solid, the gameplay is dynamic and the tone is both entertaining and challenging."
Recommended April 10, 2016
"It’s a kick ass survival game where bears eat your family!"
Recommended March 28, 2016
"...an enjoyable, challenging and vibrant experience which would make any gamer a happy player for a pocket money price tag. "
Recommended March 24, 2016
"A cheeky bit of satire on how the gaming industry is slowly becoming a kingdom of the unfinished"
Recommended March 24, 2016
"Cibele is a true to life romantic story based game, whether you lived the story she told or not doesn’t matter, you will have lived it by the end."
Recommended March 7, 2016
"So is Her Story impressive? I like to think so."
Recommended March 6, 2016
"Despite being struck back time and time again I find myself wanting to keep playing and playing"
Recommended February 19, 2016
"Black Closet is a tried, tested and talented JRPG."