About Steam Curators

Follow the Steam Curators you are interested in and see the games they recommend and what they have to say about each of those games. Some recommendations may include a link to the Curator’s website for a more in-depth review or a video play-through.

With Steam Curators, anyone can become a tastemaker to help others discover those unique, fun, overlooked, or just plain awesome games.

How Curators Work

Just follow a few curators to see their recommendations appear on your Steam home page and in your Steam activity feed. You can get started by browsing or searching through the list of Top Curators to follow the most popular curators.

Once you are following one or more curator, you will see their recommendations appear in your Steam Community Activity Feed as well as in the curator section on the Steam home page.

Where can I find Curators to follow?

A list of Steam Curators can be found here. But they also appear on your Steam home page.

How are popular curators listed?

Right now, top curators are listed by the number of followers they have. But this may change over time.

How do I know who to follow?

You can start by looking at the games that a curator recommends and read the curator tagline. Are they recommending games that are of interest to you? Do they have interesting things to say about the games they recommend?

How to become a Curator

Create a new Steam Community group, or use an existing group that you are an officer or moderator of. You can use the group to make recommendations as yourself, or you can use the group to allow multiple individuals to represent an organization.

Click here to see the groups you are currently in.

From your group page in the Steam Community, select the ‘curator’ tab, enter a tag line, and start making recommendations. Once you make 10 recommendations, your curator can show up in lists to users looking for curators to follow.

Who can be a Steam Curator?

Gamers, fans, critics, journalists, developers, artists, industry types, managers, environmentalists, designers, or really anyone that wants to help other gamers discover new favorites. All you need is a non-limited Steam account and you can get started.

Can I recommend games that aren’t in my Steam library?

Yes, you can recommend any game that is available via Steam. But you can’t recommend games that don’t exist.

Can I link to my YouTube channel?

Absolutely! With each recommendation you make, you can enter a couple hundred characters about why you recommend the title. But we realize that you may already have a great review written on your own website, or a video walkthrough recorded. So, you can also include a link to your own YouTube channel, website, blog, podcast, or tweet.

How many games can I recommend?

More than you probably want to. Let us know when you get there.

Do I get money for being a curator?

Nope. But maybe fame. Or just the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing you helped someone else discover that awesome game you love.

What is the difference between following and joining a group?

‘Following’ and ‘Joining’ a Steam user group are two different actions. If you follow a group, you are only signing up to see that group’s Steam Curator recommendations in your Community Activity Feed and potentially on your Steam home page. If you join a group, then you are a member of the group and can participate in discussions, leave comments, join in the group chat, or other group activities.

The ability to join a Steam user group may be limited based on the permission settings of the group. However, any group that has made recommendations as a Steam Curator can be followed by any Steam user, regardless of permission settings of the group.

Are there rules for Steam Curators?

Yes. We have a couple of rules that govern the use of the Steam Curator feature:

  1. Whatever you write when making a recommendation is subject to the same rules and guidelines as other Steam User-Generated Content, as stipulated in the Rules and Guidelines For Steam: Discussions, Reviews, and User Generated Content.
  2. A recommendation should not link to or promote any stores other than Steam.
  3. If you've accepted money or other compensation for making a product review or for posting a recommendation, you must disclose this fact in your recommendation.