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Dying Light: The Following – Enhanced Edition includes:

  • Dying Light Enhanced
  • Dying Light: The Following
  • Dying Light: Crash Test Skin Pack
  • Dying Light Season Pass & more

Dying Light: The Following - Enhanced Edition takes parkour-fueled zombie survival to a whole new level. Enjoy the definitive Dying Light experience with the brand-new Legend system, improved visuals, major gameplay enhancements, and more. This package comes with a huge drop of bonus content, including Be the Zombie, Cuisine & Cargo, Ultimate Survivor Bundle, and The Bozak Horde. Last but not least, travel beyond the walls of Harran to discover a vast, dangerous new region in Dying Light: The Following – a massive story-based expansion that brings mysterious characters, deadly new weapons, unexpected quests, and fully customizable and drivable dirt buggies.


Dying Light is now bigger, better and scarier than ever before. The Enhanced Edition brings 250 unlockable Legend Levels, the dreadfully challenging Nightmare mode, 3 different categories of surprising Bounties, new parkour moves, and more. Enjoy the definitive zombie experience thanks to improved human and zombie AI, upgraded audio, greater firearm variety, enhanced facial expressions, revised character models, and other improvements.


Discover the untold chapter of Kyle Crane’s story thanks to this massive expansion. Leave the quarantine zone and investigate a mysterious cult that has asserted itself in the seemingly serene countryside – a region bigger than all areas of the Dying Light game combined. Take the wheel of the dirt buggy that you can freely customize and upgrade with special weapons, attachments and decals to create your deadliest weapon yet.


Get all the additional content released for Dying Light throughout the first year of support. Play as the formidable Night Hunter in the asymmetric PvP mode Be the Zombie, take on hardcore challenge missions in Cuisine & Cargo, get access to unique outfits and weapons thanks to the Ultimate Survivor Bundle, conquer the Harran Stadium in The Bozak Horde game mode, and more.


Dying Light is a game that keeps on giving out new content. Thanks to the 10-IN-12 campaign the game is expanding with 10 free DLCs within 12 months - starting August 2017. Available to all Dying Light players, the new content includes the Gun Silencer for stealth gameplay, the playable Harran Fighters, the Prison Heist mode set in a brand-new location, and much more to come.

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Dying Light
Zombies, Survival, Open World, Parkour
Dying Light Season Pass
Action, Zombies, Survival, Open World
Dying Light- Crash Test Skin Pack
RPG, Action
Dying Light: The Following
Action, Zombies, Open World, Parkour
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