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Shining Song Starnova szeptember 13.
Take the stage in Shining Song Starnova!
Love's Sweet Garnish szeptember 7.
Amidst the falling cherry blossoms, Asaki wishes to revitalize his grandmother's beloved cafe. With the appearance of Rira and Richer, two girls who wish to work at the cafe, this is the start of a bittersweet story that will intertwine them all.
CyberRebeat -The Fifth Domain of Warfare- augusztus 24.
Enter the world of hackers where Hiro and Misa must uncover the circumstances behind a mystery arson attack on a company that may be tied to the legendary hacker "Warlock". What will they uncover in their pursuit of the truth? A visual novel that brings the world of hackers to life!
NEKOPARA Extra július 26.
About half a year before the opening of the patisserie, La Soleil where the catgirls work with Kashou. Back when Chocola and Vanilla were still kittens when they first arrived at the Minaduki household and before they opened up to the other catgirls.
Lynne július 13.
Lynne is a short story about the scariest thing in the world - being a teenager.
Maitetsu június 29.
Humanoid modules that control all aspects of the railway cars called “Raillords” exist in this world.
The Waters Above: Prelude június 27.
A yuri kinetic novel about sea nymphs who tend to the stars. The Waters Above: Prelude is a free prequel to The Waters Above.
A Light in the Dark június 15.
──We cannot choose in this unfair world.The rich boy stuck in his never changing daily life...The fierce girl struggling for survival...Two people in totally opposite positions in life.In the face of confusion and the choices before them, what will they find...?
2236 A.D. május 11.
This tale began five years earlier, in the spring of 2231. Mankind has evolved a new kind of communication ability called “telepathy”.
NEKO-NIN exHeart 2 április 27.
This is a Sequel to NEKO-NIN exHeart. Japan. From time immemorial, there are those who possess superhuman abilities. These beings who looked like a cross between man and beast are called Demi-Humans. They acted as Ninja and served those in power.
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