Master of Orion - [WG Labs]Ashes
Greetings Explorers,

As teased yesterday, during the 20th Anniversary of MOO 2, today we've released a new update for Master of Orion. It brings significant improvements in various fields, and it also introduces the highly demanded “mod support” feature.

Main highlights of the update:
  • Mod support (Single Player)
  • New Pollution mechanics*
  • New Gravity mechanics*
  • Improved AI
  • New interface for Tactical battles
*Explanation of the new pollution and gravity system with v51.2

Read on for the update notes, and be sure to visit the bugfixes link (English only): we had to post them on the forum due to the character count.

As with every update, don’t hesitate to leave your feedback about the game, we can’t wait to see what you think about this new build.

Master of Orion - Patch Notes v51.2

  • Mods can now be used in the game to enrich the experience even more.
  • New Gravity mechanics:
    • Races with Low-G tolerance have a -25% penalty in Normal-G worlds and -50% penalty in High-G worlds.
    • Races with High-G tolerance have a -25% penalty in Normal-G worlds and -50% penalty in Low-G worlds.
    • Races with Normal-G tolerance have a -25% penalty in Low-G worlds and -50% penalty in High-G worlds.
  • New Pollution mechanics:
    • Pollution is now generated by Population and Production output.
    • New ongoing effect: If pollution in a colony goes up, it pollutes the soil and reduces cells’ food output.
    • Pollution Cleanup project is no longer available.
    • Biome tolerance and Pollution cleaning from buildings are now flat values.
  • Pollution Processor moved to Molecular Compression Technode. Core Waste dump cleaning value increased.
Galaxy Generation
  • “Planetary density” added to match options.
  • Tiny planets added (Updated size chances and Gravity table).
  • Galaxy generation improved to support the new gravity mechanics.
  • Monster quantity by galaxy size increased.
  • New Gravity Tolerance perk influences the player’s Home Planet’s gravity.
  • Tweaks to better support low gravity planets.
  • Races with Low-Gravity tolerance now have the "Low Gravity Homeworld" perk.
  • Races with High-Gravity tolerance now have a "High Gravity Homeworld" perk.
  • Creative perk research bonus increased to +50%.
  • Polished animations and blending of emperors and advisors
  • Cinematics now play when defeated instead of the old pop-up
  • Removed the narrator and subtitles from Custom Race’s cutscenes.
  • Cinematic cameras, now uses real mesh distances in tactical battles.
  • Improved selection of defense points.
  • Improved evaluation of Declare War On.
  • Improved how the AI manages space pirates while being at war with other races.
  • The AI is now better at building bombers.
  • The AI is better at considering transports for other targets.
  • Expansionism trait improvements.
  • Improved invasion by allowing multiple invasion targets at once.
  • Improved invasion by building troop transports in advance.
  • Improved invasion by making troop transports move together with all military fleets.
  • New Planet Rating heuristic for civilizations, now uses estimated outputs.
  • Racial Grudge is now used in strategic analysis.
  • Re-balanced pacifist trait in General Strategy to make it more noticeable.
  • Refactored Racial Grudge so it has degrees and is not binary.
  • The AI now plays smarter in Cluster Galaxies.
  • The AI now plays smarter in Huge Galaxies.
  • Improved opening moves for the AI.
  • Automatic toggle on a weapon/s when receiving general/weapon focus order.
  • Tactical Weapons can now be fired manually.
  • Changed how the AI chooses and changes squadron formation.
  • New Auto-Pause option on screen.
  • Reduced cinematic "Missile Cam” occurrence.
  • Reduced time compression smoothness.
  • Back end now use the new system for focus fire.
  • Formations have been rebalanced to make them more meaningful.
  • New Plasma Web FX.
  • Clicking on a ship now selects only that ship, double-click selects the whole squadron.
Tactical combat – Balance
  • Re-balanced Fighters:
    • Fighter Bay size reduced (40 -> 30).
    • Bomber Bay size reduced (50 -> 35).
    • Heavy Fighter Bay size reduced (60 -> 40).
  • Tweaked Tactical Battles Pacing:
    • Tweaked Hull Visual Scales
    • Increased Max Speed for Most Hulls
    • Reduced Rotation Speed for Most Hulls
    • Reduced tactical health scale
    • Increased CDs on all weapons to keep DPS and Battle Length similar to previous iteration.
    • Phasors Damage Nerfed 35 -> 30
    • Gauss Cannon Damaged Buffed 35 -> 40
    • Pulson Missile Damage Nerfed 50 -> 40
    • Zeon Missile Damage Nerfed 70 -> 60
    • Energy Absorber CD increased 15 -> 25
    • Shield Capacitor CD increased 20 -> 30
    • Removed a Redundant Instance of Cooldown on the Pulsar Entry.
  • Added Automatic Formation Icon.
  • Added pulsing animation to "Victory Is Nigh" notification.
  • Citizen transports can now be built in bulk.
  • New fully configurable ship mass production picker.
  • Limited bulk building to 5 ships max.
  • Added a “below max recommended player” count in the galaxy generation menu, to use as initial value of each galaxy size.
  • Disable Intro Video Option.
  • Set the recommended player count instead of the max count when a new galaxy size is selected.
  • Added Scroll and Close functionality to notifications.
  • Added new feedback for new pollution mechanics.
  • Added missing tooltips that add necessary information in the ship design menu.
  • Improved feedback for Blocking and Guarding commands.
  • The Guard order can now be issued anywhere.
  • Added new formations functionality, weapons and specials functionality in the tactical combat interface.
  • Added status effect icons in the tactical combat interface.
  • Added tooltip Auto-Pause for tactical battles.
  • Added Status Effects to the tactical combat HUD.
  • Numerous tooltips improvements.
  • Added cost, command points, attack rating, defense rating, armor penetration, and drones system tooltips in the Ship Design menu.
  • Added new feedback to Economic victory.
Controls – Modifications for “Tobii eye tracking” devices
  • Cursor stays on planets when camera is shifting on extended view.
  • Improved gamepad warp by adding cursor clone.
  • Look at a planet and push left stick to see tooltip.
  • Added intro animations for GNN
  • Added New Economic Victory GNN trigger
Master of Orion - Bertiux
Greetings explorers,

Today – the 31st of October 2016 – isn’t any ordinary day. It marks the 20th anniversary of the release of Master of Orion II: Battle at Antares!

This second, very popular entry of the saga is still considered to be one of the best 4X sci-fi titles of all times. Two decades after its birth the game continues to enjoy a large active player base worldwide.

As a tribute to this amazing anniversary, we have prepared a features-packed update for “Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars”. Immerse yourself in the new pollution and gravity mechanics, the AI enhancements and the new tactical battles interface. Or, create your own game modifications with the brand new mod support!

We have discounted all the Master of Orion bundles by -40% (including the Collector’s and Standard’s Edition of Master of Orion: Conquer the Stars, as well as the three vintage games). Don’t miss the chance to get your friends onboard and to explore and conquer the galaxy together!

Happy Anniversary, dear explorers
Master of Orion - [WG Labs]Ashes
Greetings Explorers,

It is a great honor to inform you that Master of Orion has been nominated for the prestigious Golden Joystick Award for PC Game of the Year. We are both proud and grateful to have received this nomination alongside so many other outstanding games!

In order to celebrate this, we have updated the client today, adding the Golden Joystick logo and a brief text on the main screen.

If you haven’t voted for your favorite games yet, just click on the logo and off you go!

Alternatively, you can vote for Master of Orion on the official site:

Master of Orion’s nomination is not only a recognition of our work at NGD and Wargaming, but it also rewards all the input that you guys have been giving us since day 1 of Early Access. Without your precious feedback and your support we would not be where we are today, so we really want to say something that can’t be said enough times: Thank you, dear explorers!

We also wanted to share some news regarding upcoming updates: an impactful (free!) update is planned and ready to be deployed soon.

Closer to the release we will inform you of the specifics of this patch, but for now we wanted to give you a warning notice regarding how current saved games will work on the upcoming build.

Old saved games will be loadable, but please be aware that due to certain modifications in gravity and pollution settings, some planets will see their value modified.

That’s all we can reveal for the moment, expect more details in the following weeks.

Conquer the Stars!
Master of Orion - [WG Labs]Ashes
Greetings Explorers,

Today we've released a set of bug fixes for Master of Orion. The development team continues to work on the next major patch, but we felt these fixes should not be held back until then.

Master of Orion v49.5 Patch Notes
  • [AI] Fix for: The AI seems to ask for too much for a truce even when on the losing side of a war
  • [Audience] Fix for: Pressing the Enter key repeatedly when opening the trade table locks the accept deal option
  • [Tooltips] Fix for: Civilian ship construction tooltip not showing in the production queue for certain languages
  • [Tutorial] Fix for: switching all 3 colonists to production instead of 1 when the advisor asks to buyout the frigate breaks the tutorial flow
  • [UX] Fix for: Broken notifications due to missing information in old savegames
  • [UX] Fix for: The game can crash when double-clicking on a defeated race in the Diplomacy window
  • [UX] Fix for: The scrap widget disappears too fast in Colony Management
Master of Orion - GeneralDirection
Hybrid Wars is locked, loaded, and ready to rekindle your love for chaotic shooters of the ‘90s. Extreme Developers and WG Labs bring you fast and furious action, vibrant open worlds to explore, challenging missions to put your mercenary skills to the test, and a small army of mechs for you to command.

Hybrid Wars is available in 2 editions: The Standard Edition priced at $17.99, includes the full game, and the character, Alex Carter, a mercenary from a long lineage of distinguished warriors who’s determined to continue his family’s legacy.

The Deluxe Edition is priced at $19.99 and includes the full game. On top of veteran merc Alex Carter, newcomer Jason Wood is ready for action. Jason’s a cybernetically enhanced super-soldier/stunt driver with a quirky little helper droid that’s ready to help him out of any tight scrape. The Deluxe Edition lands with the original Hybrid Wars soundtrack, a rocking blend of epic orchestral guitar work and futuristic synth melodies. Fans also receive the digital art book, where you can explore the history of Jason Wood, and discover the highly detailed world of Hybrid Wars.

Two character DLCs are set to deploy for Hybrid Wars in the coming months, opening up new ways to tackle single-player mode and team up with your brothers-in-arms in multiplayer. The first DLC character is Yana “Tesla” Radovich, a self-taught genius and one of the best hackers out there. She’ll be backed up by the high-level tech-espionage specialist Yoko Takano. Both DLCs will be released in autumn 2016, priced at $4.99 each.

If you want a discount on those aforementioned DLC packs, then the Hybrid Wars Season Pass is for you, retailing at $6.99. You can even enhance the Standard Edition to the Deluxe Edition at any time with the Upgrade DLC. However, if you truly wanted to be suited and booted for merc life, you can grab the Season Pass and the Deluxe Edition through a single gaming bundle for $24.99.

In the future, you can expect additional multiplayer modes in several free post-launch updates. There’s also a bonus for all Hybrid Wars owners that link their Account: an additional hero, Ivan, as well as 3 days of Premium Account for Wargaming’s “World of…” series of games.

Choose your combat vehicle and start your fight for the future now.
Master of Orion - GeneralDirection
Greetings Explorers,

A hotfix is now available for download, if it hasn't already updated for you. We're continuing to work on fixes for other issues that you've reported, so please keep an eye on the known issues thread. We'll be updating that as more issues are discovered and reported, and will get fixes for them out to you as soon as possible.

Master of Orion v49.4 Hotfix Notes
  • Fix for: Star Base tooltip says that multiple Doom Stars can be built in certain supported languages
  • Fix for: Defense Rating displays wrong
Master of Orion - [WG Labs]Ashes
Greetings Explorers,

Today we've published the first post-release update for Master of Orion. There are many "quality of life" improvements in this update, especially when it comes to the user interface and tooltip information. Read on for the update notes, and be sure to visit the bugfixes link--we had to post them on the forum due to the character count.

Master of Orion - Patch Notes v49.3

  • Added the option to rename a star system when colonizing first or when no other races have colonies in it
  • The first version of the Master of Orion Game Manual has been released in English. It can be accessed through your game library, or on the Master of Orion store page. Additional language support will be released at a later time.
  • Enabled extended empire heuristic with colonization information for better colonization decisions
  • Disabled over-conservative hostiles prediction of pirates in colonization rule so AIs don't stop colonizing for fear of non-existent pirates
  • AI will now better consider pirate settlements on all neighboring systems
  • Improved predicted hostiles firepower estimation in order to properly handle space pirates
  • AIs can now engage neutral fleets inside their empires (defensive engage)
  • Improved AIs defensive build-up and defensive war strategies
  • Improved estimation of hostiles presence by properly measuring incoming fleet ETAs
  • Improved pirates fleets spawning
  • Diplomacy: "Reminder/Support/Honor" events are now shown during Audiences
Ship Design
  • Improved auto-update logic to avoid generating more weapon slots than the ones defined by hull
  • Autocast for Specials is now off by default when taking control. It turns on automatically when choosing Cinematic camera and reverts to its last setting when re-taking control
  • Updated intros
  • Added new tooltip to colony widget
  • Added Colony Events icons to tooltips
  • Added color coding to Research, Production, Credits, and Food strings
  • Mouse Cursor is no hidden during the intro movies
  • The "Confirm" button in the Briefing screen now launches the simulated battle
  • Diplomacy: Added double-click support to race's thumbnails. Double-clicking on them now launch an audience with that race
  • Espionage
    • Added double-click support to espionage missions selection
    • Inverted the order of parameters for sabotage report
  • Research: Added double-click support to nodes in the Techtree and Research Management screens
  • Strategy: New animation effect when splitting a fleet
  • Save Game: Extra info added to the save games including Big Bang Seed
  • Tooltips
    • Revamped tooltips texts to improve readability
    • Updated Colony Widget Tooltip style
    • Added more icons for tooltips
  • Several framerate optimizations
  • Fix for lag spike when zooming
  • The tech tree should now load faster the first time it is opened
  • Tactical: Optimized ships textures
  • Revamped stars' visuals to improve clarity
Please visit this link for all 49.3 bugfixes:
Master of Orion - GeneralDirection
Greetings explorers,

We're releasing a new build today to fix some of the nasty bugs you've been reporting. Work is getting started on the game's first major patch, but we wanted to get these fixed as soon as possible.

Master of Orion - v48.4.1 Patch Notes
  • It is no longer possible to play as a destroyed race in multiplayer by loading a save
  • Fixed an issue with corrupted save files that could prevent the main menu from loading
  • Fixed an exception when using TOBII and selecting a fleet
  • Fixed a crash caused by opening the in-game load screen after deleting all save files
  • Fixed an issue that displayed the last deleted save information after delating all save files
  • Fixed a crash during multiplayer games with custom races
  • Fix for a crash when playing the game with a touch enabled mouse
  • Fixed an endless turn processing loop caused by using the ESC key to exit any Espionage notification popup
  • Fix to properly handle invalid custom races
  • Fixed an issue that caused loss of conrol in Tactical Battles when fighting the Amoeba
  • Fixed "-1" victory chances when fleet is too powerful for target fleet
  • Fix for softlock when entering a planet at turn 3 in the Tutorial
  • Fix for an issue when the game tried to update an already destroyed ship
  • Added missing techtree tooltip icons
  • Fix for Tutorial hints not fitting the game area while game Interface is set to Russian
  • Fix for lobby crash issues related to player names
  • Fix for several issues in Empire Managment screen
Master of Orion - GeneralDirection
Greetings explorers,

We just released a small hotfix to address an issue with the tutorial. This hotfix applies to the Windows operating system. We will release the hotfix for other operating systems as soon as possible.

You can find the note below, and more details here.

- Fixed an issue that prevented saving the match in tutorial matches that were loaded from previous tutorial saves
Master of Orion - [WG Labs]Ashes
Greetings explorers,

To coincide with the release of Master of Orion, we've published an update to the game. In addition to delivering the remaining content for Collector's Edition owners -- the digital art book, orchestral sound track and musical scores for three tracks -- we've also made further improvements to AI, the user interface, pirates and managed to get a highly requested feature implemented for release: custom races in multiplayer!

Read on for the full patch notes, and please be sure to post your feedback in the Feedback & Suggestions section. As we said earlier this month, today is just the beginning -- there's plenty more to come, and your feedback will heavily influence what we do next.

Master of Orion - v48.3.1 Patch Notes

  • [Optimization] Several Turn Processing time optimizations
  • [Camera] Increased zoom distance before abstract view in strategy mode
  • [Score] New score system: details available in Path to Victory scorecard
  • The AI can now engage neutral fleets inside its empire
  • Improved how the AI prepares its defenses
  • Improved AI voting when faced with targets for improved relationships
  • General improvements in AI performance
  • Improved pathfinding
  • Improved population management
  • Improved threat analysis
  • Improved Production manager
  • Added alternative retreat locations for civilians and military fleets
  • If high priority targets are unreachable, fleets will fallback to retreat order to avoid idle in offensive mode
  • [Pirates] Improved pirate AI
  • AIs now don't pursuit Diplomatic & Economic Victories before their initial conditions are met
  • [Espionage] Improved defensive spy allocation for aggressive races
  • Improved Victory Condition Analysis
  • Now AI considers spy missions when deciding when to build things
  • [Galactic Council] AIs can now speculate about the election's result and vote accordingly
  • AI now takes into account more factor for colonization
  • AI is now smarter when rush buying if under threat or in a war
  • AI now takes into account Gravity Generators when building
  • AIs will now defend outside of their empire, and will fight for systems that they find interesting, for colonization or for strategic purposes
  • Reduced scouts preponderance
  • [AI] Rebalanced Long term payment considerations
  • [Pirates] Improved pirate ships spawning
  • [Strategy] Repair feature tweaks & rebalance
  • [Pirates] Updated modifiers to take into account the match's Research speed, Production speed, and Difficulty settings
  • [Tactical] Special opening now requires a minimum of 8 ships to avoid unwanted results
  • Added game intro video
  • Updated tactical intros: added planetary defenses
  • Added feedback report for successful espionage missions against the player
  • Security roll now guarantees different results for every mission, even on the same colony and turn
  • Added Custom Race option to multiplayer matches
  • [Tactical] Added engine sounds to the intros for both sides
  • [Tactical] Increased volume to pre-combat music
  • [Tactical] Updated Cam Missile effects
  • [Music] Added situational music. War music added during war
  • Plasma sound added
  • [Tactical] Added tooltip to Enable AI checkbox
  • Improved Victory Conditions scorecards information in Path to Victory screen
  • Small tweak to ShipButton in FLEET CONTROLS, changing gradient to a solid background for better readability and consistency
  • Added blackhole icons
  • Added traits to match setup screen
  • Added RESET TO DEFAULT in Options
  • Added custom race icon
  • Added Accept/Decline titles in Diplomatic exchanges
  • Fix for The AI opens an empty negotiation box as an offer
  • Fix for The game keeps processing after finishing the turn
  • Fix for user names containing invalid symbols breaking custom race matches and GUI elements
  • [Achievements] Fix for achievements dependant on race being unlocked with custom races
  • [AI] Fixed Open Borders evaluation
  • [AI] Fix for 1 turn lag in actions after war declaration
  • [Controls] Fix for when the user changes gamepad configs and restarts the game. Clicking in-game objects with the mouse afterwards stopped working
  • [Gamepad] Spy orders, fleet scrap now respond to confirm button. Added confirm button on keyboard as enter
  • [Localization] Several localization updates (LA)
  • [Localization] Fix for Accept Embassy (LA)
  • [Localization] Fix for Mauler Device: Spanish translation (LA)
  • [Localization] Fix for Tank and Armor Barracks text confusion
  • [Localization] Fix for Inconsistencies in tutorial hints (LA)
  • [Localization] Removed star as possible destination in Exploration Advice
  • [Localization] Fix for Gravity Generators description update
  • [Localization] Fix for Subtitles selection not being saved
  • [OSX] Fixed resolution problems in OSX
  • [SFX] Audio manager fix for sources auto-stopping unexpectedly
  • [Tactical] Fix for the tactical ship visual target highlight
  • [Tactical] Fix for the pop-up for the first battle sometimes showing when it should not
  • [Tactical] Combat simulations between AI now run at slower to avoid incongruent results
  • [Tactical] Fix for health bar glitches during the first camera transition
  • [Tactical] Achilles Targeting System now only works for missiles (as intended)
  • [Tobii] Handle error when eye tracking is not connected
  • [Tutorial] Fix for Disabled options button in GuidedTutorial (Path to victory step)
  • [Tutorial] Fix for Stuck tooltip on Tactical tutorial
  • [Tutorial]Fix for Disabled hotkeys in tactical during guided tutorial
  • [Tutorial] Fix for Disabled camera zoom in guided tutorial
  • [Victory Condition] Fixed Tech Building value in Scientific Victory Condition Score
  • [UX] Fix for auto-turn label appearing untranslated for a few seconds in new matches
  • [UX] Placeholder icon added for Advanced Damage Control achievement
  • [UX] Deleted lines with % in the votes counting bar
  • [] Forced visible Cursor when the Login Screen shows loading state or the EULA
  • [Pirates] Improved Pirates initial spawn to avoid pirates wipping out races before they reach warp
  • Fix for Star Names not being colorized when colonizing
  • Fix for Options translation missing (SP)
  • Revised intro subtitles timing
  • [UX] Fix for Tooltip doesn't show for Big Bang Seed
  • Fix for Integrate infantry and armor upgrade unit icons
  • [] Fix for If trying to change region during registration, a player will be switched to Log in screen
  • Fix for Fix for planet tags not dissapearing
  • [Gamepad] Fix for Joystick events assigned for camera block settings does not work on Tech Tree window
  • [UX] Fix for Double Click not always working
  • [Espionage] Fix for Maintain espionage widgets updated when spy status changes
  • Fix for Switching from a Colony Manage Structure screen to a Navigation tool screen works wrong.
  • [WG.Net] Fix for CapsLock on/off detection
  • [Localization] Fix for Accept Embassy text
  • Fix for If the user discover a tech in the same turn that finds one in an anomaly, in the discovery screen will only appear the ones from the anomaly
  • Fix for If player disables his own race filter in Timeline Graph, in the next Graph visiting there will be no graph though race filter is visually enabled
  • Fix for Buyout button will disappear from Empire screen if there will be a project that cannot be bought out last in the production queue.
  • Fix for Sum of all GGP is less than 100%
  • Fix for Terran Emperor scenario
  • [Localization] Fix for Colonia de Humano in Latin American Spanish (SPA)
  • [UX] Fixed alpha for several items in diplomatic audience
  • Fix for Economic Data info disappears from Empire Management screen if Player clicks any Planet and then returns to Empire Management screen
  • Fix for zoom showing very small colony widgets on Small Galaxy
  • Fix for Empire Rings showing in StarSystem view for the new zoom distance
  • Fix for There are 2 terraforming project in production selection screen
  • [UX] Fix for Stellar Converter is not available for use on Battle Screen after Planet bombardment. It is available after Battle Screen reopening
  • [UX] Fix for Sabotage notification does not fit
  • [Cinematics] Mrrshan economic victory fix
  • Fix for Close icon is overlapped by build button in Production queue
  • Fix for Economic Data info disappears from Empire Management screen if Player clicks any Planet and then returns to Empire Management screen
  • [WG.Net Login] Fix position in Error message helpers
  • [] Fix for Certain texts become barely visible on smaller resolutions
  • [AI] Fixed move and hold, declare war and attack in the same turn
  • Fix for Ship Model doesn't change
  • Fix for The total space used value doesn't refresh when the user clicks on the Battle Pods
  • [AI] Stop sending "Do not make deals with my enemies" warning if the player is trying to improve the relationship with this race
  • [AI] The AI's autobuild now considers lithovores when building food buildings
  • Fix for Missing key in a pollution notification
  • VerifyPath was returning passable paths that were actually blocked.
  • Fix for Formation in Tactical Battle not working correctly
  • [AI] Fix for colonization considering pirates in a galaxy without pirates
  • [UI] Fix for Mousing over some custom race perks does not trigger tooltip appearance
  • Fix for New icon added for Asteroid Mine
  • Fix for "Abstain" term breaks grammar rules in some languages
  • Fix for Accept Embassy could use the RACE NAME to avoid confusion
  • Fix for Incorrect label for Disengage functionality in fleet commands (EN)
  • Fix for key added "DEAL_ITEM_ACCEPT_RACE_EMBASSY
  • Fix for Ship list will go up if player scrolls the list which contain lots of units in Tactical
  • Fix for Missing keys in the Missions Pop-up
  • [Localization] Fix for Confusing tooltip for targeting (firing) range slider
  • [Localization] Fix for Illogical message in tech node popup (EN)
  • [Tactical] Fix for cloaking visual fx (hover, abstract view, etc)
  • [UX] Fix for Missing localization keys for ship weapons icons tooltip when mousing over frigate x5 and destroyer x5 weapon on Build screen
  • [Tooltips] Add treaty name in treaty tooltips
  • Fix for Upon clicking Show only flagged the list won't show flagged enemy planets
  • [] Fix for Text in some buttons is misalgned
  • [UX] Fix for Missing icon for Armor Barracks on the 'Colony assault at' screen. Also, small UI tweaks
  • [Galaxy Generation] Fix for Force orion's two moons
  • [UX] Fix for Races icons do not fit the hexagon in currently selected fleet window
  • [UX] Fix for Reuse of risk level keys in Spy Missions window causes grammar mistake
  • Fix for High-Energy Focus doesn't increase combat stats
  • [Tactical] Fix phasing cloak
  • Fix for Total Hull points are calculating wrong if a player uses Reinforced Hull
  • [Crashfix] Fix for When loading specific savegame
  • Fix for Steam cloud save cannot be loaded if there is no a local savegame
  • Fix for GNN for detected space monsters appears only for the very first one
  • Fix for Auto-Explore button becomes inactive between 7th and 8th turns
  • Fix for Tech tooltip should be shown when exchanging techs
  • [UX] Fix for Some modules stat icons are missing in Ship Design
  • Fix for Capitol tooltip image goes beyond the screen upon selecting it on Manage Structure interface on Colony Management screen.
  • [Tactical] Fix for pause overlay during intro
  • Fix for Multi-Phased Shields description is wrong
  • Fix for Total Hull points are calculating wrong if a player uses Reinforced Hull
  • Fix for There will be no weapon mini-images in blueprint information on Build screen when the blueprint is equipped only with weapon with modifiers
  • Fix for Visual displaying of monster weapon area of effect doesn't match to its facing settings
  • Fix for When Doom Star equipped with Stellar Converter and Troop Transport and min.24 Marines on board, textures overlap each other
  • [UX] Fix for Battle ships tags on galaxy map and in the Fleet window are slightly different
  • [UX] Fix for There is overflowing text on 'Don't colonize close to us' audience screen
  • Fix for Unpausing the game via increasing speed button does not remove 'Game Paused' insription
  • Fix for Inconsistency in the Pollution Icon and its tooltip
  • [UX] Fix for 'Upgrate All' button goes beyond 'Upgrade Multiple Blueprints' window for certain languages
  • Fix for Player is able to continue multiplayer game after technological victory achieving, if the is loaded
  • [UX] Fix for There is incorrect text tip in Space Factory Build screen
  • [UX] Fix for Space cannot be pressed after the word in multiplayer game name
  • Fix for Disable autobuild when a colony changes owner
  • Fix for Space monster detected without being displayed.
  • [UX] Fix for The third digit in amount of ships is cut off on the top panel in Tactical Battle.
  • Fix for Display "-" sign when assimilation won't progress
  • [AI] Fix for defend sort that would not consider primary target at equal Defense quota
  • [UX] Fix for Fleets Management screen information is not updated in realtime
  • [UX] Fix for Empire Management screen overlaps Galactic Stock Market screen
  • [UX] Fix for The ship's name can overstep its boundaries
  • [Tooltips] Fix for Remove + sign in total security value if security rating goes negative
  • [UX] Fix for Cannot deploy more than 15 marine battalions
  • Fix for Players are able to construct buildings for Technological victory even if it is not present in default settings though it displays in Path to Victory. Victory cannot be achived though players can gather its points.
  • Fix for If a player loads a save that was made on 300+ turns it will become impossible to start a new game
  • Fix for an % appearing in the wrong place in some deals description at the trade table
  • [Controls] Fix for Multiplayer Chat doesn't lock input anymore, new approach implemented
  • [Cutscenes] Optimized intro video for faster playback
  • [Cutscenes] Fix for Escape key spamming causing issues during intro video
  • [Localization] Fix for localized keybinds not being shown
  • [Localization] Fix for "On" and "Off" appearing instead of "Prendido" and "Apagado" in some options
  • [Localization] Fix for Mrrshan Welcome Advisor typo
  • Fix for Scrap tooltip not appearing in the system view
  • [Tactical][Art] Fix for ships highlight
  • [Tactical] Fix for the pause overlay appearing during intros
  • [Tactical] Fix for the pause overlay appearing during intro
  • [Tactical] Fix for Combat chances against Space Dragon now correctly calculated
  • [UX] Fix for Audience screen becomes blurred