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Borderlands 2 has been a success for publisher 2K Games, appearing high on last month's NPD chart. In Take 2's earnings report, the company revealed that it has shipped 5 million copies at retail.

The numbers are framed as "sold in" figures, so we can't be certain how many of those copies have been sold through to customers. From the company's perspective, though, sales to retailers are what matters most. The report also cited "strong" digital sales, but didn't share specific figures. The same earnings report touted the strong critical reception surrounding XCOM: Enemy Unknown, but didn't cite sales figures for the game.

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It has taken a bit longer than initially planned, but beta testing is complete on the cube-tapping, social experiment game Curiosity. The first project from Peter Molyneux's 22Cans will be coming on November 7.

"Curiosity - what’s inside the cube is READY. It has been approved by Apple, and we have finished and tested the Android version," the company's official Facebook page said. The launch will be at 22 minutes after midnight Pacific time in obvious deference to the name of the company.

Players will attempt to chip away parts of the massive cube to find out what's inside, with players being able to purchase larger tools to chip away larger chunks. Only one person will get to the surprise in the center.

The next project from 22Cans will be Cooperation, an effort that Molyneux says will be "the biggest cooperative effort the world has ever known."

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"This world is a machine. A machine for pigs. Fit only for the slaughtering of pigs," says a new trailer for Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs, surely one of the eeriest names in horror games. Come celebrate Halloween with a peek at some of the things that'll terrify you next year, won't you?

The semi-sequel to Frictional's Amnesia: The Dark Descent is made in collaboration with Dear Esther developer thechineseroom, visiting an awful Victorian-esque world filled with horrible, horrible machinery and terrible, terrible swine.

It's due on PC in 2013. Hit the official site for more information.

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It's not a sign of confidence when a publisher refuses to send review copies of their game until the day of its release. That's what EA did with Medal of Honor Warfighter, a game torn apart by critics.

EA admits that the game will not meet financial expectations, and as such, has lowered expectations for the game. EA's Frank Gibeau said that while the company "takes quality very seriously," he believes the reviews are not in line with the company's internal testing, adding "while we're disappointed in the critical response, we believe this is a good game."

"We will continue to support this game through the holidays," Gibeau added, noting that there will be one map pack in collaboration with the upcoming Bin Laden film, Zero Dark Thirty. However, given the tepid response to the latest Medal of Honor game, one has to wonder what the future for this franchise will be.

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EA's $50 Battlefield 3 Premium "subscription" has hit yet another milestone. The company has announced that more than two million players are taking advantage of Premium, which adds a number of new map packs for DICE's popular online shooter.

Undoubtedly, a large portion of these subscribers are coming from Battlefield 3: Premium Edition, a $70 retail version that includes the Premium DLC. And although Activision hasn't revealed updated Call of Duty Elite numbers, today's announcement means that Battlefield has, essentially, caught up with Elite's 2 million subscribers.

In addition, EA says that catalog sales of Battlefield 3 is outperforming expectations. Combined sales of Battlefield 3 and FIFA 12 are over 4 million units in the company's first half.

Battlefield digital revenues have been growing steadily

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Rain, rain, go away for Late Night Computing on October 30, 2012.

Hopefully the majority of you weathered the storm last night. Things were pretty windy here in Western Pennsylvania, and quite frankly I'm surprised I still have power since it tends to go down at the slightest hint of a raindrop. Best of luck during the clean-up. The pictures some of you posted in Chatty from New York City look like something out of The Day After Tomorrow.

News bits:

  • Stardock CEO Brad Wardell gives a free copy of the recently released Elemental: Fallen Enchantress to original customers of the buddy Elemental: War of Magic. [via Techdirt]

  • Ben Kuchera goes behind the scenes with Obsidian concept artist Brian Menze, from Project Eternity, Fallout, and Knights of the Old Republic. [via Penny Arcade Report]

  • What exactly does "sandbox gameplay" imply? EVE Online developer Matthew Woodword discusses what the term means for the vast space simulation. [via Gamasutra]

  • Are you an early Windows 8 adopter? Try these refreshed games that came with your operating system, including the new Minesweeper adventure mode. [via Ars Technica]

  • Excited to see Skyfall next weekend? Find out which phone James Bond uses in his new movie. [via Venture Beat]

Chatty posts of the moment.

Make sure you log-in and check your filters if you can't see the following:

  • "Must put down Dishonored and go to bed. Must go to bed. ARGH. This game is soooo good." [by virus]

  • "So yeah, I found a bug in Borderlands 2 for PC and it made me so sad. I looted an awesome pistol from the locked chest in Sanctuary. It was an amazing weapon, huge clip, accurate, fast reload, great damage. I was farming some Goliaths when I ended up with full inventory. When I was heading back to sell, I opened up a chest expecting money and ammo, so I immediately pressed and held "E" to loot. Well, the chest had a pistol in it and I autolooted it and switched it out with my awesome gun. The only problem is that I didn't have inventory space and my awesome gun disappeared. It was over-written by the gun I just picked up. " [by pigvomit]

Nightly file.

  • Left 4 Dead 2 mod for Back to School 1.0. "Back to School 1.0 is a fully featured campaign for Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2, which sees our heroes travel to a woefully unequipped Borden City as the United States military brings down its might upon the infestation." Download the free mod for Windows.


Painkiller Hell & Damnation launch cinematic trailer:

Painkiller Hell & Damnation launches for the PC on October 31, 2012 and shows off its launch cinematic trailer.

Okami HD releases for the PlayStation 3 with a launch trailer, Primal Carnage has a spiffy launch trailer, Ragnarok Odyssey shows off some fresh gameplay, and Activision launches several trailers for Transformers Prime.

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Hawken publisher Meteor Entertainment has raised another $18 million in its second round of funding. New investors in the game include Rustic Canyon Ventures and Chinese company KongZhong, which plans to publish Hawken in China. This brings total funding up to $28.5 million.

The funding was largely garnered from impressive looks at the free-to-play game Hawken, but Meteor isn't pouring all its resources into one project. CEO Mark Long told VentureBeat that the company has put another title in the pipe, and has its eyes on using the money for an acquisition. He says the funding could be used as a war chest "to acquire another title that could be on the same quality level as Hawken."

Investors are attracted to the free-to-play model because, since the games are ongoing revenue producers, it requires a smaller investment up-front. "It doesn’t take a $50 million or $100 million budget to do this," said Rustic Canyon managing partner Nate Redmond. "You can now invest more heavily after the game launches and you see how it is a success and the game mechanics are working properly. We look at a lot of possible game investments. It continues to be one of the most interesting sectors of digital media."

Hawken is scheduled to release on December 12, and will eventually get support from the Oculus Rift VR system. If a month seems too long to wait, you can check out the latest round of videos.

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The Entertainment Software Association Foundation (ESAF) held its 15th annual "Nite to Unite" event on October 18 in San Francisco, raising $822,000 and bringing its grand total raised to more than $12 million. The money will be put towards funding grants and scholarships for America's youth.

Valve founder Gabe Newell was the 2012 ESA Champion Honoree, for the company's Steam for Schools initiative. The organization also outlined a partnership with Children's Miracle Network and Extra Life.

"Nite to Unite's success is due to the video game industry's generosity, leadership and commitment to children," said organization president and CEO Michael Gallagher, in the announcement "Our industry once again came together to support programs and initiatives that equip America's young adults with the skills they need for academic and workforce success."

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Forza Horizon's SmartGlass application, promised as one of the first to be supported in Microsoft's new initiative, has launched today. It's available now on Windows 8 PCs, and adds an interactive map of Colorado that interfaces with the game.

Players can pinch and zoom in SmartGlass to explore the map, and tap to set waypoints that will then be automatically routed in the game. You can also use the map to find special items, like the upgrade discount signs and race events. You can filter by content type on the map to find events easily, and play the full game without pausing to look at your map.

Others listed among the early SmartGlass-linked applications include Halo Waypoint, Kinect Sesame Street TV, and video apps like ESPN, NBA Game Time, UFC, the Elections 2012 app, HBO Go, MSN, NBC News, NOW TV, Slacker Radio, Today, and Univision.

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The Karateka remake being headed up by original creator Jordan Mechner will hit Xbox 360 on November 7, for $10 (800 Microsoft Points). The ToeJam & Earl Collection, which brings together original game and Panic on Funkotron, will release the same day.

The dates were confirmed by Microsoft's Major Nelson. Karateka is slated for release on the PlayStation Network as well, likely close to the XBLA date. The two ToeJam & Earl games are being released separately on PSN for $4.99 each.