Shacknews - Xav de Matos
The second chapter in the four-part prequel comic series starring the cast of survivors from the original Left 4 Dead has been released.

Along with detailing some of the backstory of each original character, the comic series gives players a look at the tale woven in the upcoming downloadable content "The Sacrifice." In total, the comic will stand at 150-plus pages and also explore the death of one member in the zombie-killing squad.

For gamers looking to preserve the memory of the fallen, Valve has released parts one and two of the comic in .PDF format. There will also be two additional versions of the series released at a later date: one version with no text and another sans text, speech bubbles or sound effects. "This should help get the comic localized and give people the raw panels to play with and make their own comic," the L4D team wrote on the game's official blog.

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Shacknews - Alice O'Connor
The much-anticipated Left 4 Dead fan-made campaign I Hate Mountains has been released and is available from FileShack.

Coming from folks behind Portal: Prelude, I Hate Mountains takes Francis and the gang deep into the wilderness in a full five maps. The survivors will venture through a branching forest, explore a spooky mansion, probe tunnels, venture into a lumberyard and visit a lake.

A Left 4 Dead 2 version of I Hate Mountains is also in the works, though the team notes it "is simply a quick'n dirty port for the people who don't own Left 4 Dead 1" so it will suffer "no conversations between survivors... missing visual effects, missing objects and more importantly, the whole gameplay was initially thought for Left 4 Dead 1."

Thanks to Shacker ahem 'Godhatesfatpeople' for the tip-off.

Watch the video on Shackvideo.

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