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The social experiment game Curiosity from developer 22Cans has added another layer of interest to the app. Now, a new update allows players to purchase cubelets to add back to the layers being chipped away, prolonging the previously overriding goal of revealing what was in the center of the cube.

"We don't know quite what will happen," a note within the app said (via Eurogamer). "Curiosity may very well rapidly degrade to reveal its innermost secret or maybe the effects of automatically removing cubelets will be neutralized by players keen to keep Curiosity going."

Players can now buy back 10,000 cubelets (99 cents), 100,000 cubelets ($6.99) or 500,000 cubelets ($10.99). So far, people have bought more than 5.1 million cubelets to add back to the next layer, and 260 layers have already been removed in since the app launched a day early on November 6.

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After an ESRB leak, Sony has announced that the Jak and Daxter Collection is coming to the Vita in June. Like the PlayStation 3 collection, it will include the three main series titles, without the racing or PSP spin-off games. It will cost $29.99.

The PlayStation Blog delivered the news, along with word that it will sport its own collection of Trophies. Some of the mini-games have also been revised to use the Vita's touch features as well. The PlayStation 3 version, released last year, is still available for $19.99 if you want the games on a big screen without the touch features.

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Shinji Mikami's mysterious new survival horror codenamed 'Zwei' has been unveiled today as The Evil Within, coming in 2014 to PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and next-gen consoles. Despite this being the game's second announcement, we still don't know much more than we did a year ago. Still, Bethesda has released a pretty live-action trailer to look at.

The creepy trailer offers the sorts of nasties you'd expect from a survival horror: eerie environments, mutilation, monstrous human-ish figures, and the sound of grating metal. Live-action trailers are often worthless, but gosh, this is pleasant tone-setting.

"We're incredibly proud to announce The Evil Within," Resident Evil creator Mikami said in today's announcement. "My team and I are committed to creating an exciting new franchise, providing fans the perfect blend of horror and action." And that's about all.

Mikami's leading development at his new studio Tango Gameworks, which is owned by Bethesda parent company ZeniMax. Bethesda Softworks is publishing.

Here's the trailer, currently exclusive to IGN:

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Unlike other publishers, Activision has been lagging behind in selling content for mobile phones and tablets. For example, the publisher has only released a handful Call of Duty games on the App Store, all watered-down ports of the console games' zombies mode. The ports were merely "okay," Activision Blizzard senior director of global digital and mobile sales Jon Estanislao said. But, he promised that going forward, the company will be focused on avoiding ports, and making original experiences.

"Going forward for us, how do we really take that Call of Duty experience, what is the essence of it? These kinds of grandiose, immerse experiences--how do we move that to mobile or tablet? From a development perspective, we're investing a lot more in understanding how to marry that together with how customers expect to play on those devices," he said.

Speaking at DMW Games in Los Angeles, Estanislao says that future Call of Duty experiences on mobile will "evolve" the way customers interact with the brand, offering new ways of utilizing Call of Duty Elite, for example. "We're definitely looking to reach out to our core audience and engage them beyond their TV or PC and then give them new experiences around Call of Duty that are unique for that device," he said.

Given the amount of money that's in mobile gaming nowadays, it's surprising to see Activision so slow to capitalize on it. However, Estanislao says that the publisher's size can get in the way of being agile. "Sometimes it takes a bit longer for large companies like ourselves because our DNA isn't necessarily that flexible," he said. "But I think we're at that stage, we have dedicated internal studios to work on it, and folks from outside the industry that we're bringing in."

Rumor has it that Activision Leeds is heading up Call of Duty mobile efforts. The Blizzard half of the company is also working on a free-to-play card game, Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft.

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If you've managed to go the last two years without picking up The Elder Scrolls: Skyrim or its downloadable content, Bethesda might be making it easier for you to catch up soon. A Polish retail site has listed a Skyrim "Legendary Edition" that includes all prior DLC. It's said to be coming later this summer.

The Polish site Ultima (via Eurogamer) listed the collection for PC and Xbox 360. The cover says that it includes the Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn packs. The Xbox 360 is listed for 169.90 Polish zloty (approximately $54), and the PC version is listed for 139.90 zloty ($45). The two are tentatively dated for June 7 in the region.

A comprehensive set with all the DLC would make sense now, as Bethesda recently said that it's finished with developing DLC for the game. Its final patch, appropriately enough, added Legendary difficulty and skills. Bethesda gave similar treatments to both Fallout 3 and New Vegas.

Shacknews has contacted Bethesda and will update as more information becomes available.

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Gears of War: Judgment is getting a second map pack, titled "Call to Arms," next week. The pack will be available on April 23 for Season Pass holders, and for $12.50 (1000 MSP) on April 30 for everyone else. It includes three new maps, a new multiplayer mode, and some extra armor and gun skins.

The new maps, Terminal, Blood Drive, and Boneyard, focus on a mix of close-quarters and vertical combat. Terminal is a broken down train yard, Blood Drive takes place inside a hospital in Halvo Bay, and the Boneyard is a cemetery complete with unmarked holes due to the sheer mass of deceased.

The new "Master at Arms" mode is a free-for-all type that has you cycle through successive weaponry against other players. Each time you get a kill with a weapon, without using melee or grenades, you'll advance to the next weapon. Once you've killed someone with all 20, you win the match.

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The Homeworld IP has changed hands, no longer resting in the pile of leftovers from the THQ bankruptcy. We don't know yet who the winning bidder was, just that it wasn't app developer teamPixel.

The studio had hoped to create a Homeworld Touch game for iOS, bring the original games to digital distribution, and begin work on Homeworld 3.

"Homeworld will escape the THQ bankruptcy to a new home, however, that home will not be with teamPixel, LLC," the developer said in a Kickstarter update (via VG247). "The auction for the Homeworld license ended April 15, 2013, and while we reached qualified bidder status for the bankruptcy auction, we were unable to raise the necessary funds to remain competitive against the other parties at the auction."

teamPixel had gathered more than $70,000 via Kickstarter and IndieGoGo for the IP bidding. It plans to refund the money to all the people that donated, but will continue development of its space-based RTS under its own IP.

An announcement of the new owner is expected in mid-May, hopefully along with plans the bidder has for the IP. Relic had hinted back in 2008 that it wanted to do a new game in the franchise after THQ had acquired the trademark from Vivendi the year before.

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Pack your parachute and grab your grappling gun, as the fantastic mod adding multiplayer to open-world chaos 'em up Just Cause 2 is holding another open beta test this weekend. Yes, you and dozens of other Rico Rodriguezs can be leaping, shooting, racing, flying, and stunting all over the place in ridiculous ways, because video games are amazing.

The test will start at 1am Pacific on Saturday and run for 48 hours. You can't download the client in advance, but you will need an account registered on the official site so go and do that now.

The latest version being test introduces a new launcher and brings heaps of fixes, so check out the changelog. And yes, naughty pirates will finally need to own the game on Steam.

Here's an old trailer back from before the team even added shooting guns on the ground, but gosh, didn't it already look splendid fun? (There are no newer official trailers, and a quick look for recent fan-made videos unearthed horrors of dubstep and boys screaming into microphones.)

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Dust 514's "Uprising" update is coming on May 6. The update is going to rejigger all of the existing skills systems in major ways, and as such CCP has decided that it's going to roll back all existing skill points and in-game currency so fans can re-spec as they wish.

A post on the PlayStation.Blog details the changes coming to Uprising. The new system removes secondary and tertiary requirements from skills, which removes the need for multiple prerequisites. Skill trees will still have a linear progression and requirements, but the new system is much simpler. The game is also getting rebalancing changes, so some items will have changed attributes or color schemes.

The blog promises much more to come in Uprising, including extra upgrades, advances, and balances. Those will be detailed as we approach. And, it's worth noting, since Dust 514 relies on a currency that fluctuates with a complicated in-game market, the refund value for your in-game currency will be based on the market value as of the time of the re-spec.

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Injustice: Gods Among Us is pretty great. But, the Wii U version is missing a feature found in the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 counterparts. Namely, the iOS game is meant to unlock content in the main game, but that feature is curiously missing in the Wii U version.

Siliconera noticed the missing feature in its review copy. This has precedent on the Wii U. The port of Mass Effect 3, for example, didn't link up to its companion app like the other console versions.

The Wii U version does have a few unique features of its own, like the ability to play on the GamePad or map a move list for quick reference. But if you've been playing the free-to-play iOS game to unlock extras, the PS3 and 360 are the go-to platforms of choice.