This Week in the Business: 'Games like Call of Duty Need New Console Hardware'What's happened in the business of video games this past week ...

QUOTE | "Games like Call of Duty need new console hardware."—RW Baird analyst Colin Sebastian on one of the reasons that Call of Duty: Black Ops II may not set any new sales records for Activision this holiday.

QUOTE | "The hardcore gamer now is the niche market."—Stew Kosoy, financier at Swiss firm Digital Capital, talking about the game industry and what they're looking to finance.

QUOTE | "They're unique in that they have a 100 percent hit rate."—Shanti Bergel, SVP of Business Development for Gree International, talking about why Gree acquired Funzio this week for $210 million.

STAT | 436.8%—Gain in buzz on social networks for Call of Duty after Call of Duty: Black Ops II was announced, according to Nielsen Media tracking.

QUOTE | "Kids are going to destroy the internet."—Fight My Monster chairman Dylan Collins talking about the tricky under-13 market and how their expectations for games are very different.

QUOTE | "We could end up with an industry ... acting blindly in short-term self-interest."—Veteran journalist Rob Fahey, talking about the danger of publishers abusing buyers of digital products.

STAT | 5 million—The number of daily users of Draw Something that Zynga has lost in the past month, dropping from 15 million to 10 million according to AppData.

QUOTE | "We embrace the law of unintended consequences."—Jon Lander, EVE Online's senior producer, talking about how CCP dealt with a very tumultuous year for the MMO, including a massive fan revolt.

QUOTE | "We are concerned that the company's accelerated release strategy is simply resulting in more churn of existing users."—Cowen and Company analyst Doug Creutz, talking about Zynga's loss of share in the social gaming market.

QUOTE | "Some people say paid is dead and that's wrong."—Phil Larsen, chief marketing officer for Halfbrick Studios, talking about their success with Fruit Ninja and other mobile games.

STAT | 500,000 –Number of downloads for the free version of Pocket Ninjas in just 5 days, according to developer Cocky Culture.

QUOTE | "It's odd to see it in a third-person game, and especially odd because it's not a shooter."—Michael Pachter, Wedbush Securities analyst, talking about God of War: Ascension and its new multiplayer mode.

STAT | 292 million—Monthly active users of Zynga games, according to Zynga's report on their first quarter 2012, with 182 million monthly unique users.

QUOTE | "Services like this are going to become a necessity for real franchises."—Jamie Berger, VP of Digital at Activision, talking about the growth of Call of Duty Elite and its impact on the game industry.

QUOTE | "Facebook is nothing more than a distribution platform for other businesses like Zynga."—Dave Anderson, former Activision biz dev veteran, talking about business deals and the rise of social/mobile games.

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The Ghost for the LeastStill scratching your head over what to get Mom for Mother's Day? Tell her you love her with Ghost Recon: Future Soldier! And flowers. And breakfast in bed. And a picnic lunch. And another Mother's Day present. You should be able to afford one with all of the savings we've got in this week's edition of The Moneysaver!


• May 22 release Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Future Soldier (360, PS3) is $47.99, free shipping from NewEgg through Sunday. Next best is $57. [Dealzon]

Star Wars: The Old Republic (PC) is now only $34.44 from EA Store, and Digital Deluxe Edition is $44.44. Next best is $50 and $80, respectively. [Dealzon]

• GameStop is offering a coupon for 10 purchase off any purchase of $99.99 or more, along with a $5 coupon for PS Vita and Nintendo 3DS games. [Dealzon]

Rock Band 3 Bundle (Wii) is $39.99, free shipping from NewEgg. Next best is $59. [Dealzon]

Lord of the Rings: War in the North Collector's Edition (360, PS3) is $39.99, free shipping from Best Buy. Next best is $60. [Dealzon]

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New U: Fitness First Yoga & Pilates (Wii) is $12.99, free shipping from NewEgg. Next best is $48. [Dealzon]

Wii Fit Plus (Game Only) is $12.99, free shipping from NewEgg. Next best is $17. [Dealzon]


• Xbox 360 250GB Holiday Kinect Bundle with Kinect Adventures and Carnival is $349.99, free shipping from NewEgg. Next best is $400. [Dealzon]

• PlayStation 3D Display Bundle with MotorStorm is $270.68 plus $3.99 shipping from Buy.com. Next best is $300. [Dealzon]

• Xbox 360 Kinect Sensor (Refurbished) with Kinect Adventures game is $84.99, free shipping from eBay Deals. Cheapest new is $135. [Dealzon]

• Thermaltake eSports Shock One Gaming Headset is $79.99 plus $9.34 shipping from SuperBiiz. Next best is $99. [Dealzon]

• XFX Radeon HD 6870 1GB GDDR5 PCIe HDCP Video Card with coupon for Dirt 3 game is $140.99 after rebate, free shipping from NewEgg. Next best is $184. [Dealzon]

• Just released Alienware M18x r2 Ivy Bridge 1080p 18.4-inch laptop with Core i7-3610QM, Kepler-based 2GB NVIDIA GeForce GTX 660M, 6GB RAM is $1,949 after coupon, free shipping from Dell Home. List price is $1,999. [Dealzon]

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•HP 15.6-inch dv6t Quad Edition laptop with Ivy Bridge Core i7-3610QM 3rd Gen, GeForce GT 650M, 32GB mSSD, 1080p, 8GB RAM, Blu-ray is $999.99, free shipping from HP. This dropped by $25 on Friday. [Dealzon]

Digital Distribution

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Batman: Arkham Asylum Game of the Year Edition is $6.80, save 66 percent.
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Strategy First
Victorian Admirals Anthology. Use coupon: VASALE is $8.99, save 70 percent.

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The Best of Kotaku, This WeekAnother week of Kotaku stories, another compiled list of our best ones. Welcome to Best of Kotaku.

Starting, as always, with the image above, you will see game piracy at its most violent. First found on Reddit, artist Jacques Maes' work can be found for prints, iPhone and Macbook covers, and more.

Moving on to our Best Of content this week, we kick things off as usual with a comment from the community.

If you want to see the list of nominations (and other random conversations) you can head to my most recent nomination post that goes up every Friday here.

Want to suggest an article, comment, tweet, or any other content on Kotaku to be featured for a weekly Best Of nomination? Drop me a line at tina@kotaku.com with the subject line of "Best Of Nomination." Or any other subject line that will help me sort through and search for them. I'm not too picky.

The Best Comment From The Community

This week's best comment was almost a tie, but the win goes to Uncle Jesse for a Talk Amongst Yourselves comment. It's simple, it's decent, and we can all relate:

I played video games last night.

I like to play.

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It's not that common that a video game character realizes that he's actually in a video game. And like any fourth-wall breaking shenanigans, it can be a tricky maneuver to pull off.

Leave it to Remedy, the guys running the Max Payne franchise before Rockstar took over, to put their own paranoid protagonist through the ordeal. Skip to 1:57 for it - while in a drug-induced stupor (and getting the snot pounded out of him in the real world), Max realizes firs that he's in a graphic novel, and then that he's in a video game.

Somehow I doubt we'll see anything like this in Rockstar's Max Payne 3, but I guess you never know.

Happy Star Wars day!

There have been, to date, one jillion Star Wars video games. (That figure is approximate). But in many ways, there was only one—the 1983 Atari game Star Wars. I played this game when I was barely old enough to understand the films, much less do well at any of the levels, particularly that difficult trench-run.

The game made its debut during "The Video Game Challenge," a short-lived television program from the 80's.

Just like the force, this Star Wars game will be with you… always.

Actually, considering how regularly I still think about that game…that's true!

You know what the world needs more of? Choreographed dance routines. You know what I'm talking about. This is what I'm talking about.

In the storied history of video games, there have been a surprising number of amazing dance numbers. Just for you, Chris edited together this video of… pretty much all of them.

Sit back, relax, and let Bayonetta lead you through a highlight reel of the best spins, turns, and booty-shakes video gaming has to offer, all set to the tune of "Let's Dance Boys."

Man, I always knew that Legion was funkier than Commander Shepard, but I'd never seen that Crysis 2 one before. Who knew that shady paramilitary soldiers could be so funky?

May 4, 2012

Listen All Y'allHi there, Kotaku. It's the end of a long week. It's spring! It's warm! Let's go out and have a good time.

Before that, maybe you want to engage in some commenting. Being the commentry. Leaving comments.

Here is an open thread for you. And here, from the internet, are some things to talk about.

And that's that. Have an awesome weekend, you guys. I hope you find someone to carry you home.


What Are You Playing This Weekend?I inherited this feature from Mike McWhertor, who has been gone from Kotaku more than six months, and who I hope to see again in San Diego at Comic-Con. "Mike," I would always say to him, "if we get fired, well, we'll finally have time to play all the video games we never got to play because we were too busy playing video games."

I have no clue what I'll be playing this weekend. I'm flat exhausted, and I get to mind the site for 48 hours unaccompanied. I recently modified my Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 settings to give me the hardest swing difficulty while still preserving my greens reads and caddie suggestions. It's produced a truer appraisal of what my golfer's skill would actually be at this point in his career. It's a difficult game.

I also want to finish up the first Prototype and jump back in for my semi-regular grind with DC Universe Online. And I have a righthanded screwballer languishing in the minor leagues of MLB 12 The Show, getting hosed on the outside strike every fifth day by that no-good son-of-a-bitch bastard Wally Hughes. By the way, I got an email from a guy at Sony San Diego today. He said my guess as to Wally's namesake was off. The umpires have more prosaic origins—Porter Callahan comes from a bar near the studio, which serves Sierra Nevada porter, for example.

I may also play nothing. Three wild turkeys like the one above came down off the butte today and hung out in my driveway. Watching them mate was entertainment enough.

What are you playing this weekend?

(Image via Morro Bay State Campground)

The Controller Shop's Custom Kotaku 360 Pad is a Thing of BeautyThe controller customization experts at The Controller Shop asked if we wanted to review one of their magical creations. I said sure. They asked what sort of controller they should send. I left it up to them. Wise decision.

Arriving today complete with custom plastic case, this Kotaku-flavored Xbox 360 controller is so pretty I'm afraid to touch it. But those 9mm steel bullet buttons and the nubbly analog stick covers are begging for my fingers so badly I'm almost embarrassed for them.

I still have to put the controller through its paces in a full review, but from a purely aesthetic standpoint it's definitely a winner.

I promise not to stick it down my pants. Much.

May 4, 2012
The Week in Evil DLCDownloadable content. Everyone hates it—but everyone buys it. Yes, even you in the comments, smart guy. Here's a look at the latest package of extensions and pre-order bonuses designed to crowbar the last dollar out of your wallet. Can you still respect yourself if you buy it?

Saints Row the Third: Enter the Dominatrix

Available: In the Fall.
Price: Unknown, but a bargain at any price.
What You Get: The straight-up delivery on the April Fool's prank everyone waved at dismissively. An alien kidnaps the leader of the Saints and traps them in a virtual reality simulation of Steelport. Inside the Dominatrix, you will experience, according to the original release (assumed to be a joke) "Mind-Bending Telekinesis, Really Really High Jump, Really Really Fast Sprint, Shiny Blue Force Shield, and Shiny Blue Fireball Projectile-of-Doom."
Why It's Evil: For making us think this was a joke. Saints Row is a riotous eff-you to convention in its main presentation. With physics-warping powers, this should be a trip.
Evil Score: 1/5. Lowest evil score ever assigned by this short feature. I don't know if creating the extension is ThinkGeek-style fan service, or if they had plans to all along, but the execution is pretty solid.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim—Dawnguard

Available: This summer
Price: Also unknown
What You Get: Frost elves? Crossbows? Bethesda will not say, except to say we'll find out more at E3, when whatever this is will be annihilated by the dragon shout of actual new games announced there.
Why It's Evil: Wait, did you say this was an Xbox 360 timed exclusive? FFFFFFFUUUUUUS RO DAH
Evil Score: 3/5, for the timed platform exclusive. God damn you Microsoft and your deep, deep pockets!