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Available now through Steam, Chat Filtering allows people to customize the language they see from others on the platform. The new Steam feature takes the chat filtering we built for games like CS:GO, Destiny 2, and Dota 2, and moves it into Steam for a customized experience that is consistent across supporting games, the Steam desktop client, web, and mobile chat experiences.

By default, strong profanity and slurs from people you don't know are now obscured in Steam Chat and supporting games. You can set your preferences to turn this off, or to control whether you want the default filters to also apply to chat messages from your Steam Friends. You can also select the type of language that is filtered. And because each player’s tolerance for difficult words is unique, we’ve included the ability to add or remove words to form your personal filter. You may also upload lists of words or phrases from other sources, enabling groups and communities to work together to define and share your own sets of language guidelines. We believe this level of control is especially important given that language is constantly evolving and is used differently among various communities around the world. With Steam chat filtering, we've made sure you can choose to filter language as much as you want, or not at all.

Read on for more background regarding these features.

Why filter chat on Steam?
Steam’s community of players engage with one another in games and online in all sorts of meaningful ways, whether in multiplayer matches, chat with Friends, group chats, or broadcasts. Most of the time, players' interactions are positive, friendships are formed, and everyone benefits from sharing our love of gaming with one another.

But some of the time, people have negative experiences on Steam due to their encounters with others whose tolerance for various forms of language differ from their own and in the worst case, bad actors. A playful match can quickly turn to a heated competition full of emotion and expression, some of which crosses a line. But where is that line? We've found the answer is different for everyone, and it even depends on who the difficult language is coming from.

How can we help players protect themselves from encountering online behavior which makes them feel uncomfortable, or worse? Steam’s parental controls can help players remain safe with adult supervision. But those of us who go online without these features in place join a world that is just like the real one, full of exposure that can result in experiences both positive and negative.

For those of you who engage with Steam online, we have invested in systems for store and community content moderation, which are enabled by default. Content available on our store is reviewed for accuracy in reporting titles of various ratings. Profane and hateful language are obscured in forums, user reviews, and user comments. Potentially inappropriate imagery posted to the Steam Community is blurred preemptively by default, when detected by image recognition or reported by users. Reports of abusive users are moderated and resolved, as appropriate.

While we continue to develop longer-term solutions in this space, Steam users are in search of ways to specify their own tolerance in the face of online communication which crosses their personal line. So we have built a simple system to filter strong profanity and slurs in chat.

What will I experience with Steam chat filtering enabled?
Any commonly used strong profanity and slurs will be obscured when sent from people you don't know via chat. These words will be replaced with symbols. By default, Friends’ chat text remains unfiltered, though users may indicate they wish it to be included.

Note that our filtering does not catch all profanity and slurs. If you see a word you wish you hadn’t in chat, adding it to your custom filtered list will help us improve our filtering for all Steam users while immediately updating your own experience to avoid seeing that word again.

Also note that the user who enters any of your filtered words will see exactly what they’ve typed, even if they have filtering enabled themselves. Whether others see it too will depend upon whether they have filtering of these words enabled.

Now that you can identify these words in chat, why not ban them outright?
While we do ban profanity and slurs from being displayed in more public places like user reviews, comments, forums, and broadcasts on Steam, we do not want to outright block user text in chat, but rather, let users choose what they see from others.

We know marginalized groups can reclaim language for themselves, and we don’t want to stand in the way of them from doing so when chatting with one another on Steam. Additionally, feedback from our Labs experimentation corroborates that context matters, and that strong language is often received differently when shared among Friends. So players have an option to obscure profanity and slurs from their Steam Friends, but we’ve disabled this by default.

Where is this filtering applied?
* Steam Chat
* Chat in Supporting Games

What's on your filtered lists, and how did you decide?
We have two lists. The first consists of commonly used strong profanity, which players requested we separate in early development of these features. The second consists of commonly used slurs against various racial, religious, ethnic, and other identifying groups.

We built our English lists from a variety of sources, then searched for instances of them across a large sample of in-game chat. Based on this sample, we've found that by filtering variants of the top 5 most commonly used strongly profane or hateful words, we can eliminate about 75% of profanity and slurs used in chat. Over 56% of the instances of profanity or slurs found in our sample were a variant of f***. Another 10% of them were variants of s***. Another 10% were instances of potty-mouth schoolyard language we've chosen not to filter as strong profanity or slurs. The remaining 24% of the instances were strong profanity and slurs we found to be used commonly enough that we've also added them to our lists.

We will continue to refine these lists based on the words you choose to allow or block on Steam.

How can I customize my filters?
Visit Community Content Preferences in your Account Preferences. Here you can indicate your preferences for viewing difficult language, include messages from Steam Friends when filtering these things, and enter words to always or never filter, or upload lists to do the same.

F U Steam, how do I turn this thing off?
If you'd prefer to see strong profanity and slurs, you are free to disable some or all of these filters, or otherwise customize them as you see fit.

How did you decide this was a good idea?
We’ve created these features in response to user and partner requests, and worked to understand user response to them by first experimenting in Steam Labs. Now we’ve widened our audience to all Steam users, we'll continue to refine these features based on your feedback.

I'm a game developer. How can I leverage Steam chat filtering in my game?
Check out our Steamworks Chat Filtering API Documentation for information about how you can take advantage of Steam chat filtering in your game.

Team Fortress 2 - Valve
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Updated the Handsome Devil to fix an issue with the model
Team Fortress 2 - Valve
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Updated the timing of the Static Shock and Veno Shock unusual effects
  • Updated the Seared Sorcerer to add a missing style
  • Updated the Eye-See-You to add a missing style
  • Updated the Handsome Devil to fix an issue with the materials
  • Updated/Added some tournament medals
  • Updated the localization files
  • Updated koth_megalo
    • Fixed minor out of bounds teleporter exploit
    • Added pumpkin bombs
  • Updated pl_bloodwater
    • Fixed misaligned textures
    • Sealed displacement hole to the skybox near BLU spawn
    • Brightened up point A
    • Brightened up ambient lighting
    • Fixed pumpkin bombs not spawning at point C and D
    • Brightened up lighting behind point B
Left 4 Dead 2 - Valve
An update has been released for Left 4 Dead 2.

- Fixed "New Haircut" achievement to not allow club-type melee weapons.
- Additional prevention of getting disconnected when spamming the scroll wheel.
- In Survival mode, if a special infected reports as stuck for more than two minutes it will suicide.
- Compiled captions and subtitles from dlc1.
- Fixed a couple instances where tank could spawn outside the warp check zone (but was intended to be warped)
- Added nav in ground in outer areas so that throwing a bile out there doesn't cause infected to just stand around.
- Blood Harvest 2 Warehouse Survival: shortened a nav blocker next to some stairs.
- Check for Realism in addition to Coop base mode for all exploit fixes to prevent some shortcut fixes from spawning in Realism Coop.
- Moved 64 exploit blocks to Versus-only, most notably Dark Carnival 3 Coaster, Parish 5 Bridge and Dead Air 2 Crane.

Rocket Dude:
- removed PlayerUnderWater()
- added Speedrunner stats ( local use only )
- improved script performance
- fixed script enabling glows for projectiles on multiple ticks
- removed obsolete code precaching an early dev model

Tank Run:
- During the finale, the double-Tank spawns are now set to 40 seconds instead of the normal 20 second timer.

- Increased max ghost spawn timers to 24 seconds.
- Fixed witches time to kill on incapacitated survivors being faster than intended - it should now take the same time as pre-update.

- Cane Field: Moved the ammo pile on the roof slightly.
- Float: Removed the ammo pile inside the house at the bottom of the stairs.
- Generator Room: Fixed ZombieDiscardRange not working properly.
- Crash Course Bridge: Marked nav areas behind a fence as NO MOBS.
- Gun Store: Clipped exploit area above barricades where infected wouldn't path to the Survivors.
- Cold Stream Junkyard: Removed alarmed car that's out-of-map.
- Terminal: Fixed ZombieSpawnRange not working properly.
- Waterfront: Blocked additional nav areas in an alley to prevent the Tank from getting stuck.

Versus Survival:
- The train door will now automatically open when the countdown timer reaches 0 on Train Car.

- Fixed issue where survivor bots refused to path through the kitchen fire area.
- Moved an exposed stairwell hurt trigger down inside a vending machine to stop it from killing players.
- Fixed a forklift being breakable by survivors
- Slightly adjusted an infected ladder to improve usability
c4m1 + c4m4:
- Blocked survivor access to a rooftop next to the playground commonly used to grief
- Added a ladder from map 2/3 for consistency between maps and to help players who fall off the safe room roof
- Added an infected ladder to get out of a stuck spot
- Added a hittable dumpster behind the bathrooms in the park
- Replaced a prop ladder on top of the bus station with an infected ladder
- Replaced a prop ladder with an infected ladder (behind the fence immediately after survivors drop towards the cemetery)
- Added an extra ladder to the above mentioned fence
- Fixed grenade launcher spawns having an incorrect count.
- Added a clip to prevent players movement being obstructed by a ladder near the car alarm
- Added wrong way signs above the greenhouse safe room
Last Stand:
- Fixed rescue closet spawns in the Junkyard so Survivors don't get stuck in the floor or wall.
Team Fortress 2 - Valve
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

Scream Fortress XII has arrived!
  • Featuring 4 new community maps: Megalo, Bloodwater, Hassle Castle, and Moldergrove
  • Added the Wicked Windfall Case
    • Contains 22 new community-created cosmetic items that make up the Wicked Windfall Collection
    • Has a chance to give one of 6 new community-created Halloween-restricted items as a bonus item
    • Has a chance to give a taunt Unusualifier as a bonus item
  • Added 19 new community-created Unusual effects
    • 8 new effects for Unusual hats
    • 11 new effects for Unusual taunts
  • Added the Scream Fortress XII War Paint Case
    • Contains 15 new community-created War Paints that make-up the Scream Fortress XII War Paint Collection
    • Has a chance to give a taunt Unusualifier as a bonus item
  • All players who launch the game will receive a Soul Gargoyle if they don't already have one
    • Grants access to Merasmissions and Halloween item transmutations
    • Tracks Merasmissions completed and souls collected
  • All Halloween Contracts have been reset, allowing them to be completed again
  • Added new Contracts for this year's featured community maps
  • Completing a Halloween Contract will give players a classic Halloween item and the chance for a Wicked Windfall Case or Scream Fortress XII War Paint Case
  • Continue last year's event by collecting the souls of dead players for your Soul Gargoyle by killing enemies, doing map objectives, or collecting the Soul Gargoyles that spawn in the maps
  • All cosmetic and taunt Cases will grant Halloween 2020 Unusual effects instead of their normal Unusual effects during the event. This does not include Crates.
  • Join Halloween matches by using the Special Events category in Casual
  • Scream Fortress XII runs through November 7th, 2020
  • Added support for Steam Text Filtering for persona names and chat. This is enabled by default.
    • You can update your settings in the Adv. Options dialog
    • You can also update your settings by opting into the Steam Lab
  • Updated The Cuban Bristle Crisis to add the smoke effect
  • Updated/Added some tournament medals
  • Updated the localization files
Mannpower Update
  • Map Changes
    • ctf_hellfire and ctf_gorge
      • Flag return time increased from 15 to 30 seconds
    • ctf_thundermountain
      • Flag return time increased from 15 to 30 seconds
      • Removed a fence top ledge that snipers could exploit
  • Gameplay Changes
    • Flag carrier grapple movement speed reduced
      • Scout with no powerup or with Agility powerup – reduced to 0.8x regular grapple movement speed (down from regular grapple movement speed in previous version)
      • Scout with any other powerup - 0.65x normal grapple movement speed (no change from previous version)
      • Any other class without a powerup or with Agility powerup - reduced to 0.65x normal grapple movement speed (down from 0.8x in previous version)
      • Any other class with a powerup - reduced to 0.5x normal grapple movement speed (down from 0.65x in previous version)
    • Critical hit damage rules changed
      • Weapons that score critical hit boosts on airborne targets will no longer do so in Mannpower since being airborne is a far more important and commonly utilized movement style than in the base game
      • Melee weapons that score mini-crit damage no longer have their base Mannpower 1.3x damage boost
    • Medic
      • Free ride removed. Previously when healing a target, you’d be pulled along with them when they moved by grappling hook.
      • Reduced heal rate and ubercharge build rate when carrying a powerup or healing someone with a powerup
        • Medics carrying Haste or Agility are exempt from medic powerup checks
        • If medic has no powerup and target has no powerup – regular heal and uber build rate
        • If only one of the medic and the target has a powerup - half heal and uber build rate
        • If both medic and target have powerups - quarter heal and uber build rate
      • Removed overheal from targets carrying powerups
    • Heavy
      • Removed the jump up boost when grappling. You can still jump to disconnect the hook, but the Heavy no longer gets the height boost when doing so.
    • Soldier
      • Battalion’s Backup rage build rate reduced by 2.5x to counter the additional benefits of an extra 20hp and critical hit immunity when compared to the Buff Banner
    • Engineer
      • Carried buildings will now deploy instantly
    • Scout

      • Removed falling damage

    • Spy
      • Backstabs disallowed if you’re connected to an enemy by the grappling hook. This applies if you’re hooked into someone or if they’re hooked into you.
      • Knife deploy time is no longer instant when switching between weapons, even when carrying Agility
      • Conniver’s Kunai no longer considers the victim’s powerup boosted health when taking damage dealt as health
    • Haste buffs
      • Reload speed increased from 2x normal to 4x normal
      • Pyro flare gun re-fire rate increased from 2x normal to 5x normal
    • Vampire changes
      • Fixed a bug where the Vampire carrier wouldn’t receive health from damage dealt by an explosion that also caused self-damage
      • Increased blast weapon clip size 1.5x
    • Resistance changes
      • Vampire no longer gets a 25% boost to their health received on melee attacks against a player carrying resistance
    • Fixed bug where grapple would auto disconnect after a couple of seconds if the hook embedded in geometry behind clip volumes
  • Game Balance Changes
    • When the game detects a skill imbalance between teams, select players will be moved between teams to address the imbalance
    • If a player is dominating the game for long enough (kills count is very high relative to the rest of the players in the game), they’ll enter a dominant state for a period of time. This state has these effects:
      • Marked for Death
      • Powerup modifications
        • Reflect – maximum health reduced 400 to 320. Reflect damage reduced from 80% to 50%
        • Vampire – damage resistance removed. No blast weapon clip size increase
        • Strength – game multiplier reduced from 2x to 1.4x
        • Regeneration – health regenerates at 70% of the regular rate
        • Haste – weapon firing rate increase reduced from 2x to 1.5x.Weapon reload speed increase reduced from 4x to 2x
        • Knockout – melee damage increase reduced from 1.9x to 1.4x
        • King – max health increase reduced from 100 to 20
        • Plague – damage resistance to infected players reduced from 50% to 20%
        • Precision
          • Sniper rifle - Scope speed increase reduced from 2x from 1.5x. Shot charge speed increase reduced from 3x to 2x. Damage bonus reduced from 2x to1.5x
          • Blast weapons - Regular blast radius falloff. No clip size increase
        • Resistance – damage resistance reduced from 50% to 35%
      • Server variables associated with this feature:
        • tf_powerup_mode_dominant_multiplier – the multiple over the server median that a player’s kill count needs to be in order to be determined dominant
        • tf_powerup_mode_killcount_timer_length – the time interval to wait between tests for dominant players
Steam Blog - Alden
The first ever Steam Digital Tabletop Fest, celebrating games that cross between physical and digital, will make its debut October 21st thru 26th. Produced in collaboration with Auroch Digital, the event will feature virtual let’s plays, panels, talks and more streaming activities that explore the fusion between physical and digital games with legendary designers, upcoming studios, and you.

Working with Valve, indie studio Auroch Digital is helping curate the program of events and line up speakers such Sandy Petersen (Call of Cthulhu RPG, Quake, Cthulhu Wars and more!), Steve Jackson (Munchkin, Ogre, Car Wars and many more), Ian Livingstone (Co-founder of Games Workshop and Fighting Fantasy, Chairman Sumo Group plc), Elizabeth Hargrave (creator of the hit game Wingspan) and author and New Yorker writer Simon Parkin talks about how a board game helped the allies win WW2, among other topics.

Here’s a look at just some of the other wide-ranging activities happening during the event:
  • Plague Inc: Evolved - Where James Vaughan, game designer of the digital and physical version plays the digital game's boardgame scenario while discussing the design of both versions.
  • Othercide - The tactical-RPG blending strong art style, unique lore and challenging tactical gameplay, presented by its Art Director and Lead Game Designer.
  • Gloomhaven - llivestream, featuring the developers, will discuss the upcoming content for the next major update of Gloomhaven’s Early Access on Steam.
  • Virtual panel on games about Mars - Where game creators will be joined by actual space agency staff and scientists to ask what games get right and wrong about Mars.
  • Virtual panel on Cthulhu games - Where some of the most notable Cthulhu-themed designers from digital and physical ask about the cultural impact of such titles and more.

Join in during the live broadcasts to chat to the devs about the topics of conversations and their games, or catch them via VOD if you can’t make the live steam. More panels and talks will be announced as the event gets closer.

The Steam Digital Tabletop Fest features games that run across the lines between digital and physical games; this can be a digital port of a physical game, a game which has produced a physical version from the digital one, a game that simulates the physical play experience, or a digital game whose aesthetics are inspired by tabletop games.

To learn more and to sign up to be reminded when the event begins on October 21st at 10am Pacific time, please visit
Left 4 Dead 2 - Valve
An update has been released for Left 4 Dead 2.

- Reoriented some of the new HUD images
- Updated several nav meshes based on feedback
- Fixed a bug where a door model was lacking prop data
- Fixed spontaneous muzzle flashes on certain rifles when playing online
- Adjusted knife's attack delay
- Fixed c10m3 versus survival tank spawn issue
- Fixed stuck spots on a few survival maps
- Various other fixes to the nav mesh from feedback
- Fixed a typo in one of the new shotgun sounds
- Fixed material sorting issues with skin mods on Molotov world model

- Only award "Fat Ninja" for a direct vomit attack, not a boomer explosion.
- Fixed "Golden Freeman" not awarding pickups on dedicated servers.
- Award survival medals to the entire team, including dead players.
- Fixed "The Big Ten" and "Supreme Survivalist" not unlocking on dedicated servers.
- Only award "The Last Frontier" on the Last Stand campaign.
- Don't award Survival achievements in Versus Survival and vice-versa

- Waterfront - Removed cars outside the playable area to prevent infected from getting stuck.
- Generator Room - Increased ZombieDiscardRange.
- Church - Removed Laser Sights.
- Streets - Swapped the Military Sniper and the Ammo Pile spawns around.
- Warehouse - Removed mortar bags from under some stairs.
- Cold Stream Junkyard - Removed Laser Sights.

Versus Survival:
- Made it so the plane crash will trigger if the countdown timer reaches 0 on Runway.
- The Save 4 Less store door will now open when the timer reaches 0 on Gun Store.
- The alarmed door will now open when the timer reaches 0 on Warehouse.

Tank Run:
- Updated finales so rescue timer won't appear in Scavenge finales (you need to collect all the gas cans).
- Fixed The Sacrifice finale not working properly.
- Two Tanks will now spawn at once during the non-Scavenge finales.
Product Update - Valve
An update has been released for Left 4 Dead 2.

- Fixed some materials and models that were causing errors in workshop content.
- Reduced CS weapon spawn chance.
- Safe room intros will now continue regardless if anyone leaves the safe room.
- Fixed some witch call-outs
- Lit Bill's cigarette
Last Stand Junkyard
- Reduced intensity of horde spawned from generators.
- Versus Mode: Added an ammo pile near the mechanic shop.
- Versus Mode: Added a fire axe spawn to the safe room.
Last Stand Lighthouse
- Reduced intensity of horde during the Scavenge event.
Left 4 Dead 2 - Valve
An update has been released for Left 4 Dead 2.

- Fixed voice data overflow on servers.
- Fixed carried prop collision to not interfere with bot movement.
- Fixed laser-sighted weapon spawn exploit in the gun shop.
- Reduced some ambient dialog frequency.
Left 4 Dead 2 - Valve
An update has been released for Left 4 Dead 2.

- Prevent a server crash when using voice chat.
- Prevent gas can tunneling.
- Fixed an animation bug with weapon melee.
- Updated localizations
- Updated Rocket Dude mutation.