Product Release - Valve
Toki Tori 2+ is Now Available on Steam and is a Daily Deal in the Steam Summer Sale!

Toki Tori 2+ is a Metroidvania style puzzle adventure. There are no tutorials, there's no hand-holding, no-one tells you what to do in Toki Tori 2+. The fun is in exploring and overcoming the obstacles of the lush forest island on your own merit.

Our unlikely yellow hero may be the star of the show, but he won't get anywhere without the creatures he meets along the way. Armed with just the Whistle and Stomp moves, he can influence and make use of these strange creatures' unique abilities.

But what's up with that black goo? It's threatening your home world! Your goal is to get to the core of the corruption and save the island!

Plus, Toki Tori 2+ has a level editor included and is hooked up to Steam Workshop!

Jul 11, 2013
Product Update - Valve
* Blow'em Up, new PvP game mode added to the game on 10 maps.
* In Blow'em Up one team's goal is to mine and blow strategic objects while the other team tries to keep them safe.
* Attackers must pick up bombs on their base, bring them to an object and defend them until they explode. Defenders can try to demine the object when it's mined before the explosion.
* There are 3 - 5 strategic objects on a map. There are up to 3 bombs and attackers can try to mine several objects simultaneously.
* Attacking and defending teams are switched half way through a match.

* Now any player can visit an Enhancement Operator NPC to improve their weapons and clothing items.
* Each enhance attempt has four possible outcomes: Upgrade, No Effect, Downgrade and Destroy.
* Players can use special Protection Cards that let them avoid chosen enhancement outcomes. Using Protection Cards consumes them.
* There are separate cards to protect against No Effect, Downgrade and Destroy available on Black Market.
* Chemist crafters can visit the Coin Operator and purchase craft recipes to produce Protection Cards.

* Added over 180 Tarot Cards to the game. Any player can visit the Transmute Operator NPC and try to exchange Tarot Cards in order to produce new cards.
* Players can purchase four basic cards: Earth, Water, Fire and Air for gold coins or gold bars.
* All transmutation recipes for Tarot Cards are hidden, meaning players have to use common sense when guessing possible transmutation recipes. For example, Air and Water, when put into the Transmute Operator window, result in the creation of Rain.
* Players can find recipes, that allow them transmute Tarot Cards into Lucky Lottery Tickets, that contain one epic lottery items inside.

* Pistols balance was changed. All pistols' idle accuracy was improved, but the accuracy suffers more from firing multiple rounds. Pistols damage, rate of fire, range and clip size was re-balanced. In particular, R-Sys Panther Delta damage was increased to 70, up from 25.
* SMGs and Assault Rifles damage and rate of fire was slightly changed to improve the overall balance.
* Hargan Bulldog shotgun range increased to 18 meters, up from 14 meters.
* Hargan Mastiff damage increased to 28 per rocket, up from 25.
* Balanced how weapons durability degrades after a match. Now it's more consistent with weapons rate of fire.
* Reduced the cooldown to change Gang Banners to 1 hour, down from 3 hours.
* Significantly improved all "lobby" Gang Banners bonuses.

* Added new jobs for Blow'em Up game mode, Transmutation and Enhancement.
* Added new achievements for Blow'em Up, Core Annihilation and Assault, Capture and Defend game modes, Transmutation and Enhancement.
* Now players can get more different rare items from Lottery Tickets.
* Now players will correctly see a weapons attachments when other players link their weapons in the game chat.
* Fixed the issue where Ammo Count set bonus didn't work.
* Fixed exploitable collision issues in Deckard Harbor, Municipality Bank and Center Street Station maps, when players were able to fall behind the level.
* Fixed the players spawn in Maxym Alley Riot when players appear hanging in an air.

See the full list of new features, improvements and bug fixes on the
Product Update - Valve
An update to Substance Designer 3 has been released.
The update will be applied automatically when you restart Substance Designer 3.
The major changes include:

- Fixed: PSD files wasn't reload correctly when modified outside the application
- Fixed: Application sometimes crashes when deleting nodes
- Fixed: Crash when moving multiple image resources from resource sub folder to the package folder
- Fixed: The default value of an exposed value created from another exposed value isn't set correctly
- Fixed: Wrong online documentation HTTP link
- 3D View:
- Add new menu action to remove all scene materials
- Add new menu action to rebuild all scene materials
- Improve GLSL shaders compatibility
- Add 'properties' fields to the techniques described in the GLSLFX files. (See Tessellation/Parallax shader)
- Enable/disable blending and face culling
- Specify blending functions
- Specify culling mode
- Fixed: Removed materials always reappeared when opening the mesh resource again
- Fixed: No shader files was displayed when selecting extension filter (*.cgfx *.glslfx)
- Fixed: Materials still remains in the list when switching between multiple scenes
- Fixed: Scene parameters (lights, background color, ...) were not preserved when switching from generators (cube, cylinders, ...) to a FBX scene
- Fixed: Wrong file name displayed in the geometry menu when loading a scene from file
- Fixed: Opacity isn't taking in account when using the Tessellation/Parallax Shader
- Fixed (Windows): Application crashes when losing the D3D Device. (ScreenSaver, Sleeping modes, ...)
- Fixed (MacOsx): Glsl shaders are always disabled in the shader sub menu
- Fixed (MacOsx): The view is blinking when moving the camera
- Fixed (MacOsx): On some hardware application crashes when trying to render scene with GLSL shader
- Graph View:
- Add possibility to save the graph's package with CTRL+S from the graph view and from the contextual menu
- Fixed: Missing Node Finder button in tool bar of FXMap Graph and Function Graph
- Fixed: Reset Timings menu is empty in tool bar of FXMap Graph and Function Graph (menu removed as no timings is displayed)
Product Update - Valve
Release Notes for 7/10/2013

- Adjusted the function that mapped movement speed to weapon inaccuracy. The linear portion of this function is now exponential.

[ MAPS ]
- de_dust2: Fixed collision bug in Bombsite B, tweaked fog, fixed navmesh naming.

[ MISC ]
- Added support for more Unicode characters in player names.
- Fixed a rare incorrect name truncation in the death notice feed, scoreboard and main menu.
- Fixed truncation of the competitive maps selection when all maps were selected.
- Smoke volume is now cheaper to render.
- Players that spawn and don't move for longer than sv_spawn_afk_bomb_drop_time (default 15 seconds) will automatically drop the bomb. Thanks GreenTea!
Product Update - Valve

Robot Entertainment today announced that Orcs Must Die! 2 now supports Steam Workshop! When it released last summer, Orcs Must Die! 2 gave players a broad new Spellbook filled with new and old traps and hundreds of upgrades. Robot Entertainment is now giving War Mages the tools to expand their magical arsenal even further.

Have you been yearning for a crossbow that shoots freezing bolts? Now you can make one. Craving a special tar trap for the Sorceress? You’ve got it. Combine all of the game’s traps, visual effects, and stat effects with your own custom textures and Spellbook art to custom-build your new favorite traps, trinkets, and weapons. Once you’ve put them to the test, upload your custom items to the Workshop to share with thousands of War Mages and give the Order a plethora of new ways to slaughter orcs!

Orcs Must Die! 2 Workshop Features:
  • Craft New Traps, Trinkets, and Weapons – Using existing Spellbook items, War Mages can construct a dizzying array of new traps to take into battle. Combine existing 3D models with new textures, new stats, new upgrade designs, and new visual effects to craft and share your best orc-maiming ideas.
  • New Onslaughts – Modify the creatures and timing for waves in existing Orcs Must Die! 2 fortresses and caves to create new and challenging experiences. Did you already beat the game on Nightmare? Now you can create your own ultra-Nightmare Mode to put your skills to the test. Share your custom onslaught levels and campaigns with the community on Workshop.
  • New Costumes – Replace the textures on any of the sixteen War Mage and Sorceress costumes in Orcs Must Die! 2. Create a huge closet of intimidating new costumes to strike fear into the hearts of orcs!
Get started with the Orcs Must Die! 2 Workshop here.
Product Update - Valve
An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Added over 60 Gold Star community-submitted Workshop items
  • Summer Claim Checks can now be redeemed for Summer Coolers
  • Summer Cooler Keys are now available in the Mann Co. Store
  • Map Stamps and Strange Filters for the new community maps cp_standin and cp_process are now available in the Mann Co. Store
  • Reduced intensity of Bleed and Jarate screen effects under DX8
  • Added text search functionality to the backpack and the store
  • Added tf_hud_show_servertimelimit to display the server’s per-map time limit on the in-game HUD
  • In MvM, if all team members unready, the pre-round countdown will stop
  • In MvM, when robots are killed by sniper headshots or explosive headshot upgrade, they will drop ‘red’ money that will automatically be collected when it would otherwise dissolve
  • Fixed a bug with the Unusual Adjustment Slider that would cause changes not to take effect
  • Double-clicking a crate will now take you to the appropriate key in the store
  • By default, items with non-standard qualities (i.e., strange, unusual) will not be selectable as craft ingredient. The ingredient selection UI has a checkbox to disable this feature and allow selection.
  • Unusuals and Stranges no longer stack in loadout equip pages
  • Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause incorrect Steam Community Market prices to be shown on item tooltips when using non-USD currencies
  • Fixed a bug that would cause the popular items page in the store to not always update correctly
  • Fixed a bug where disguised red spies spawned a blue heal particle when touching healthkits
  • Fixed a bug where certain projectiles and Engineer building gibs could cause doors to become stuck
  • Fixed a bug where crouch animations would not properly play while in humiliation state
  • Fixed a bug where full ÜberCharge effects would always show on the client if a player was killed with full ÜberCharge
  • Fixed a bug that allowed custom item names/descriptions containing HTML to sometimes change the appearance of items in Steam Community
  • Fixed level 3 dispensers missing geometry
  • Fixed level 2 dispensers appearing identical to level 1 dispensers at certain LODs
  • Fixed the Marked-For-Death effect showing over the head of disguised or stealthed players
  • Fixed suicide deathnotices showing the dead player's last deployed weapon instead of the skull and crossbones
  • Fixed characters in the loadout page sometimes appearing as if they were cloaked
  • Weapon attributes will now show in the same order in-game and in Steam Community
  • Support for the ITFItems/GetPlayerItems and ITFItems/GetSchema WebAPIs have been removed
  • Added support for the Oculus-native distortion function via the "oculus_use_ovr_distortion" convar in VR mode
  • Added cp_standin and cp_process
  • Renamed mvm_coaltown_event to mvm_ghost_town to fix a problem with voting for challenges in MvM when on Coal Town
  • cp_badlands
    • Fixed jumps being ruined by small rock ledge near spiral
    • Fixed prop collisions
    • Fixed clip smoothing
  • cp_dustbowl
    • Fixed players building in Blu's first spawn
    • Fixed players shooting through rocks in stage 2
    • Fixed collision in tunnels in stage 2
    • Fixed textures not displaying properly in Pyrovision
    • Fixed lighting on cliff faces
    • Fixed skybox error in stage 3.
    • Fixed players getting killed through the ceiling under stage 2 cap 1
    • Adjusted ceiling height in stage 3 tunnel for better clearance
    • Cleaned up prop collision
  • cp_egypt
    • Fixed clip brush exploits
    • Players can no longer build on top of arches and high ledges
  • cp_gorge
    • Players can no longer build in Blu's first spawn room
    • Changed scale of water texture
  • cp_granary
    • Fixed improper orientation on arrow signs
    • Fixed players getting above red forward spawn
    • Fixed players building on cargo containers inside spawn room
    • Fixed holes in skybox geometry
    • Removed collision from hanging lamp over Red spawn
    • Removed collision from security cameras above Red and Blue spawns
    • Mirrored fence alcove from Blu final cap arena to Red side
    • Balanced collision of rocks in final capture arenas
    • Re-ordered spawns in the first spawn room to be consistent between Red and Blu
  • cp_gravelpit
    • Clipped roof of building over cap A
    • Removed helthpack under terrain
    • Added decals under health kits and ammo packs
  • cp_gullywash
    • Fixed players getting out of the map near the middle capture point
    • Fixed collision exploits near middle capture point
  • cp_mountainlab
    • Fixed collision issues on the ladders and hill that lead to the first point
    • Fixed static prop lighting
  • cp_steel
    • Fixed players blocking Blu's spawn exit door leading to capture point B
    • Fixed collision on ledge near capture point B
    • Players can no longer build inside Red spawn room.
    • Blu spawn point over grate removed.
  • ctf_2fort
    • Fixed building inside of spawn doors
    • Fixed clipping exploits on battlements
    • Fixed height of door leading to spiral stairs in Blu base so players can now crouch past a placed dispenser
    • Cleaned up prop collision
    • Smoothed clipping on wagon wheel and other props
  • ctf_well
    • Fixed players jumping out of the map
  • koth_king
    • Health and ammo packs now match on Red and Blu sides of the map
    • Players can no longer build in spawn doors
  • koth_lakeside
    • Fixed rockets passing through terrain near the capture point
  • koth_viaduct
    • Players can no longer build in spawn room rafters
  • mvm_bigrock
    • Fixed players building on rock in cave section
  • pl_badwater
    • Fixed player clip brush exploits and missing player clip brushes on roofs and rock walls
    • Fixed player clip smoothing
    • Fixed fence collisions
    • Fixed floating rocks in skybox
    • Fixed lighting on props
    • Fixed lighting on canyon vista
    • Handrails no longer collide with bullets and projectiles
    • Performance increase through poly reduction, model collision reduction and model fade distances
    • Players can no longer build inside Blu spawn room
    • Players can no longer be trapped with teleporters under the sign by the first capture point
    • Players can no longer enter the room overlooking the final cap through the windows before point 3 is captured
    • Players will now be crushed by closing doors upon the capture of point 2
  • pl_barnblitz
    • Fixed building in the skybox above Red's final spawn
    • Teleporters will no longer self destruct when used on the battlements near Blu's first spawn
  • pl_frontier
    • Fixed spawn doors not working properly after second capture.
    • Players can no longer build inside kill volumes
    • Players can no longer build inside of Blu's second spawn room
    • Red players can now enter the Blu team spawn upon round win
  • pl_goldrush
    • Fixed collision on props and clip exploits
    • Fixed buildings being prohibited from construction in the garage near the end of stage 3
    • Players can no longer block the cart through the wall in stage
    • Players can no longer build in spawn exits
    • Players can no longer build on the shack roof near the end of stage 3
    • Players and buildings can no longer be killed through the floor in stage 1 in the upper room by the cap
    • Players can no longer build on the perch in stage 1
    • Handrails no longer collide with bullets and projectiles
  • pl_thundermountain
    • Fixed gate visible through ceiling in stage 3
    • Fixed clipping in stage 3 Blu spawn
    • Prevented players from building in the cliffside kill zone in stage 1
  • pl_upward
    • Fixed exploit where Blu team could be trapped in their final spawn room
    • Fixed gap in collision which allowed Blu players to be shot in their first spawn
    • Fixed fade distances on props in Blu spawn
    • Fixed players building under catwalk on the ledge of the final pit
    • Fixed clip brush exploits
    • Players can no longer be trapped by teleporting under stairs near final capture point
    • Players can no longer build inside of Red's final spawn room
    • Players can no longer build inside of spawn room doors
    • Players can no longer be trapped inside of the capture point sign
    • Prevented Blu team from entering final spawn room while it is neutral
    • Smoothed clipping collision
    • Collision performance increases
    • Handrails no longer collide with bullets and projectiles
    • Replaced floor texture in Red team final spawn room
  • plr_hightower
    • Fixed clip brush exploit above building on cliff edge
  • plr_nightfall
    • Fixed players jumping outside of the map
    • Reduced prop collision
  • plr_pipeline
    • Fixed invisible faces
    • Handrails no longer collide with bullets and projectiles
  • tc_hydro
    • Fixed clip brush exploit where players could get out of world
    • Fixed players getting on top of monument.
  • The Chieftain's Challenge, Lord Cockswain's Pith Helmet, That '70s Chapeau, The K-9 Mane, The Stovepipe Sniper Shako, The Pounding Father, and Vox Diabolus can now be painted
  • "The Public Enemy", "The Urban Professional", and "The Dumpster Diver" sets will now show up as sets in the in-game UI
  • Cursed Soul items (Halloween zombie skins) are now renameable
  • Strange Bacon Grease can now be gift-wrapped
  • Added LODs to the Airborne Armaments set items
  • Fixed Bison/Pomson projectiles getting stuck on doors
  • Fixed Baseballs and Jars sometimes going through thin geometry
  • Crit-A-Cola
    • Removed: Damage taken mini-crits
    • Added: Damage taken increased 25%
  • Shortstop
    • Added 20% bonus healing while deployed
    • Added 80% vulnerability increase to all push forces while deployed
  • Winger
    • Added +25% Jump Height bonus when active

  • The Special Delivery (set)
    • Removed: +25 max health on wearer
    • Added: Leave a calling card on your victims
  • Battalion's Backup
    • Added additional +15% Sentry damage resistance to all teammates while banner effect is active (50% damage reduction while banner is active)
    • Rage is now generated from damage dealt instead of damage received
  • Black Box
    • Rocket explosions now use correct sound

  • Beggar’s Bazooka
    • Fixed an exploit that allowed players to hold a set fixed number of rockets (reload cancelling)
    • Misfired Rockets now remove one loaded rocket from the clip
  • Concheror
    • Rage is now generated only from damage dealt
    • Buffed players now receive a speed boost, in addition to the previous Health-On-Hit effect
  • Cow Mangler 5000
    • Reduced clip size (from 5 to 4)
    • Removed -10% damage attribute
    • Removed 5% slower reload attribute
    • Added missing "sets players on fire" description text
    • New particles and sound
  • Escape Plan
    • Players receive the Marked-For-Death effect after deploying, and for a short period after holstering
  • Liberty Launcher
    • Removed: 25% reduced clip size penalty
    • Added: 25% reduced damage penalty

  • Original
    • Rocket explosions now use correct sound

  • The Tank Buster (set)
    • Removed: +20% Sentry damage resistance on wearer
    • Added: Leave a calling card on your victims
  • Phlogistinator
    • Fixed "Mmmph" progress resetting after touching a resupply cabinet
  • Powerjack
    • Added: 15% increase move speed while deployed
    • Added: 20% damage vulnerability to all sources
  • The Gas Jockey's Gear (set)
    • Removed: +10% faster move speed on wearer
    • Removed: +10% bullet damage vulnerability on wearer
    • Added: Leave a calling card on your victims
  • Chargin' Targe
    • Added: Afterburn immunity
  • Loose Cannon
    • Range no longer affects direct cannonball impact damage
    • Reduced charge time to 1 second
    • Added: Double-Donk (directly impacting an enemy within half a second before the bomb explosion) sound and particle effects
    • Double-Donk damage now mini-crits
  • The Expert's Ordnance (set)
    • Removed: +10% fire damage resistance on wearer
  • Buffalo Steak Sandvich
    • Removed: Damage taken mini-crits
    • Added: Damage taken increased 25%
  • Dalokohs Bar
    • Increased amount of health restored per-bite from 15 to 25
  • Gunslinger
    • Fixed a bug that caused mini-sentries to heal while being constructed
  • Rescue Ranger
    • Minor increase in damage per bolt
    • Increased building healing from 50 to 75 per bolt
  • Short Circuit
    • Ammo cost reduced when an attack destroys a projectile
  • Wrangler
    • Slightly reduced accuracy of manually-controlled sentry at long range
    • Protective shield now fades 1 second after the owning Engineer dies
  • Crusaders Crossbow
    • Changed arrow projectile to a large syringe
    • Added new trail effects
    • Smoothed out reload animation (DPS unchanged)
    • Fixed being able to heal players that are using items that block healing
  • Quick-Fix
    • Added 50% Overheal
    • Über now affects the medic when there's no heal target
    • Shotguns with pushback (Force-A-Nature) no longer affect players under the effect of Quick-Fix’s Über
  • Vaccinator
    • Über now fully absorbs crit damage for the selected damage type, but depletes Übercharge based on the amount of damage prevented
  • Bazaar Bargain
    • Fixed the starting charge rate being -40% instead of -20%
    • Capped the max charge rate to 200%
  • Cozy Camper
    • Removed movement penalty.
    • Added: Damage taken increased by 20%
  • Darwin's Danger shield
    • Added: Bullet damage taken reduced by 15%
    • Added: Explosive damage taken increased by 20%
  • The Croc-o-Style Kit (set)
    • Removed headshot immunity
    • Added: Leave a calling card on your victims
  • Dead Ringer
    • When under the effect of Feign Death, damage taken decreases the duration of the effect
  • L'Etranger
    • Added: 40% increased cloak duration
  • Spy-cicle
    • Fixed a bug that would cause the charge meter to not reset when the spy was killed
  • The Saharan Spy (set)
    • Removed: Reduced decloak sound volume
    • Removed: 0.5 sec longer cloak blink time
    • Added custom particle effects when taunting
Product Update - Valve
RaceRoom Racing Experience has been updated.

- Re-enabled stats such as time spent and laps driven. They were frozen for a few days while we were investigating the problem. We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for you patience.
- Fixed an issue with stats where time spent in the main menu was getting added as time spent on a track.
- Fixed an issue where game would not detect resolutions with higher refresh rate properly.
- Fixed a rare issue where VRP's were not getting awarded if there was a timeout from Steam Servers.
- Fixed an issue where in a class based leaderboard challenge, the all time best laptime was showing the selected cars best time even if it wasn't the best in the class.
- Fixed an inconsistency where the in-game position bar was showing a different LB position than the LB in portal.
Product Update - Valve
Shadow Warrior Classic Redux Bug-fix Update Released
Version 1.0.1
  • Fixed random crashes on Windows XP
  • Fixed FOV value not being stored after quitting the game
  • Fixed wrong "enemies idle" sound playback
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements

Announcement - Valve
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Product Update - Valve
Super House of Dead Ninjas has been updated to include Steam Workshop!

Create and share custom levels using the in-game map editor, and find community creations from the Steam Workshop!

Other updates include new enemies, 10 additional Steam achievements and 50 new rooms to the tower!

Super House of Dead Ninjas uses ninja magic to generate every tower randomly, so no two adventures are the same! Descend a seemingly-endless tower as the fearsome Crimson Ninja and face over 50 types of enemies using dozens of ninja weapons and magic!