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Product Update - Valve
Waveform Update Released

If the game window disappears, or fails to show up, when launching the game or transitioning from the launch menu into the game, you can try enabling a new feature from within the config.ini file located within the config folder of the game’s install directory. Add the line:

Multithreaded = False

To the bottom of the config.ini file to force the game into single-threaded mode. This seems to fix the window not showing up. An option will be added in-game to toggle this, but for the time being modifying the config.ini works just as well.

Product Release - Valve
Ridge Racer™ 7 Machine & The Gallows DLC is Now Available for Ridge Racer™ Unbounded!

An extreme sports machine and a classic yellow hot rod pick up that stands out a mile in the heat of the race.

Product Update - Valve

Critical fixes:
+ Fixed a crash that could occur if no enemy was present in combat.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur if a colony support mission was cancelled.
+ Fixed known crashes related to recent news events.
+ Fixed a crash related to invalid station modules.
+ Fixed a crash that could occur by entering certain characters into
the encyclopedia search box.
+ Fixed a treaty generation related crash.

Other fixes:
+ Fixed some known issues with System Killer news event handling.
+ Tomb rewards work again.
+ Retrofitted defenses are now returned to defense fleets.
+ Platform retrofitting is no longer linked to the station retrofit dialog.
+ Fixed black color for non-player empires.
+ Defense and reserve fleets are no longer disbanded when the last
ship is scrapped.
+ Addressed the issue of locusts not attacking planets and stations in combat.
+ Mining stimulus is now disabled until mega-strip mining is acquired.
+ Fixed the white cubes in the research screen.
+ Fixed the intermittently missing Political Science family button at
the bottom of the research screen.
+ Morrigi Crow firing now works again.
+ Planet sensor volumes are now affected by jammers.
+ Fixed design screen right-click retrofit loophole.
+ New admirals now display correct empire color.
+ Zuul fleets lacking bore ships no longer cause a request to bore
node lines when issuing missions.
+ Stations are now removed appropriately if their attached colonies
are destroyed.
+ Boarded ships no longer fire at unusually high rates.
+ Fixed Gardener suitability calculations.
+ Fixed an issue that could cause planets to share the same orbit.
+ The open/close star system button is now correctly synchronized in
both star map and star system screens.

Other changes and additions:
+ Engrams fully functional.
+ Improved combat sensor graphics

Product Update - Valve
A new patch has been released! There are numerous fixes in this build including:

- Improved server browser functionality
- LAN fixes
- Network optimizations
- Various crash fixes

Check our forums for the details!
Product Update - Valve
Jun 6, 2012 UPDATE
Deep Freeze map completely redesigned
Crossroads map updated
Product Release - Valve
The Kill Hitler + 2 Rifles DLC is Now Available for Sniper Elite V2! Offer may vary by country.

One bullet can change history. Purchase the Sniper Elite V2 DLC and take the shot…

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Product Update - Valve
- Fixed failure to recognise modded emplacement entries.
- Support for modded hulls with a larger number of modules/augs.
- Double-clicking a module or augmentation on the design screen will now try to automatically place it on any free slots on the current design
- Fixed bug where demolishing a unit by right clicking during deployment rendered that square unusable for the rest of the battle.
- Some performance improvements for slower PCs.
- Support for modded campaigns.
- Fixed bug where pausing the game during deployment left the pause button out of synch.
- Swapped locations of the puase and screenshot buttons.
- Minimap now highlights attackers deployment points in red with a small arrow icon.
- New, clearer icons for ballistic infantry modules (thanks qwepir).
- If the previously selected division contains no placeable units for the current battle, the first viable division is now selected.
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Today's Deal: Save 75% off Far Cry Complete!

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