Product Update - Valve
All levels except for Crossroads and Crossroads Redux were switched to a new terrain system (better performance).
Fixed bug when prices of explosives\items\abilities were not updated properly.
Updated level up rewards.
Fixed bug that not all of them were displaying correctly.
UI fixes.
Daily/weekly rewards disabled.
In conquest each kill will decrease enemy's tickets by one.
Updated Tips Of The Day.
More memory usage optimizations.
Product Update - Valve
Waveform Update Released

-Only a few days left for this week’s Leaderboard Challenge. Compete until 11:59 PST on Sunday for your chance to win a free copy of Atom Zombie Smasher on Steam

Bug fixes:
-Fixed the active challenge mode when entering a Black Hole during the New Game + mode
-Fixed the camera offset to the Singularity at high resolution when you enter the game through the launch menu, which was creating a few impossible scenarios
-The Singularity will no longer suck up Radar Arrays that have already been triggered
-Fixed the roll-over animation on the Dark Challenge Mode button

Product Update - Valve
The following changes have been made

- Additional languages now supported. As well as English, French, Italian, Spanish and Japanese, with this update you can now also choose to play Eden in German, Dutch, Portuguese, Russian and Polish! Use the Language tab (right click PixelJunk Eden and select Properties) to make your choice.
Apr 19, 2012
Product Update - Valve
Today's update includes fixes that will be coming to the Xbox 360 in a future update.

Dead Center:
The Hotel:
- Made dropping between the top two floors much more difficult.

The Atrium:
-Survivors should no longer be able to jump onto the vending machines near the start of the map, as AI infected could not see or path to this area.
-Blocked Survivors being able to stand on the map placard, as this was a spot where infected could not path to.

Dark Carnival:
The Highway:
-Survivors should no longer be able to jump on top the truck near the ending saferoom, as AI infected are unable to attack survivors there.

The Fairgrounds:
-Survivors can no longer climb on top of an early set of generator lights.
-Made dumpster near the first warehouse session into a static prop to prevent grief blocking map progress.
-The forklift near the entrance to the building leading to the silly slide has been removed.
-Blocked survivors being able to stand on a maintenance structure near the back wall by the carousel, as AI infected were unable to see survivors if they zombie-hopped their way up there.
-Blocked top of the back wall next to above for the same reason.
-Blocked a hop up on a light post base where survivors in VS could glitch their way to 100% map completion.

The Coaster:
-Blocked access to a stuck spot behind some stairs in the swan maintenance room.
-Blocked survivors being able to jump on the shelf next to the stuck spot. Infected were unable to see survivors standing there.
-Blocked being able to climb into the shelved swan in maintenance, as infected could not see survivors that were there. Additionally, it is very difficult to get out of it this swan once you're in.
-Blocked access to the top of the truck just outside of the coaster area for survivors.
-Blocked survivors from jumping on to several electric box props shortly before the coaster event, which could be used as invincible spots.
-Blocked a method of climbing and skipping the roller coaster event start.

The Barns:
-Blocked survivors being able to be knocked into the infected-only trash area next to the covered picnic area near the start. Players knocked over this fence could not make it back.

The Concert:
-Blocked survivor access to the windows above the concert to remove an invincible spot.

Plank Country:
-Added a bunch of dock props to break up a pair of invincible spots at the ferry panic event.

The Swamp:
-Skipping the airplane event should now be much more difficult.

The Sugar Mill:
-Blocked a hop-up onto some pipe-work that allowed survivors to skip the conveyor belt section.
-Blocked access to a very tiny ledge opposite the elevator at the holdout event, which was an invinicble spot.

Mill Escape:
-Blocked survivors being able to jump onto the roofs near the start which allowed them to avoid the sugar cane field altogether.

Town Escape:
-Added a props to block access to a table in the restaurant, which was an invincible spot.
-Blocked survivors being able to climb on top of the generator, another invincible spot.
-Removed an invincible spot off the dock.

The Waterfront:
-Added a few props for infected to climb out from a garden area behind a wall, which had previously been inescapable.

The Park:
-Blocked survivors from jumping on to the generator and the tops of the metal fences just after the park area, removing an invincible spot.
-Blocked access to an out-of-map exploit area which was reachable by climbing an electrical box prop.

The Cemetery:
-Blocked survivors getting on top of the white trucks near the end of the alarmed car lot, as these were invincible spots.
-Blocked survivors from jumping the fence from the shed into inescapable infected-only territory following the bridge explosion.
-Blocked players following the highway to the end of the map, which led to a spot where players could get under the map.

The Quarter:
-Blocked being able to hop back up a one-way drop following the pool hall.
-Blocked survivor access to the landing exiting the parade float event zone until the event itself has been started.
-Blocked player infected from perching in a high window in the ending safe room, which could prevent a VS round from ending.

The Riverbank:
-Block infected ghost players in VS from getting under the map by crossing the bridge at the start.
-Block infected from leaving map bounds by going beyond the first area, and slipping past the water kill brush.
-Block survivors jumping the fence just after the first interior, allowing them to leave the map bounds.
-Block an out-of-map exploit near the wedding party area.
-Block an infected out-of-map exploit near the safe room.

The Port:
-Survivors will no longer be able to stand on the indoor generator and access rooftop areas.

The Port:
-Survivors will no longer be able to stand on the indoor generator and access the rooftop areas.

The Apartments:
-Adjusted player blocker for the corner drop safe-landing at the start to be slightly larger.
-Added blockers to both air conditioning units near the start to prevent survivors from using them to skip the apartments.

Cut-Throat Creek:
-Fixed a stuck spot in the rocks above the river tank fight.
Product Update - Valve
Fixed: Continued improvements to the overall stability of the servers.
Client Update - Valve
A Steam client update is now available. To apply the update, click the Steam menu inside of Steam and then select "Check for Steam Client Updates...". The specific changes include:

- Comment Notifications - the inbox icon in the upper-right corner of the Steam client will now notify you when someone has posted a comment on one of your Steam Community items, or when someone else replies to an item you recently commented on. Currently profile, screenshots, videos, recommendations, and workshop items are supported.
- Added initial support for the Community Overlay in Mac games hosted by Wine. Currently validated with The Witcher
- Added support for new retail install disc type
- Added games update error reporting to improve download stability
- Added code to regenerate protected binaries that are approaching expiration when a game is launched.
- Improved http client end of stream handling to fix an intermittent bug with small recvs on Mac OSX.
Product Update - Valve
- Enabled Brewmaster!
- Bane: Fixed Nightmare dispelling on self damage (e.g. Rot).
- Clockwerk: Fixed Hookshot target sometimes being able to move away while you are traveling.
- Clockwerk: Fixed aoe around Hookshot not reliably affecting the area.
- Earthshaker: Fixed cases where invulnerable units could get stuck inside Fissure.
- Juggernaut: Fixed Omnislash jumping to couriers.
- Lina: Fixed Dragon Slave's cast range being too short.
- Lone Druid: Added a visual effect at the Spirit Bear's old location when it's recast.
- Lone Druid: Fixed a bug when Spirit Bear would disassemble an item, causing it to have no owner.
- Nightstalker: Added duration buff for Darkness.
- Pudge: Fixed Dismember damage happening one second too late.
- Spirit Breaker: Fixed case where he could get stuck when using Nether Strike.
- Viper: Fixed Corrosive Skin affecting Serpent Wards.
- Fixed being able to deny yourself (while under poison) if you attack through the hero icon at the top.
- Fixed Linken Sphere proccing for secondary hits of Chain Lightning and Lightning Storm.
- Fixed Magic Immunity removing Poison Attack debuff.
- Fixed hero deaths not disjointing incoming projectiles (in the case of fast respawns/buyback).
- Fixed bug that was causing attack projectiles to be slightly out of sync with the server.
- Fixed units not always respecting the ability backswing time (without animation canceling), causing animations to sometimes end faster than normal.

- Fixed creepstats not being visible to spectators.

- Updated Nevermore's Requiem of Souls.
- Added an effect for Nevermore's Necromastery.

- Bots will now use couriers.
- While there are any disconnected humans on the opposing team, bots will now select the most appropriate corresponding hero or heroes on their team to go back to the fountain to try to keep teams somewhat balanced.
- Bots will no longer forget about heroes they're trying to kill when they go invulnerable.
- Changed how bots think about attacking wards/minions, they should behave more reasonably now.
- When bots defend a tower, they should now be more aggressive about transitioning into attacking, rather than milling around behind the tower.
- Mid bots are now less likely to roam at early levels.
- Fixed bug that was causing Zeus to killsteal (too much) with his Ult.
- Earthshaker bot will no longer use Echo Slam to kill a lone hero unless that hero is a hard carry.
- Earthshaker bot will no longer use Echo Slam on a target that it thinks is about to die anyways.
- Windrunner bot will now buy Mekansm rather than Blademail.
- Fixed bug that could cause poorly-aimed fissures and powershots.
- Windrunner bot will now use Powershot when pushing/defending a lane, and sometimes to harass/last-hit while laning.
- Fixed bug where Kunkka bot would freeze when trying to kill a non-hero target.
- Fixed bug where Dire bots would respond to pings from spectators.
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed: Connection to the profile server now shuts down properly when a player enters a game.
Product Release - Valve
MacGuffin's Curse is Now Available on Steam and 20% off until Thursday, April 26th 10AM PST.

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Product Release - Valve
All Zombies Must Die! - Scorepocalypse is Now Available on Steam and 20% off*!

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