War Builder League - Cyber Prophet
- New Radar impulse mechanic

Forced Decloaked Units lose their Fire Booster

Radar impulse bubble expand very slowly but it stays much longer on the map. This combined with longer cooldown allow to defend from cloaked units easier but at the same time stops hackers from spamming radar impulses.
War Builder League - Cyber Prophet
- Quick fix for a Fail-Save mechanism for broken matches
- Faster loading times at the begining of the matches
War Builder League - Cyber Prophet
- Fail-Save mechanism for broken matches

Bug Fix
- Fixed bug that was causing that sometimes players was randomly kicked from match.
War Builder League - Cyber Prophet
- Server structure was moved from my flat to external server in France that has fiber connection with America
> Much better server specs
> Faster match loadings
> Enemy machines are less capable of bumping player out of tracks
> Less lags (specially in America)
> Less "connection errors"
- removed bugged "parts missing" blockade not allowing to enter battle
- Longer Time before AFT kick
- Less resource demanding effect of the energy rays

Bug Fix
- Fixed mouse sensitivity bug appearing while shooring energy rays and Repair beam
War Builder League - Cyber Prophet
- Tons of internal changes in code that has no direct influence on game but will help me later
- Changes in SQL structure that will work fast even with lot's of players on-line
- Small speed optimalisation in building mode
- In general, building should work better now.
- External game management tool (Now i can track all games and players on-line. Kick, communicate and so on)

New Feature
- Afk detection system.

Bug Fix
- Part mirror flip works now
- Fixed problem with Firewall not working in the base
War Builder League - Cyber Prophet
- If you push both mouse buttons using energy ray (or repair) you will shoot on zoom without auto-aim. This should make tower capping easier when using energy ray.
- Build mode optimalization should give some bonus FPS in the assembly to less powerfull CPUs
- Hangar help sheet is now localized
- Hangar help sheet remembers that it was hiddan after restarting game
- Hangar help sheet hide button is more visible now

New Feature
- You can now cycle through connectors on parts that has more then one connector (Like constructors or tracks).

Bug Fix
- Fixed couple details on the map. Assymetric pipes, No colliders on sieds of the ramps to main arena etc.
- Fixed error causing part misscalculation during Undo and redo option
- Fixed bug causing part misscalculation calculation in some situations of mirror mode
- Fixed bug making part Red in some situations when it can be placed and should not be red
- Fixed problem with amount of machine cores that were not calculated correctly
- Fixed issue causing that machine was still shown in preview after deletion
- Fixed Machine parts vanishing for good after deleting all machines and starting automatic procedure of creating a new machine
- Fixed raycast problems occuring during building
- Hopefully Fixed Deleting Hangars then entering edit mode makes you unable to look around and move Forced to restart
- Fixed bug with connection detection in crystals (and other asymmetric blocks)
- Fix: sometimes when a player wants to join combat, they get blocked even though they have all the needed parts
- Fixed Couple errors in RU Localizarion
War Builder League - Cyber Prophet
Bug Fix
- Turned back on Y and Z Mirror
- Fixed bug that was allowing to place blocks that were not on the grid
- Fixed bug that was allowing to connect parts to places that did not have connectors. Like connecting parts to the tip of the crystal
- Fixed bug causing that unconnected parts was not shown just after entering building zone
- Introduced a lot of corrections to RU localization
- Fixed Connection points on Generator T2
War Builder League - Cyber Prophet
- Localization RU
- You can now buy flags of different countries that can be mounted on your machines
- New prices for paints

Bug Fix
- Fixed bug with towers disappearing on zoom when using railgun
- Crystals and cones has now much better working connectors in build mode
- Crystals got new materials that make building more comfortable
- Single wheels can no more be mounted Vertically
- Turrets no longer change into spheres (unless very far from observer)

- Armoured Radar Mk3 covers bigger area of the hull and got +33% range
- Radar impulse got +34% range but still has 550m. max range
War Builder League - Cyber Prophet
I'd like to thank everyone who helped to improve War Builder League by playing the game and reporting bugs.
Without the community I'd never be able to find so many bugs (and it turned out there is really a lot of them ;)). You are awsome!
And now it's time for me to fix them.

These are the ones I already managed to do:

  • Fix firewalls setup
  • Add AZERTY keyboard option
  • Test and fix party system
  • Party system fix: When two players invite each other to party, the party system cracks up
  • Decide what to do about the possibility to connect two construction elements to a single bigger one
  • Fix: invisible collisions on the map (stairs area)

And I still need to work on these:
(They're arranged according to their priority - the more important and easy to fix are on top. I'll start fixing them in this order)

  • Fix cloak and radar wave issues
  • Correct misspelled 'single' in rail gun description
  • Fix problems with ground (on middle arena close to left corner entrance)
  • Correct misspelled 'signature' in tower bonus description
  • Correct misspelled 'macha ręką' in Polish locatization
  • Update Unity
  • Rebuild matchmaking system
  • Rebuild interface management system
  • Fix broken matches
  • Make batteries a bit more important parts
  • Fix wanishing menu in hangar
  • Fix infinite loading screen (while waiting on match)
  • Fix: when in party, player sometimes get assignet to the opposite team
  • Fix: Machine parts vanishing for good after deleting all machines and starting automatic procedure of creating a new machine
  • Fix: Bots sometimes go down while starting a battle
  • Fix: machine parts sometimes vanish while building
  • Fix: when a tower has only modules (not blocks), after destroying the modules, the tower does not change the team
  • Fix: looped machine destruction after respawn
  • Fix: sometimes the blocks can be placed outside of the grid while building
  • Reestablish mirror modes in Y and Z axes
  • Fix: Deleting Hangers then entering edit mode makes you unable to look around and move Forced to restart
  • Make crystals smooth. Mark crystals connections to other construction elements
  • Fix raycast problems occuring during building
  • Improve building from crystals
  • Create zoom under ray, when pushing the two buttons
  • Fix: attacking towers with ray does not take block collisions into account
  • Fix: missing core after deleting a machine
  • Fix: turrets can shoot through their owner's shields
  • Disable wheels operating 'flat'
  • Fix: bot's shots go through obstacles
  • Create a system of turning the game off, kicking players out of the game or match
  • Prepare a moving loading screen at a start of a game
  • Fix: Turrets disappear from view, when zoomed in using rail turret and standing in a certain distance
  • Fix: rays go through units
  • Make hud around crossgair lighter
  • Fix: heal guns shoot through their owner’s vehicle
  • Review connectors functionality in the T2 reactor
  • Establish prices of flags and paints
  • Add ‘join ongoing match’ check box
  • Fix collisions on the map – some objects have to small collisions
  • Make the ‘fold guide menu’ button in hangar more visible
  • Fix a problem with electronic warfare: when a unit is being taken over it may be launched into stratosphere or into the ground.
  • Work on description parts in the shop (on tooltips)
  • Fix: sometimes when a player wants to join combat, I’m blocked even though they have all the needed parts
  • Fix: Can’t use my bot and window is bugged
  • Theres no red parts but when i leave edit they become red, keeps happening when i attach wheels 1/2 to a block, changed it and it got fixed.
  • Add ‘duplicate the Machine’ option
  • Fix problem with immortal units
  • Make a simplified map for Machine tests
  • Introduce a key binding system
  • Fix: If you hack a bot in test mode, then tab to swap to the hacked bot, you can't tab back to the bot you're using to hack the target.
  • This also shatters the radar system
  • Fix: sometimes the mini map malfunctions for players with slower internet connection
  • Fix problem with naming a Machine after testing it in test mode
  • Fix SQL error that occures after purchasing tech upgrades
  • Fix: AI bots ‘shotle’ players Machines
  • Fix problems with regaining control of player’s own Machine after hacking an enemy
  • Fix: bots can reach enemy spawn
  • Fix: steath plate has one-sided polygons
  • Improve system communicating that a tower is attacked by an enemy
  • Fix: sometimes ‘analyzing machine blueprints’ message gets stuck on the screen
  • Add a video with Cyber Prophet at the start of the game
  • Fix broken links between the technologies in tech tree
  • Fix: When you are healing while holding LMB, and start holding RMB then release LMB, the sound of the lasers stops.

War Builder League got more interest during closed release than I have anticipated. For this reason I want to prepare the game better for Early Access. To achieve this I decided to
postpone Early Access until June 18.

You can still play of course. If you haven't done that yet and would like to give it a try, get your key at
I also invite you to join Discord community:
War Builder League - Cyber Prophet
Bug Fixing
- Iv'e repaired big amount of bugs that was found in the party system.

- Shotguns deals 5% More damage
- Shotguns consumes 7% Less energy

Other things
- Added support for AZERTY Keyboards