Vambrace: Cold Soul - Tris

Version 1.06 is here and with it comes some much-anticipated features and a few fixes.

New Game +
The biggest feature this build has to offer is our addition of a New Game +. Access to it will be revealed to those who complete the game. This feature will allow players to complete the game faster in order to unlock missed costumes and new endings.

Only read the line below if you’ve already completed the game.

Pay special attention to the end game epilogue scene for a clue about how to reach New Game +

Hedge Mage
After listening to community feedback, we revisited the Hedge Mage and tweaked some of her stats. We believe the new build yields a companion that will be a true asset to your team in the icy wastes. Some of her changes include:

-Recovery now heals Target ally for Health +2.
-Her Flourish points charge faster.
-Healing Light now heals target ally for Health +3, That Ally gains +1 Health per turn for 3 turns.
-Life Fusion, a relic skill gained from the Amulet of the Matriarch, now heals target ally +4 Health and receives Super Rejuvenation status for +2 Health per turn for 4 turns.

Bullion Chips
Combat drops now include Bullion Chips in varieties of copper, silver, and gold. These hold no practical use, but they can be traded with merchant for hellion.

Haven Closet & Bed
For those who completed Chapter 5, a closet and bed are now immediately available in Haven so you can rest. You may also rest at the Lost Lady Inn in the ruins of Dalearch.

Skip Tutorial
If you are a player who has already cleared the tutorial, this option will appear. Technically, not a new feature but we're letting you know it exists.

Fast Forward
A tutorial graphic has been added to show players they can speed up combat with the Shift button.

-A bug with the Arcaster’s eye has been fixed.
-Various lines of broken dialogue, typos, etc. have been fixed.
-All-Mother’s Rosary has been removed from the tutorial.

Steam Cards
A full collection of Steam cards are in the process of being approved.

As always, we’re still discovering stray issues with dialogue, and the odd broken line of text here or there. We appreciate the help of everyone who’s been sharing this feedback on the discussion boards.

Please continue to do so and we will implement those changes as they are brought to our attention. Your contributions are the lifeblood of our future updates!

Tris, over and out!
Jun 2
Vambrace: Cold Soul - Tris

One Serving of Replayability, Coming Up!

Ask, and you shall receive! Well, not always. We are just human after all. Some of us, anyway. The verdict is still out on Minho who may be more machine than man (at the rate he's working). But I digress...

What could make this game better, you ask? More replayability, you say? You're absolutely right! As such, we're adding our very unique take on a New Game + mode in the upcoming 1.06 Patch. We're sure you're all gonna get a kick out of this. More details to come.

Also, Steam Cards. Yes, they're coming very soon. Please hang tight!

But that's not all. We'll also be adding a special new loot drop that will be sure to spice up those combat encounters.

Stay tuned for 1.06!


If I may be allowed to indulge in an excuse for any lingering issues...

Between the 4 of us (at Devespresso) there is a lot of ground to cover for a game of Vambrace's scope. Also only 24 hours in a day. (Darn it!)

The important point is that we're LISTENING. I can't emphasize how important the community's feedback is. It has been absolutely essential in helping us bring Vambrace closer to the best version of itself that it could possibly be. Step by step, we'll get there.

Your insight is super valuable. We appreciate the efforts of those who continue to notify us of any oversights we've made (bugs, broken text, etc.). We'll do our best to patch those up ASAP.

Please review the game and let us know what we got right, what went wrong, and how we can improve the experience.

-Tris, over and out!
Vambrace: Cold Soul - Alucard

Hey all, this is our biggest update yet. We’ve added some big changes, so please check below to learn more. We believe, with this update, a real improvement has been made to eliminate whatever "unfair" elements existed in the game and to truly balance the number of combat encounters per neighborhood.

Vambrace has always been a game about survival. In this new update, you’ll find Shelters on the overworld paths between Neighborhoods. Shelters provide a safe place for your team to use items and craft with the loot you’ve picked up. Since your team will be exposed on these open roads, however, you’ll need to camp inside neighborhoods to replenish Health and Vigor. This means players will no longer be subject to random chance and the success of your expeditions depends on how well prepared you are and how you use your items.

Recruiting Wall
The Recruiting Wall now features new signs that indicate the sellsword stats.

Tutorial Update
The Tutorial has been updated with information about Shelters.

Chapter 5 Patch
We’ve rebalanced the dynamics of Chapter 5. Some players reported that, after dying and losing all their comrades, they were unable to progress in this chapter. A merchant was added next to Isabel and new item drops. You’ll be able to fight through here with a great challenge, even if you fail on the first attempt.

All languages have had some adjustments.

Quest Fix
You can now save Helga & Mahoram in the Main Quest line.

A special cutscene in Chapter 7 with Volrung in the end game has been fixed.

We will continue to monitor the community boards to discover bugs or mistakes that evaded us. Rest assured, those will be dealt with. As always, the community’s input and feedback is much appreciated. You guys are the best!

We will continue diligently fighting bugs by moonlight, and improving the game by daylight!

-Team Devespresso Out!
Vambrace: Cold Soul - Alucard

We’re on a roll with updates and we have this amazing community to thank for it. Due to your constructive feedback, we’ve been able to implement some real improvements and there’s A LOT more in the pipeline. Here’s a summary for what’s coming in Patch 1.04:

Journal Tutorial Patch
The game is chock full of main/sub quests and it’s very difficult to remember all of these. We’ve heard feedback that gamers were unable to find the To-Do List. As such, we’ve added a tutorial which will reveal itself after Lanvil’s interrogation.

Combat Fast-Forward
Perhaps the most exciting new feature! When you hold the Shift button during Combat, the pace of the encounter will speed up.

Recruiting Board
New recruits will populate the board more quickly. You’ll never have to worry about a lack of recruits now.

Equipping Relics
Relics can now be equipped and unequipped on the field. This is primarily to allow players to dismiss a companion in order to bring on a new field hire.

Chapter 7 Patch
Some players reportedly got frozen in place here after entering the 2nd floor. We’ve implemented a fix for that!



Version 1.05 is already in the works and, as we’ve mentioned in the previous updates, we are going to be implementing new camp nodes between neighborhoods. We’re also updating the recruiting wall so you will be able to see comrade stats before you hire them!

We’re paying particularly close attention to community strategy around party combinations and relics. This will help us gauge balance as we discuss new ideas to implement. Stay tuned and, as always, your feedback is very much appreciated!

We will continue diligently fighting bugs by moonlight, and improving the game by daylight!

-Team Devespresso Out!
Vambrace: Cold Soul - Alucard

Hey all, we appreciate your patience today. When we launched Version 1.02 it included steam cloud saving. The good news is that it worked in our test. The bad news is that it temporarily wiped out everyone’s costumes. This is because the save data for costumes and achievements are handled in a different manner. An oversight on our part and we apologize for the inconvenience.

With this new update we’ve adjusted the following:
-Your costumes have returned your closet where they belong.
-The difficulty of Chapter 5, 6, & 7 have been slightly adjusted.
-There has been a fix to the Tantini Quest for anyone who experienced issues when telling Lorelei they’d keep it.
-After we added the Tutorial menu option, there was an issue with mouse detection on the Escape Menu. That has been fixed.

What’s next?
-The next big update will feature Mini-camps between Neighborhoods. After exiting a neighborhood, you will be present with an option to camp where you may use items, change gear, and craft.
-A fix for bug issue with Chapter 7 where some players are getting stuck.

We're actively seeking out other issues we can address as well. Please continue to share any feedback at all on the discussion boards.

Finally, a huge thanks to everyone for playing!


-Team Devespresso
Vambrace: Cold Soul - (Nate Crowley)

I wince when people dismiss bad films as just a load of CGI-heavy garbage , because I know people who work in the visual effects industry. Thanks to their harrowing anecdotes, I know just how much talent and graft goes into making blockbusters look pretty, and so I always feel bad when their efforts get sidelined as a footnote to an utter roaster of a flick.

Given this, it s going to be particularly painful to write what I m about to write about Vambrace: Cold Soul, a JRPG-styled roguelite released this week by South Korean studio Devespresso Games. Because while the game itself is about as much fun as eating raw eggs out of a loaded gun with a toothpick, it s absolutely gorgeous.


Vambrace: Cold Soul - Alucard

To our amazing community,

First off, we’d like to thank everyone for the awesome show of support with the game’s launch. It has been an absolute joy to watch people immerse themselves in the world of Icenaire. The journey of bringing this project to life has been a long, challenging road for our small team of four, but was a total privilege!

That said, we are taking the community’s feedback seriously. Rest assured, we're working around the clock to assess and implement the adjustments we believe will improve your experiences.

Here's a short overview of what's in our first update for Version 1.02:

-Game Tutorial: The Escape Menu will provide access to a Game Tutorial section
-Speed: Walking speed in the town and dungeons will be increased
-Terror: The rate at which the Ghost Fog/Terror rises on the field has been slowed, giving players more time to explore
-Combat Encounters: The number of combat encounters has been decreased in each Neighborhood
-Text: We've made some minor text adjustments to English and Korean
-Steam Cloud Saving: We are implementing it after running a few more tests.

Here's a preview of what's coming in the next update:

-Cutscene: The ability to skip the opening animated cutscene.
-Camps: We are adding Basic Camps where you can access your inventory, use healing items, and change equipment at the end of each neighborhood. Campsites, where you can rest to regain vigor and health, will remain exclusive to the streets and must be discovered.

We remain absolutely committed to making Vambrace the best experience it can be! Please don't hesitate to share your feedback in the Community Hub.


Team Devespresso

EDIT: We made a small oversight with the Cloud Save implementation that seemingly "wiped" costume data. We understand if anyone was shocked to see their dressing cabinets empty. The good news is 1.) that we've figured out a solution for this and your costumes will be restored soon and 2.) Any new costumes you unlock will remain so.
Vambrace: Cold Soul - Headup Games

Greetings fellow adventurers, we welcome you all to the icey and cursed city of Icenaire! Cast under a permanent blight of frost fall, its former residents have returned from the dead as mad Wraiths. Survivors take refuge deep underground where they lead a desperate campaign against this unearthly power.

Woefully outmatched, they are forced into hiding as the King of Shades amasses an army of the undead above them. One fateful day, the mysterious stranger Evelia Lyric appears in the city with an enchanted vambrace. Now, she may be their only hope…

Vambrace: Cold Soul is available now!
Vambrace: Cold Soul - Headup Games

Greetings fellow adventurers! We are getting closer and closer to the release time - there are only a few hours to go till Vambrace: Cold Soul is available today at 6am PDT/3pm CEST! In the meantime you should take a look on our brand new launch trailer of the game:
See you in the cursed city of Icenairer!
Vambrace: Cold Soul - Headup Games

Hey fellow adventurers, we have some good news for: We reached the first Wishlist Goal for Vambrace: Cold Soul! So there is a 40-pages PDF artbook coming with the game's release tomorrow. Here is a short sneak peak of what is awaiting you: