Jun 14, 2018
Ludicrous Speed - robruud
Patch notes for the June 14th Update:
  • Dramatically reduced difficulty of the first run through World 1.
Jun 12, 2018
Ludicrous Speed - robruud
Hey everyone!

Here are the patch notes for the June 12th update.
  • Skate movement direction is no longer influenced by the HMD orientation.
  • Applied a small dead zone to skate steering. This is adjustable in the options.
  • Skate speed now correctly matches slide movement speed.
  • Fixed bug that was causing options to be saved incorrectly.
  • Adjusted the sensitivity of skate steering.
  • Slightly adjusted the initial difficulty.
Jun 8, 2018
Ludicrous Speed - KevODoom
Hi everybody!

Here's a quick overview of what what was updated in the June 6 patch:
  • Fixed an issue where false positives on the jump input could trigger jumps when you were trying to operate the pregame menus.
  • The score indicator now indicates in real-time when you meet or beat your high score.
  • You can now turn music reaction for background scenes on or off in the pregame options if it's causing motion sensitivity.
Please share your experiences with us! We we want to know about things we can improve or need to fix, and we love to hear it if you're having fun. We'll be updating frequently.

Thank you!