Dec 15, 2018
Unending Dusk - dwayne
Content Update!

Add a random story encounter about the true Engineer. You will randomly discover his story and more lore about the universe. The room also provides a decent experience (lore) bonus.

Added an achievement for finishing the Engineer's story.

Added some new destructibles.

Added some new tiles in the High Priest room.

Apex now has its own improved loot table for Nightmare and Hell.

General Fixes

- Fixed Ability Missile Keystone: Holy Fall text
- Players have faster diminishing returns while air juggled by enemies
- Fixed more tech description text
- Fixed a tiling issue with the junkyard blood map
- Fixed an issue where Vampire did not apply healing
- Removed knockup from random vortex spawns
- Added more frames for all character jumps to make it smoother
- Added particles to Engineer in character select
- Fixed an issue where enemies can die as they spawn inside and get stuck
- Laserwire trap now does proper damage in Hell difficulty areas
- Improved Energy Wings art
- Fragile destructibles now break when jumped on
- Removed hit effects from fragile destructibles
- Fixed memory leak with particles and charge effects when changing scenes
- Fixed homing projectiles crashing while changing scenes
- Fixed homing projectiles counting as enemies for clear condition
- Fixed character select screen crash while navigating back

Balance Changes

- Bloodthirst II reduced to 5% health
- Assassin's Flight III is now Avoidance II
- Greater Finess is now Assassinate

- Vampire reduced to 5% health

- Orbit damage reduced to 50
- Holy Nova damage reduced to 50
- Energy Discharge reduced to 80
- Power Explosion reduced to 80

Thanks! Next update will include the final area Purgatory. After that we'll be adding endless mode. We're also working on cosmetics and a friendly combat AI feature.

Additional mini patch: Fixed long sounds from clipping.
Nov 30, 2018
Unending Dusk - dwayne
Content Update! Achievements!

Added 40 basic Achievements. Completing Hell bosses will award you the Nightmare and Normal versions. Most achievements will be granted after you return to the lobby if you already satisfy the requirements.

Very challenging Achievements will come in the future.

Added 45-50 Techs.

Added some new tiles to Downtown, Factory, Junkyard and Highway.

Added some new floating decorations to Highway and Downtown.

Added a new Axeman enemy. This enemy is similar to the Spearman but has a shorter effective attack range.

General Fixes

- Holy Wings now only provides a bonus to Power and Energy
- Fixed Flash Fire Heavy to have the proper gear icon
- Holy spike now has a unique animation and icons
- Fixed a path after leaving the Apex of the Mega Ctiy Secret Store
- Added recommended levels text for Apex and Purgatory
- Tanky enemies now get pushed back from attacks which would knock them up
- Players now get pushed back more when blocking a launching attack
- Added small dust for hovering robotic enemies and players
- Added big dust for dashing ability attacks
- Jump Light Attacks push all enemies back
- Updated Gunslinger pistol sounds
- Add some color to generated corpse dialog stat texts
- Random encounters should not spawn back to back anymore
- Removed dragon sound from dark void mod

Balance Changes

- Reduced Holy, Power and Energy Auras by 5% Power and 5% Energy
- Reduced Holy, Power and Energy Wings by 5% Power and 5% Energy

- Made cancel for heavy attacks earlier for usability (still thinking about how to make this better)

- Reduced damage reduction of Chain Mail II by 5%

- Redistribution now only reduces abilities by 1 second. Also adds 50 damage to Electric Charge

We will probably patch once more before the Holidays (if everything goes well). Thanks for the support!
Nov 11, 2018
Unending Dusk - dwayne
Content Update!

Added alternative Special move for each character.

These specials are activated by holding the special button briefly before releasing. They do full screen damage and provide a 20 second buff. The goal is to provide another choice for fighting single enemies. This alternate special also clears simple projectiles but not traps.

Special Buff for each character:

Assassin - 20% Damage, 20% Defense, 20% Movement Speed

Brawler - 20% Damage, 30% Defense, 20% Movement Speed

Engineer - 20% Damage, 20% Defense, 10% Movement Speed

Gunslinger - 20% Damage, 10% Defense, 20% Movement Speed

Added new tiles to Junkyard, Downtown and Factory

Nightmare and Hell areas now add a color treatment to all areas.

Added a 'Help' section in options that explain unexplained controls.

General Fixes

- Knockbacks now override slower knockback speeds
- Removed hit sounds playing off screen
- Generate Hell Mod now properly unlocks after beating Nightmare Apex
- Removed sound from Grabbing Hands trap
- Fixed some text in Assassin Tech
- Added explosion sound to Brawler Ground Slam ability
- Fixed stun resist procs potentially causing actions to reset
- Fixed special mod spawn trail facing the wrong direction
- Improved the lobby tile art slightly
- Fixed various ui issues with 4:3 and 21:9 resolutions
- Fixed blood effects sometimes appearing in the Lobby
- Added an option to flip controls for Special similar to Abilities
- Fixed an issue that allows you to stealth permanently in the Lobby

Balance Changes

- Zombie health reduced in all difficulties
- Zombie experience increased in all difficulties
- Reduced Warmachine charging chance slightly
- Reduced the chance of corpse lore to spawn
- Reduced amount of enemies in Nightmare Highway
- Reduced amount of enemies in Nightmare Factory
- Removed the first map entry in Junkyard
- Reduced amount of Spearman and Archers spawning in Normal Downtown

Next update will include 45-50 techs, more art and achievements (some of them will apply retroactively)!

Thanks for the continued support.
Oct 25, 2018
Unending Dusk - dwayne
Content Update! Happy Halloween!

Added a new alternative Ability for each character. These abilities use the ability bar the same way as their counterparts. Abilities are activated by holding the Ability button.

Assassin now has a stealth ability. Players cannot jump or special while stealth. Pressing Ability, Light Attack or Heavy attack triggers a unique attack. Stealth only lasts for 2 seconds.

Brawler now has a Ground Slam ability. This is a AOE knockup ability.

Engineer now has an Electric Charge ability. This move is a short dash which gives the Engineer invincible frames. It also hits twice and has a high juggle.

Gunslinger now has a Repel ability. This move sends the Gunslinger backwards and unleashes a knockup burst attack.

General Fixes

- More hit sound priority tweaking
- Fixed an issue with elapsed time for remote clients in pause menu
- Fixed an issue where Abilities were canceled by movement
- Fixed an issue where players were not subject to diminishing returns while being air juggled
- Changed "Reset All" to "Restore Defaults" in Options Menu
- Sister counter glow changed to purple
- Torturer counter glow changed to purple
- Torturer attack glow changed to purple
- Made commando fall animation look less stiff
- Fixed an issue where the player is unable to continue if dying from a trap in a Map only area
- Removed an extra area in Temple
- Fixed a bug where traps weren't doing damage over time
- Made more accurate shadow for dropping Junkyard trap
- Made more accurate shadow for dropping Factory trap
- Added an option to swap Ability commands (called Flip Ability)

Balance Changes

Forging Nightmare cost decreased to 75,000.
Forging Hell cost decreased to 250,000.

- Increased Manager aoe explosion damage (hell)
- Increased Executive health (nightmare/hell)
- Increased High Priest health (nightmare/hell)
- High Priest attack effects speed up when there is one remaining
- Increase Manager health (nightmare/hell)
- Increased Master Swordsman health (nightmare/hell)
- Decreased Master Swordsman health (normal)
- Reduced Demon Totem health (hell)
- Abilities and their alternates now reset combos. Hitting enemies will reset the diminishing returns.

More tech balancing.

- Increased Ability recharge by 1 second
- Assassin's Flight run speed reduced
- Assassin's Flight II walk speed reduced
- Kill them faster reduced to 20%
- Dual Penetration reduced to 15% each
- Backstabber reduced to 15%
- Bladethirst reduced to 5%. Health reduction is removed

- Removed 1 recovery frame from Brawler Heavy attack 1
- Crushing Blows reduced to 10%
- Aggression unblockable damage reduced to 5%
- Someone your own size reduced to 20%
- Crushing Blows II (Ultimate Penetration renamed) reduced to 15%
- Crushing Blows III (Ultimate Penetration II renamed) reduced to 20%

- Plasma Break (Advanced Plasma renamed) reduced to 10%
- Plasma Break II (Plasma Break renamed) reduced to 15%
- Plasma Break III (Plasma Break II renamed) reduced to 20%
- Redistribution reduced to 33%. Health reduction was removed

- Increased Ability recharge by 1 second
- Dual Penetration reduced to 15% each

Mod balancing.

Reducing power of Nightmare Mods and Smoothing out progression.

Giving some items more of an identity.
Orbs now give 5% health.
Auras provide 10% health.
Wings only provide power or energy.

- Holy Cross damage reduced to 30 (Upgraded 45)
- Shockwave damage reduced to 30 (Upgraded 45)
- Fireball damage reduced to 30 (Upgraded 45)
- Holy Fire damage reduced to 70 (Upgraded 105)
- Pulsing Cross damage reduced to 30 (Upgraded 45)
- Holy Flash reduced to 60 (Upgraded 90)
- Meteor Fall reduced to 90 (Upgraded 135)
- Forked Lightning reduced to 90 (Upgraded 135)
- Holy Spirit damage increased to 250 (Upgraded 375)
- Power Orb now increases 15% Power, 5% Health (Upgrade 20% Power, 5% health)
- Energy Orb now increases 15% Energy, 5% Health (Upgrade 20% Energy, 5% health)
- Upgraded Holy Orb health decreased to 5% (Upgraded 5%)
- Holy Wings Power and Energy increased to 15%, health removed (Upgrade 20%,20%)
- Power Aura increases health by 5% (Upgraded 5%)
- Energy Aura increases health by 5% (Upgraded 5%)
- Upgraded Holy Aura health decreased to 10%
- Energy Orbit Light damage reduced to 70 (Upgraded 105)
- Energy Orbit Heavy damage reduced to 70 (Upgraded 105)
- Power Orbit Light damage reduced to 70 (Upgraded 105)
- Power Orbit Heavy damage reduced to 70 (Upgraded 105)
- Holy Fall damage reduced to 120 (Upgraded 180)
- Holy Spike damage reduced to 120 (Upgraded 180)
- Holy Nova damage reduced to 70 (Upgraded 105)

Should be good on reductions for awhile until level 45-50 techs.
Oct 18, 2018
Unending Dusk - dwayne
General Fixes

- Fixed crash when player is the max level (50).

Thanks! New character abilities coming soon!
Oct 16, 2018
Unending Dusk - dwayne
General Fixes

- Changed positioning of Fire Bolt and Dark Bolt Shadow
- Fixed a bug with Added Laser 2

Oct 15, 2018
Unending Dusk - dwayne
General/Balance Fixes

Fixing mistakes/bugs and more.

- Added randomness so waves in Nightmare/Hell don't always spawn in pairs
- Fixed descriptions for dark mods
- Six Sister now has the correct split health
- High Priest now has the correct split health
- Fixed a bug with joining after failing to join
- Tweaked sound priorities again
- Added a 1 second delay to falling traps
- Increased projectiles dropping during Captain air attack (Nightmare/Hell)
- Removed launch property from Fireball and decreased the damage
- Reduced damage of Dark Bolt
- Reduced damage of Dark Grasp
- Demon Totems now have the correct health in Hell Mode
- Succubus now attempts to walk if the player is close enough

Oct 13, 2018
Unending Dusk - dwayne
General Fixes

Quick patch to fix sound issues and Hell Mode rewards.

- Removed advanced basic mods from Hell Boss Loot Tables
- Adjusted sound priorities to be more accurate
- Hell Mode Apex of the Mega City now spawns more Apex enemies
- Fixed an issue where Succubus were not teleporting before attacking

Oct 12, 2018
Unending Dusk - dwayne
General Fixes

- Fixed an issue where Dark Mods were cost at 1 for testing purposes
- Added missing waves to Apex of the Mega City

Oct 11, 2018
Unending Dusk - dwayne
Content Update!

Apex of the Mega City is now available in Nightmare and Hell Modes.
Six Sisters Boss
Orbital Trap
Warlock Minion
Mage Minion
Succubus Minion
Torturer Minion

- Darkness element type: Stuns enemies and players for longer periods
- Hell Mode is now unlocked for all available maps (if player has access)
- Added remaining 14 Hell Tier Mods
- Added Level 30-40 Techs

Corpse Lore Feature: Dead enemies sometimes provide some story or details about their resistances. This provides a Lore Bonus at the end of a mission.

General Fixes

- Added the option to turn off damage numbers in Gameplay options
- Increased most Holy Mods purchase and upgrade prices as they become really powerful in Hell Mode
- Loot now drops in a smaller radius around dead enemies
- Added some text on death to explain how users can return to hideout
- Fixed stacking of food items when there are multiple Engineers
- Fixed an issue with mission timeouts when entering the next area
- Fixed a crash that occurs when the host terminates the session
- Fixed ambient rain sounds from playing when quitting to main menu

Balance Changes

- Rebalanced walk speeds as Engineer/Brawler felt a bit too slow at level 1
- Jump Heavy attacks have all been buffed approximately 10%
- Block mod effects reduced to 20 seconds

Rebalanced some earlier enemies as there's more content now.
- Reduced damage of Highway enemies (Normal)
- Reduced health of Warmachine (Normal)
- Reduced food drops from some Nightmare Mode enemies
- Manager special chance and explode chance reduced to 25%

Many techs have been changed to allow better scaling for higher level techs.

- One with Energy reduced to 50%
- Assassin's Zenith damage increase reduced to 20%

- Mod effects should spawn earlier in the dash animation
- Jump heavy attack hitbox occurs earlier
- Feel the Power reduced to 50%
- Chain Mail penalties reduced by half
- Commando special charge reduced to 50%
- Avoidance projectile damage reduction reduced to 10%

- Ultimate Penetration now bypasses 20% of Physical Resistance
- Berserker increases damage dealt by 30% and taken by 10%
- Focused Might increases special damage by 350
- Improved processing reduced to 5%
- Extra Health reduced to 10%
- One on One reduced to 10%
- Aggression unblockable damage reduction reduced to 10%

- Buffed light attack finisher slightly
- Projectile surge special charge reduced to 50%
- Electrical Mastery now deals 35 damage and reduces 10% damage
- Plasma Break now bypasses 20% Plasma Resistance

Next we'll be looking at added more moves/functionality for existing characters and polishing the game more.


Issues: Apex of the Mega City is missing some enemy waves but should be fine to play until we patch it.