Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic - 3division

First fixes published, more info bellow: - 15.3.2019 20:00 CET
-Default language to auto-detection instead english
-Improved auto detection of language - 16.3.2019 23:00 CET
-Added Support of 4:3 resolutions to Config App
-Removed auto-purchase resources for factories/power plant (seems this not good solution), but this functionality was preserved on shops, pubs and gas stations
-Fixed crash when deleting road
-Fixed another crash when deleting road
-Fixed crash when building a railways with construction train sets
-Various crash during loading fixes, but I'm sure not all, but many...
-If you got problems with electricity, bad/long number at voltage, hold for a moment same time key E+L+C to reset it.. just for hotfix.. I will investigate issue more, any info what need to be exactly done to reproduce are welcome!

I will continue to check all issues, sorry about problems. If something going wrong with this update.. let us know!


Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic - 3division

Finally the day and the hour we were all waiting for is here; the Soviet Republic game releases as an Early Access title on STEAM!

Thank you all for your support, thanks too for the guys who helped me put Soviet Republic together and bring it to you - the players. Thank you to all the influencers who played the game and helped promote it. I just hope you will like the game.

Remember! This is just the start of the journey. We plan to continue developing and will implement many more features in Soviet Republic (with the next content update - due in a few weeks - you should expect personal cars, a car plant factory, and more!) And also improve or fix existing features!

Let us know in the STEAM forums if you experience any issues, or (please!) leave us your feedback and opinions. Let us know everything even the negative, and even if we can't answer everything, we will be reading! Sorry in advance if you experience any issues, we will do our best to fix them ASAP!

Have a nice weekend while playing the game! :P

Peter Adamcik
Mar 11
Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic - 3division
Soviet Republic will hit the STEAM store this Friday - 15th March 2019. Meanwhile you can warm up and check the video we prepared.

If you like the game, add to wishlist and support us at day one of the Early Access release :)

Dec 18, 2018
Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic - 3division
Hello comrades,

After several weeks of hard work, I'm releasing the latest development video! Since the last update I've been hard at work, mostly on not-so-interesting but important stuff like tutorials, quick hints, settings, and various GUI elements, as well as several optimizations - aimed at making Workers & Resources more user friendly. Which is why I don't have any new "eye-scorching" stuff to show-off, though I have decided to finally show you some gameplay!

Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic includes many features and options. At present, WR:SR includes many more features than shown in this video (like building railways, conveyors, pipelines, managing power and constructing all the buildings and infrastructure from your own resources). I'll showcase these features in future gameplay videos, or you can try them yourself when the game is released into Early Access in a couple of months!

I hope the video shows you the spirit of the game and that proves it will be an intriguing entry into the Tycoon genre!



Peter Adamcik
Oct 10, 2018
Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic - 3division
Hello comrades,

A new development diary has been published! In the past few weeks of development, our focus was on improving the graphics of our game and implementing a new day/night cycle feature. As you can see, it looks a lot better than last time! Power stations and transformers have been added, along with the ability to track how your city consumes electricity.

Official website

I hope you enjoy the video! If you have any questions or concerns please let us know in the Steam forum or in the comments section below.

If you would like to know more about our game’s development, be sure to follow us on Facebook or VKontakte!

Thank you!

Peter Adamcik
Aug 29, 2018
Workers & Resources: Soviet Republic - 3division
Hello comrades!

Finally, there are some news from development of the game. First I must say sorry, I really expected, that I will able bring any video much earlier than now, but the game is huge and I was just busy with development. I will try to get better next time. Maybe some of you will ask why it's fourth development diary, not first? Because another three diaries was released before announcement of the game, just check our YouTube channel in case you missed those videos :-)

In the video you can see some of the "worth to mention" features which we have added into the game in last 3 months, so we are another small step closer to Early Access release. Aside of those features many time was spend also on fixing various issues or improving the game controls or mechanics.

If you would like to receive more frequent info from development of the game, aside of following the game on Steam, follow also the Facebook or Vkontakte page where we posting the news more frequent.

That's all for now. Thank you all for your attention and your feedback to the game :-)

Peter Adamcik