Azure Sky Project - Burgee
Update Time!

New Content:

Freelance Mission Type: Vandalism Spree
-Your job is to do as much damage to the neighborhood as possible, you'll make a percentage of the property damage value you do as payment - get to work!

Freelance Mission Type: Courier Run
-Get to the other side of the area of operations as quickly as possible! Engage any enemies you need to, but your main objective is to arrive safely at the far extraction point.

-3 New Campaign Missions! You can now play up to mission 18.

Other Stuff:

-Enemies can now use laser guns at higher difficulties / later missions. They're deadly!

-Experimental armor was a little too good - toned it down a bit.

-Tweaked commissions; agents now cost more to use as they level up, but start with overall lower commission rates.

NEW CONTENT MAY BRING NEW BUGS! Please report any crashes or issues here and we'll fix them within the day in most cases.
Azure Sky Project - Burgee
The patch coming on friday comes with NEW CONTENT HORRAY!

Look for two new types of freelance work, and 3 new campaign missions to play with!

Official notes coming tomorrow with the update.
Azure Sky Project - Burgee
Dear Players -

We need your feedback! If you're enjoying ASP - please consider leaving a review!

Hating ASP? Let us know that too! Through a review if you'd prefer, or in the discussion forums where we can respond to your concerns and hopefully address them.

We're taking early access seriously, and we want to use this time to polish the game to a state where tons of people find it enjoyable and rewarding to play.


The next patch is going to be a bit further out than they have been. Since the game is in a relatively bug-free state in its current form we're taking this opportunity to add some content.

Look for new missions after the next update!
Azure Sky Project - Burgee
- Fixed camera spawn issue, it should align a bit more conveniently at the start of missions now.

- Added EMP Burst Pack (Gadget Slot) - this item takes out all mechanical resistance in view when used.

- Added ability to zoom in and out with mouse wheel

- Added rare spawn, secret / super agents. Their in-game art is placeholder for now, but you'll know it when you see it.

- "Century Club" Achievement now works.

Let me know if you find bugs!
Azure Sky Project - Burgee
- Fixed a crash when using Air Evac Marker in-doors. We decided it would be better if evac just didn't show up when used inside instead of kicking you to the desktop.

- Added a new item: Incendiary Grenade - a grenade that explodes into a burst of fireballs, while it won't take out walls or machinery (turrets, etc) it will clear out a whole room in a hurry.

- Tweaked how items are displayed on the loadout screen

- Some minor optimization stuff that realistically will probably be noticed by nobody.

Report any bugs or crashes please!
Sep 28, 2017
Azure Sky Project - Burgee
The day is here, we're ready to share Azure Sky Project with you, and we can't wait to hear what you think!

Please, enjoy the game, let us know if you have any concerns or suggestions.

This is our only project, this is our focus, and we'll be as reactive as we possibly can to address issues as they arise.

Have a great evening everyone!

Brian "Burgee"
Burgee Games

Azure Sky Project - Burgee
This patch has come in the form of many small updates throughout the week, but we're closing in on a build that we're comfortable with for launching on the 28th!

The main feature of this update is the re-work of the Grappling Hook.

Before, it simply dragged the player straight to it's anchor point, but we've added some physics to it now, so clever players can swing between buildings with it if they choose.

As a result of the changes, the hook can also launch a player higher into the air after releasing if he carries enough momentum at the time.

It will also still function almost exactly as before if the player does not make any directional inputs during the 'reeling in' phase.

Aside from the hook, we've:

  • Tweaked mission 15 to be a bit more fun
  • Updated some UI issues
  • Added some tutorial tooltips to mission 1 for those of you who skipped Basic Training
  • Updated and added new E-mails to appear throughout the entire game now, instead of just the first few missions.
  • Fixed some Typos

Known bugs that we're still chasing after

  • Enemies sometimes walk through walls
  • Enemies somemtimes get stuck in walls when dying
  • Rarely, a boulder will float in the air in the forest area
  • Other tiny stuff that you hopefully won't notice

To those of you who've played it so far - thank you!

To those of you joining us on 9/28 - we're excited to have you!