Rytmik Studio - Eb42
At this moment we are working on DLC Rytmik Live. Rytmik Live will be released on 7th of August and with this release we will also release new version of Rytmik Studio. Also we are working on video preview of Rytmik Live. Stay tuned!

Rytmik Studio - Eb42
Version 0.72.2.b80524 – Steel drum & Bagpipes
  • NEW: audio buffer size can be set up to 32768 (simmilar to previous Large buffer setting). Use higher buffer sizes to avoid audio dropouts on machines with slower CPU.
  • NEW: Added Samples of Steel drum to WORLD/MALLET bank. Added two Steel drum presets.
  • NEW: Added Samples of Bagpipes to WORLD/BOWWIND bank. Added two Bagpipes presets.
  • FIXED: Several bug fixes.
Rytmik Studio - Eb42
Version 0.71.1.b80510 – Live recording
  • NEW: Sound engine is reworked to achieve much lower latency. Buffer size 4096 is equivalent to previous LOW buffer setting. Buffer sizes 1024 and lower should be usable for live recording.
  • NEW: Live recording in Clip editor. With lower audio buffers it is possible to live record notes from MIDI or PC keyboard.
  • NEW: Metronome. It is possible to use metronome in Clip editor for live recording.
  • NEW: Over 100 new instrument presets.
  • FIXED: Several bug fixes.
Rytmik Studio - Eb42
Version 0.62.1.b80406 – Browser and Rytmik Cloud!
  • NEW: RYTMIK CLOUD integration! - For now, songs can be uploaded only without user samples. Has to be tested...
  • NEW: access to RYTMIK ULTIMATE songs (both local and cloud)
  • NEW: CLIP SONG mode working for longer clips
  • NEW: Esc key closes menus
  • NEW: Russian and Ukrainian localization
  • NEW: Built-in 10 Rytmik Studio Demosongs
  • NEW: Built-in 50 Rytmik Ultimate Demosongs
  • FIX: Bugfixes
Rytmik Studio - Eb42
  • FIXED: NOISE FX as modulation target did not work properly
  • FIXED: instruments with WIDE mode set had bug in note sequencer handling
  • FIXED: crash on startup when ini file was corrupted
  • FIXED: word wrapping in tooltips is not working
Rytmik Studio - Eb42
  • FIXED: in Song editor INSERT EMPTY inserts empty clips now
  • FIXED: robot voice instrument number was not saved corectly
  • FIXED: in Clip editor keyboard and midi note write is disabled during play
  • FIXED: in Clip editor right mouse button on VOLUME/PARAMETER area deletes note
  • FIXED: in Clip editor first mouse click on VOLUME/PARAMETER area does not change the value
  • NEW: Song Memories
  • NEW: Language selection in OPTIONS - for now only English and Czech

More details about future plans for localizations you can find here:
Rytmik Studio - Eb42
  • FIXED - Automatization synchronization was not correct.
  • FIXED - Crash when changing presets during play.
Rytmik Studio - Eb42
  • NEW - Wave editor
  • NEW - Wave recording from microphone input - in wave editor switch CREATE MODE to RECORD SAMPLE
  • NEW - User sample Save to wav
  • NEW - New song in ROM – Ancient Temple
  • NEW - Pulse width setting for square and saw in simple wave generator
  • NEW - In Song editor Clip selection COPY (ctrl+c), PASTE (ctrl+v), INSERT (shift+v), DELETE (shift+x) and CLEAR (ctrl+x).
  • FIXED - Decimals for BPM were not saved
  • FIXED - Several minor bug fixes


Rytmik Studio - Eb42
Hello Apple Fans! We are happy to announce that the MAC Version is live now!

Rytmik Studio - Eb42
  • NEW: Over 100 new presets
  • NEW: User sample wave draw tool and simple wave synth
  • NEW: in clipedit LMB+CTRL on Param B,C,D resets this parameter
  • NEW: New song in ROM – The Kingdom
  • NEW: Clip BPM can be set by entering the value (also with decimals)
  • FIXED: zoom restricted to 48pixels for one sample
  • FIXED: preset save was not working with preset filter on
  • FIXED: reduced some clicks and pops when connecting notes on one channel
  • FIXED: reduced some artifacts when changing Delay fx parameter