Pool Panic - Raidhyn
The Pool Panic populace was recently complaining about being restricted to the game world, so we made cards! We feel these do an excellent job of bringing out their innate qualities.

We hope you enjoy! We'll be revealing a few more cards next week, so stay tuned!

Oh...this is probably about the time to talk about Comic-Con and launch day....hrmm...

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Pool Panic - Raidhyn

We are happy to announce that Pool Panic will be releasing this Summer on July 19th!

We will be releasing simultaneously on PC and the Nintendo Switch. We can't wait to see how much fun everyone has exploring the world we've built and playing with our beloved balls.

I would write a bunch of things here about how excited you should be, but I'll just let the trailer speak for itself.

Watch it on YouTube! Watch it now! Or, on our Steam page - it's there now too!


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Pool Panic - Raidhyn
Hello fellow pool ethusiasts!

In case you missed the news, we recently released a new trailer highlighting many of the various locales in which we intend you to play pool when Pool Panic reaches your glorious PCs. It's a pretty great trailer. I've watched it at least 100 times.

We hope you enjoy, and look forward to providing you with more updates, info, news, boring technical details about pool physics, examples of pool ball skeleton rigging, jokes only the British will understand, apologies about keeping release dates secret, and saying SoonTM a lot as we barrel down the road towards finishing Pool Panic.

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Pool Panic

The latest from little indie outfit Rekim and to be published by anarchic cartoon channel-turned-games-publisher Adult Swim, Pool Panic is a game about living a life in the day of a jittering, gurning, animated cue-ball. Your mission: Explore a world of mystery, adventure and holes in the ground that you need to knock your fellow spherical kin into. Within, an announcement trailer that really wants to make sure you remember the title.