Worldy Cup - tommosaur
Before it goes to the main channel as usual update for all, i'm testing the next update in the beta channel.
Read on if you want to try upcoming updates earlier before they are pushed live for all.

What's in the latest beta preview:
Right now, I'm testing changed camera settings for VR in the beta channel to get things comfortable for as many people as possible.
This includes:
-In the higher distance camera settings the camera is not angled anymore
-In the row where one can choose what the camera follows/tracks, next to my player and ball, one can now choose "no one" so one can play it without automatic camera movement in VR
-when one chose the cam should follow the player or the ball, the camera follows the target slower now to reduce motion judder feeling

If you play the game in VR and try the beta it would be great if you share your views on the changes here.

How to access the beta:
In your steam library, right click on Worldy Cup and click on Properties.
Go to the tab called BETAS
Change the drop down to Beta.

When you restart the game, it should do an automatic update. If it doesn't, restart the steam client. Then the name in the library should be changed to Worldy Cup [beta]

Thanks =)
Worldy Cup - tommosaur
These are the main changes in the update:
-Reduced FOV Vignette/Increased view area size
-Made default cam focus setting in VR be the player instead of ball.
-Goalie AI: Improved Goalie choosing who to pass out to.
-added 16 additional teams:
-Czech Republic
-Northern Ireland
-Republic of Ireland

If you have automatic updates enabled the update should install by itself (or at least once you restart the Steam Client)

I have a few bigger additions in the works but i didn't want people to have to wait for these improvements while i work on the other things, so here you are, fast update roll out.
I hope you like it =)