Last Man Standing - Artemis

Not only do we have a bunch of fixes for you but we also are bringing you the much anticipated Squad Leaderboards and Spectator Camera!!!

  • We have added Asia/Pacific and Russian regions servers.  We expect players from these regions to see significantly smoother play on these servers! They are not region locked and you can still play with your friends on other regions though we don't expect performance to be as good for you!
  • We've also added ping information for regions so you can select your ideal server!

  • Squad Play is no longer in Beta!  Your matches are recorded on the Squad Leaderboards now!  
  • Spectator mode has been added for Squad Games so you can cheer on your teammates or help keep them calm while playing!
  • Squad Queue VOIP is now Team Only and you can always hear your squad regardless of range. Other squad players cannot hear your team on VOIP.
  • Squad Queue spawns have been updated to properly distribute teams in areas with enough loot for Squad Play 
  • All team members in Duo and Squad games will receive experience as long as they do not leave the match early!

  • Applying Weapon Skins within the Armory will now 'save' that skin for that particular gun and automatically apply it when you pick it up in game!
  • We've updated the Weapon Stats display screen in the Armory to help you get a better understanding of our weapons!

  • VOIP range during the warmup phase has been reduced to 20 meters in solo queue to cut down on mic spam 
  • You can now split stacks of consumable items! Simply drag and drop then press the okay button or spacebar to split the stack and drop it!
  • You can now drag and drop any items from the inventory screen onto the ground instead of just on the 'drop' location
  • A new barrier countdown UI display has been added to the top right corner beneath the mini-map
  • You can now swap weapons in the inventory screen by dragging and dropping them on their respective slots
  • The Proving Grounds backpack weight limit bug has been fixed!
  • The main menu friends list has been moved to be part of the Squad Play menu
  • Player Badge now properly updates every 20 levels! You will prestige at level 100 back to level 1.  Note your badge will continue to update.

  • Additional tree lines have been added to areas that felt a little too wide open and tough to cross
  • Some rocks have been removed in areas that climbing hills were too tough
  • Barrier audio has been slightly reduced
  • A bug causing the barrier to play two different sounds at the same time when it was moving as been fixed
  • Campsite spawns have been improved with additional gear and weapons
  • A few bugged item spawns on the roofs of cars have been fixed
  • We've introduced new audio for the AK12!   Love it, hate it?  Want all the guns to get brand new audio?!  Let us know on the forums! 
  • Spectator camera can be a bit choppy sometimes and we are working on smoothing it out
  • Rocks and a few other objects are having particularly grabby collision sometimes when players run by and this is a known issue we are trying to resolve as quickly as possible as we know it sucks to die when stuck!  
  • Disconnected from server when trying to load into a game
  • Disconnecting or crashing while playing
  • FPS spikes / Optimization

For information about the experience curve updates:
Apr 18, 2017
Last Man Standing - Artemis
Hey everyone!

It's been an exciting weekend with the release of squad queues and with it came a lot of feedback about bugs and optimization! Rest assured, optimization and bug fixes are our #1 priority right now!

  • Two new server regions! We're adding server support in both Russia and Asia! These regions will not be location restricted and users from these regions can play on any server but we expect better performance on servers most local to the user!

  • Spectator mode for Squad Play, Squad Leaderboards and updated player spawns for Duos and Squad matches are coming very soon! Cheer on your teammate after you've perished, or help keep them cool in a time of crisis with spectator mode!

  • Automatic video card detection for ALL Notebook and Laptop users to ensure that players get the best frame rate possible on their Nvidia and AMD Video Cards

  • We are redesigning and expanding the map to accommodate more lootable places as well as changes to the topography to improve the flow of the map. We expect it to not only be more enjoyable to play but also much more consistent regardless of where you spawn.
Thanks for playing and don't forget to invite your friends for some Squad Game carnage!

Sign up on our official forums to get involved in the community and voice your feedback!

See you in game!
Last Man Standing - Artemis
Hey everyone!

Today's patch introduces Duo and Four player Squad Queues!  Team up with your friends and fight other player groups to be the Last Team Standing!  This is the testing phase of Squad Queues and thus Leaderboard information will NOT be tracked during Duo or Squad matches!  

  • Squad and Duo Queues are now being tested!  Grab a friend or three and jump into the carnage!
  • A new inventory screen is being tested!  The old hotkey system still works too for those of you that prefer it.
  • Optimizations and crash fixes for numerous issues
  • Map updates to terrain in some areas
  • VOIP audible distance has been greatly reduced
  • The barrier has received some consistency improvements

See you in game!  Share Last Man Standing with your friends!  
Last Man Standing - Artemis
Happy Friday everyone!

We wanted to give you a quick preview of what to expect from Squad Queues in our next highly anticipated update for Last Man Standing! Squad Queues are all about playing Last Man Standing together as a team and inviting your friends to play with you! Queue together as a duo, trio or up to four players against other groups of players looking to be the Last Team Standing!

We're in the process of testing this new functionality and we expect to have it implemented into the game very soon!

Below are the first UI mockups we are using for our internal testing!

See you in game!

Last Man Standing - Artemis
Today's patch notes focus on the following changes

1. We have done some weapon adjustments that we feel will make combat feel a lot better for both veteran and novice players
2. The scoring system has been tweaked to emphasize wins, over camping.
3. We have made a few map changes by removing rocks or steep hills and replacing some open fields with more options for cover during the mid and late game.
4. Ongoing optimizations so that you can have a smoother gameplay experience.

  • A crash related to a jumping animation bug has been fixed
  • Framerate & Memory optimizations
  • Many canyon paths have been made more navigable and shrunk
  • Smoothed some hills that were too steep to climb up previously
  • There was a bug causing 10 headshots to trigger the 2500 score bonus which was meant for '10 headshot kills'
  • Gentleman Bowtie cosmetic now works
  • We did some weapon tweaks that keeps the same skill ceiling for pro players but allows more casual players to still feel lethal at longer distances
  • The scoring system has been tweaked to move the focus towards winning the game and rewarding kills more than just staying alive and camping

Thanks for playing Last Man Standing! Tell your friends!
Last Man Standing - Artemis
Hey everyone! We're glad you're all enjoying Last Man Standing!

If you've been playing a lot since release you may have noticed we have a few bugs and issues, but fear not, here's our current plans and what we're working on!

  • Duo & Quad team functionality so that you can queue up and play with your friends as a team!
  • A better tutorial to help newer players learn the game. We are aware that our UI and User Experience is different than other Battle Royale games and thus takes some getting used to. We have tried our best to create a high skill ceiling while still being friendly to new players.
  • Map modifications and improvements via your feedback in the pinned community threads on the forums
  • Weapon balance, tweaks and improvements based on player feedback and data we've collected from players each day
  • Improved gun sounds for an even better feeling
  • We'd love to hear your thoughts on inventory management and what you would change right now if you could!

Thanks for playing Last Man Standing! Tell your friends!
Last Man Standing - Artemis
Hey everyone,

We have deployed a patch that addresses the following issues:


  • End of game screen having a large delay before placing you back at the main menu has been fixed
  • The game countdown will automatically begin once 25+ players is reached
  • There was a bug with the launcher that would not allow players to click 'play game' that has been fixed
Last Man Standing - Artemis
Newly Launched Last Man Standing From Free Reign Entertainment
Allows Players to Win Real Cash Prizes

Join the ultimate shooter game experience and earn cash prizes as adrenaline fueled, non-stop action as Last Man Standing launches today as a free to play title after four months of Early Access. Developed with feedback from professional video game players and streamers, Last Man Standing offers gamers at least $10,000 in monthly cash payments, which are based on an individual’s top 10 performances each month. Along with monthly rewards, Last Man Standing also features seasonal tournaments for even more prizes.

Last Man Standing is an adrenaline fueled non-stop shoot out where players must outwit, outgun and outplay opponents to ultimately be crowned the Last Man Standing in a massive dynamic warzone. Players are thrown into the battlefield with up to 100 other players, fighting each other and searching the environment for weaponry and attachments to enhance their tactical style and get the edge in competition modes. Earn rewards, compete for prizes and fight for glory or death - this is Ultimate BATTLE ROYALE!

Perform well in competition modes and players can earn monthly cash prizes that are based on their 10 best game scores over the course of a month. At the beginning of each month players are ranked in leaderboards based on their scores and put into “Leagues” and within those leagues into “divisions.” Each time a player advances to the next division or league they earn additional score points, giving them a boost as well as additional experience points. At the end of the month, the top players of the “Elite” League earn cash payments and the leaderboards, leagues and division all reset. In addition to competition mode, players can earn a grand cash prize by participating in Last Man Standing’s seasonal Invitational Elimination Style tournaments.

"Last Man Standing is the ultimate eSports player’s game,” said Adam Skidmore, Senior Game Designer at Free Reign Entertainment. "Not only does it contain fast-paced action, but by rating players on their best performances each month, players can win cash prizes when they are able to play. No more losing out on money just because you had one bad match.”

To ensure fair competition, Last Man Standing features a state-of-the-art anticheat system and a system that records all details about players’ matches that affect their score. At the end of each month Free Reign also manually audits all top players in order to detect any abnormalities or use of cheating programs.

Last Man Standing is completely free and the only purchasable items are Vanity crates that contain cosmetic items. These items do not affect stats and the character will not gain any advantages or boosts.