Jul 4, 2011
Product Update - Valve
  • Added ‘Escape’ to Keyboard config & Gamepad config screens
  • Added more debug info for %appdata% issue
  • Fixed hit box size on gold ship
  • Fixed multiplier cap for online head to head play
Jun 27, 2011
Product Update - Valve
  • Fixed in game chat for online play
  • Increased the power of the Ultra beam
  • Added Ping warning if ping > 250ms
  • Stalkers & Repulsars cannot push/pull you when invincible
  • Added more online debug information
  • Fixed FLAC bug
Jun 16, 2011
Community Announcements - Starg
Woo- Ultra is out! http://store.steampowered.com/app/49604/

Hope you like it!
Product Release - Valve
Beat Hazard Ultra the latest expansion for Beat Hazard is now available on Steam and is 10% off until June 23rd 10AM PST.

More games mode, enemies and bosses. Play online Head to Head or Co-op. Unlock and upgrade perks and customize your set-up to suit your play style.

Community Announcements - Starg
Hi all,
Just to let you know that Ultra will be released tomorrow!
Wow - a game that comes out ahead of time. Cool eh?
Jun 13, 2011
Product Update - Valve
  • Added keyboard configuration to options screen
  • Fixed Volume bug
  • Fixed Vsync options (should also fix mouse lag)
  • Added ‘NewSaveGame’ command to pref file
  • Added ‘PhotonCol’ command to pref file
Jun 8, 2011
Product Update - Valve
  • Lots and lots of gameplay tweaks and improvements
  • Due to major gameplay changes your score and rank will be adjusted first time you run
  • Much improved gameplay for slower/quieter songs
  • Twitter support. The game will now tweet your high scores and achievements
  • New perk system
  • 1.5 hours of awesome new indie music
  • Improved visuals & sound FX
  • Visual feedback & difficulty settings are now independent
  • More track leader boards
  • wavpack support
  • New play track options: Random, now playing, list, not played yet
  • Auto track indexing system
Community Announcements - Starg
To make up for forcing you to listen to Miss Black, here's a gameplay video to a track with a bit more bite!
Insane level with 200% visual feedback, no deaths (just). Get in!
This is one of the music tracks built in the game. Enjoy!

May 28, 2011
Community Announcements - Starg
Sorry about that - I'll do another tomorrow.
May 25, 2011
Community Announcements - Starg
WARNING: Contains disturbing content...