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Best of British Indie Bundle

As part of Steam's regularly awesome Midweek Madness sales, the Best of British Indie Bundle packages seven indie games crafted by the skilled folks across the pond. Lasting until 4pm PDT Thursday, the $10 deal provides a sampler of excellent strategy and action timesinks, including Introversion Software's DEFCON, Alex May and Rudolf Kremers' Eufloria, Mode 7's Frozen Synapse, Positech Games' Gratuitous Space Battles, Puppy Games' Revenge of the Titans, and a double-whammy finisher of Size Five Games' Time Gentlemen, Please! and Ben There, Dan That! The value-candy gets even sweeter as most of the included games (with the exception of Gratuitous Space Battles and Size Five's goods) carry Steam Achievements for your hunting pleasure in addition to saving nearly $70 in your still-recovering-from-Summer-Sale wallet.
Announcement - Valve
Some of the best-rated indie developers from Great Britain have come together to create the Best of British Indie Bundle during this week's Midweek Madness*!

This Bundle includes:*Offer ends Thursday at 4PM Pacific Time

Product Update - Valve
version 1.015
1) Updated the sound library
2) Fixed a bug in division management
3) Rebalanced 2 scenarios
Product Update - Valve
version 1.014
1) Added hint to make divisions if you have lots of units and have not created any yet.
2) Changed the way unit icons are created so they make more sense for long-barrelled guns.
3) Added new option to allow the game to auto-manage and update divisions for each type of unit.
4) Fixed bug where if you didn't restart the game, you kept unlocking the same unit.
5) Added support for colorblind mode.
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Product Update - Valve
version 1.013
1) Dog Tags and Supply Drops now come with explanatory tooltips.
2) Deployment icons now have extra tooltip data to explain supply trucks and current stock levels.
3) Removed redundant and confusing restock-timers for supply truck icons.
4) Battle minimap now has a popup key that displays like a tooltip to explain the colors.
5) Fixed bug where the procurement achievement would trigger under the wrong circumstances
6) Dialog for loading existing designs on the design screen now also displays mini design icons and the hull name for each item.
7) Unlock system changed so that the important unlocks occur early on in the process.
8) Fixed bug where the overseas medal did not trigger as soon as it should have.
9) Armor color changed to be more orange and less red, to avoid confusion with damage.
10) Fixed bug where game hangs loading on an attacking custom map if the defending ai has too many resources relative to placement opportunities.
11) Fixed bug where editing existing player units can leave the old image being used on the deployment bar.
12) Fixed bug with tank exhausts that meant they would linger too long if you were not looking at them.
13) New feature: You can now drop replacement infantry into half-empty trenches to fill the slots, even mixing infantry types.
14) You can now disable the supplies exhausted siren under the options screen.
15) Fixed bug where you could try to post a challenge despite not setting up a user profile yet.
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Cliffski’s game of tank (and mech!) battles now has a demo, as per his strict policy of producing a demo for every game he puts out. You can pick it up from the game’s own site, or from the GTB page on Steam. The demo contains a sample of the game’s two-way tower defence action, where you can choose to build the defences, or to drop waves of soldiers and armour into the trenches of an alternate World War I. It’s worth playing the demo, because this one’s not for everyone, as Tim’s verdict concluded.

Trailer below! (more…)

Product Update - Valve
- Fixed failure to recognise modded emplacement entries.
- Support for modded hulls with a larger number of modules/augs.
- Double-clicking a module or augmentation on the design screen will now try to automatically place it on any free slots on the current design
- Fixed bug where demolishing a unit by right clicking during deployment rendered that square unusable for the rest of the battle.
- Some performance improvements for slower PCs.
- Support for modded campaigns.
- Fixed bug where pausing the game during deployment left the pause button out of synch.
- Swapped locations of the puase and screenshot buttons.
- Minimap now highlights attackers deployment points in red with a small arrow icon.
- New, clearer icons for ballistic infantry modules (thanks qwepir).
- If the previously selected division contains no placeable units for the current battle, the first viable division is now selected.
Product Update - Valve
- Fixed some issues with corrupt uploading of challenges and removed ability to decide whether or not map is uploaded with a challenge (now handled automatically).
- Balance: Small turret hulls cost reduced by 25%, Large turret hulls cost increased by 25%.
- Balance: Damage from flamethrowers has been substantially boosted to 30(small) and 40(large).
- Balance: Turbo launch missile system damage has been slightly reduced.
- Balance: Scenario 12 (Tuchola Forest) has been made slightly harder as attacker and much harder as defender.
- Fixed bug where the accuracy stats on the unit design screen did not correctly show the effects of augmentations or targeting modules.
- Support added for enabling and disabling installed mods.
- Fixed bug where airstrikes that had not triggered yet rolled over into the next battle.
- Fixed bug where the final row of items on the emplacement picker on map edit screen could not be scrolled to on all screen resolutions.
- Fixed bug where shift-key state could be misinterpreted when selecting units.
- Fixed bug where right clicking to deconstruct during deployment phase (rather than left clicking) also is instant and refunds the full unit cost.
- Added a new tutorial hint to explain the unlock choices a bit better.
- Nightvision button below minimap is now disabled if nightvision is not available for a given map.
- Fixed a number of crash bugs relating to going back and forth from the unit design screen.
Product Update - Valve
version 1.009

- Fixed crash when attempting to save out a unit that had a * in the name.
- Setting windowed mode, whilst also matching your desktop resolution will result in borderless window mode now.
- Game now explains to player that they won't see any challenges until they are logged in.
- Online challenge browser now shows complete two-line descriptions rather than cropping them at one line.
- Fixed bug where the game would hang sometimes on playing custom or online maps as defender with 'scenario units' where a small number of units was included.
- Fix for occasional crash bug on saving units (in some circumstances)
- Fixed bug in non-steam version where the default sample units could not be deleted from within the game.
- Balance:Laser carbine cost up from 3 to 5.
- Balance:Heavy Pulse laser damage up from 6 to 8
- Balance:Rapid Pulse blaster damage up from 4 to 5
- Balance:Light pulse laser damage down from 9 to 6
- Balance:Salvo interval for incendiary rockets up from 300 to 2000
- Balance: Heavy Missile Rack damage down from 68 to 52
- Balance: HEAP Missile thrower fire interval up from 1400 to 1700
- Balance: Light Missile launcher damage down from 38 to 31
- Added new map : campaign map 12.
- Fixed bug where sorting by class on the unit design load dialog sometimes did not work entirely.
- Balance: Changed the difficulty of a number of scenarios.