Oct 31, 2017
MegaSphere - antonkudin
Happy to share that new update is finally feature-complete! Heres just one of the features: a special puzzle!

Power capacitors

Power routers and the works

Bonus: accidental face ;]

Sep 23, 2017
MegaSphere - antonkudin
Cooking up some new mechanics, features and improvements. I'm working hard non-stop and very excited to put finishing touches to this update!

Can't wait for you all to experience new stuff and learn more about the game world and story! And kick some new robots' ass ;]

Some visual updates. Check out the glass! ;]

Aug 25, 2017
MegaSphere - antonkudin
Busy with work on boss, here's some new unique mechanics and devices!

MegaSphere - antonkudin
Made solid progress on design of new boss, new enemy!

Also lots of exciting new exciting under-the-hood features that will improve current 'walking' enemies and will be base of new cool enemies that navigate environment in a believable way.

Basically very smart enemies of all kinds that will chase you down!

Thank you!
MegaSphere - antonkudin
Sorry updates are scarce lately, but development is still progressing and lots of work is being done every day.

This new update expands on story, adds several new enemy types, updates to enemy behaviors, props, etc. Still some work to be done before it gets out into public testing, but its very close!

Thank you for your support and believing in my game!

Here's a couple noteworthy gifs, hope you enjoy:

MegaSphere - antonkudin
Development going strong, here's a few gifs from recent WIP additions:

New enemies:

New room generation options

And much more!

MegaSphere - antonkudin
ICYM, I've been working hard on adding a way to stop/resume the game at almost any point and its called hibernation.

If you want to try it out, switch to development branch in steam, give in a spin and report back here or in the forum!

Thanks a lot for being very patient players!
Feb 19, 2017
MegaSphere - antonkudin
Good news! A way to instantly save current game is almost here!

Hibernate your current backup anytime you want to take a break, but don't want to search for a backup station. Due to procedural nature of the world generation, some things aren't saved, but any destruction, enemies, open doors will be saved. That said, I'm working on making it as seamless as possible.

Soon in development branch!
MegaSphere - antonkudin
Thank you, you incredible bunch of players of my game! Your feedback, help and enthusiasm is appreciated and I can't be more grateful.

Pushing through issues and setbacks, with your help, newest update is now live!

Based on development branches, you can expect:

Better performance
Visual updates
Updated 'Hud restoration' objectives
Hidden areas and loot storage containers
Controller fixes and improvements
New video options (some for debug, some to help with performance on low-end hardware)

Now, finally, I get to work on exciting new stuff for you to play with!
MegaSphere - antonkudin
Latest build in the development branch!

In this update
  • Hidden storage containers
  • New, streamlined video options
  • Visual enhancements to suit live and main HUDs
  • Fixes and improvements to 'Hud restoration' objectives
  • New Interface HUD module

Other than that I was focusing on bug fixes, visual enhancements and performance improvements. Try it out and report any issues!

Thank you very much for playing MegaSphere!