Jan 18, 2016
Community Announcements - SkyshineJeff
Bugs fixed
- A few achievements were either too hard to achieve or were not attainable after last update.
- Hard Difficulty button would sometimes be hidden.
- Fixed issue with too many enemies in first few battles.
- Fixed difficulty curve in Tactics mode!

Tactics mode changes
- The minimum Action Point count for a team is now 4 (instead of 3)
this makes battles more interesting and avoids endless chases such as Frontliner vs Deadeye

General changes
- Easy is now easier and Hard is harder!
- A.I. decision enhancements!
- Your crew levels up easier (i.e. takes only 4 kills instead of 8)
- Full health upon level up!
- Clicking on enemy now shows a more meaningful move/attack range.
- Adjusted the difficulty of Elites and Boss battles
- Adjusted the difficulty of the first King Visera battle
- Fixed resource position on a few battle maps
- Updated text on help screens
- Added click-anywhere to exit help screens
- UX tweaks for readability

Next update will have new Elites, Dozers and so much more!!
Community Announcements - SkyshineJeff
Help us change that!!

Check out the article here...


Also coming this week, version 2.6! Details to follow
Community Announcements - SkyshineJeff
We have listened to everyone on our forums and have now added a new play mode called Tactics.

Tactics mode gives each side one action point per deployed crew, with a minimum of three. Moving costs 1AP whereas attacking costs 2AP. So now if you deploy a crew of four to the battlefield you can spend your 4AP how you choose: move all four members once, move two crew members and attack an enemy, lots of options means lots of strategy!

Love the original battle mechanic? No problem, just play Arcade mode!

Thanks for all the feedback!
Team Skyshine
Community Announcements - Myll_Erik
Here's the notes/changes

Bug fixes:
Various minor bug fixes.
Fixed issue with some roads on map screen not showing until hovered over

Now include a new battle type called Tactics!
Added a first-battle popup tutorial
Trencher now does 6 damage and knocksback 2 spaces

ARCADE Mode (this is BEDLAM as it was originally released):
2 Actions points for entire deployed crew per turn
Weapons/Equalizers can be used multiple times per battle
Battles can have up to 10 enemies

Action point pool (1AP per unit deployed, with a minimum of 3AP)
Weapons/Equalizers can only be used once per battle
No Blitz-o-meter
Battles can have up to 6 enemies
Crew heal time is a factor of their original health

We'd love to have some of you head to our beta branch and check out the changes! To do that:
  • Right Click Skyshine's Bedlam
  • Properties
  • Beta's Tab
  • Use this Password = bedlamtest2015
  • Use the Dropdown to select the Preview/Beta Branch
Community Announcements - Myll_Erik
Hello all

We're working away on the game and have some great news - OSX (Mac) is now available via your steam keys! It'll be identical to our 2.2 version of the game.

Version 2.2 is a continued effort from our side to make combat more enjoyable, lessen the difficulty for beginners, and encourage more exploration. See the full list of notes below!

Bug fixes:
  • Resized textures to help eliminate the 'black screen' issue during battles
  • Fixed issue with Gunslinger return fire kills not counting toward veteran status
  • Fixed issue with the Dozer rooms button going to wrong screen when chose Combustor Dozer
Tweeked Blitz rules
  • Now the enemy doesn't have extended movement range
  • Blitz meter scales to game progression
  • Added a new low cost Dozer equalizer that allows the player to have extra Action points!
  • Weapons and Equalizers can only be used once per combat
  • Increased damage from Gunslinger return fire
  • Up'd the health of all units across the board, to get rid of one shot kills
  • Increased starting power cell count on all Dozers
  • Slightly reduced heal time for all Dozers
  • Reduced the power cell cost of some weapons and equalizers
  • Increased amount of resources collected per pickup
  • Player can no longer be killed via headshot
  • Randomized the amount of passengers lost/gained from convo events
  • Changed Viscera to only be immune to same type class of unit
  • Fixed the "battlefield butcher" achievement
  • Adjusted the "scorched earth" achievement
UI changes:
  • Battle Hud changed to always show the available Weapons and Equalizers!
  • Added more tooltips, and reworded some, on various screens
  • Extra UI Improvements (pulsing lights/buttons)
Once again - huge thank you for all of your support, feedback and comments as we continue to look for ways to improve the game. We may not all be posting in the forums but we're all reading and keeping track of what you all say.

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Nov 2, 2015
Community Announcements - Myll_Erik
We've been working non-stop over the past 6 weeks post release on getting 2.0 completed, QA has just signed off on the build and it is now available! We've made a lot of changes and added a lot of polish based on feedback from the community, If you think you know Bedlam you don't know 2.0!

We added a campaign and challenge modes to the game. This new experience is a minimum of 10 hours of game play. With each successful run to Aztec City you will unlock a new dozer! With each run you will bring new allies to your cause ultimately taming the harsh lands of Bedlam! If you are able to unlock the formidable AI dozer you will face the ultimate challenge with crew from all 4 factions along for the adventure!

Challenge mode pits you against the four forms of Bedlam's meanest overlord King Viscera! You get a random dozer and a random crew, with three random champion elite units...can you beat one of the games toughest challenges?

Some of the new additions to 2.0
  • Added the campaign structure, also Practice and Challenge modes.
  • Game difficulty is now controlled by the Dozer progression system
  • Dozer unlocks now have a clear progression
  • Faction based crew abilities for all 4 factions
  • Balance pass on all events
  • Balance associated with crew level ups and resource rewards
  • Fewer enemies at higher threat, but they are stronger.
  • Collected resources are now only what you pickup on the battlefield.
  • Optimized all battleboards to address black screen issue
  • Added volume controls for music and SFX

Hope you take a look and enjoy the changes! If you play 2.0 please leave us a Steam review! Steam reviews are like the YELP of Steam and for people who don't know anything about our game it is a great way for them to learn that this is a game of quality.

Thank you all for the feedback and suggestions!

Community Announcements - Myll_Erik
Update 2.0 Ready for Community Testing

What happened to update 1.75? We rolled ahead and are going straight to Skyshine’s Bedlam 2.0 since we actually included more in this update than what we initially planned. We’re not quite ready to make this public BUT if you’d like to hop on our beta branch via Steam we’d love to have your feedback and comments on it!

To Join Our Beta Branch and Test Skyshine’s Bedlam 2.0:
  • Right Click Skyshine’s Bedlam in your Steam Library
  • Go to Properties
  • Click on the “Betas” Tab
  • Enter Code “bedlamtest2015”
  • Click “Check Code”
  • Use the Drop Down Menu to select “Skyshines_Bedlam_Preview”
  • Right Click Skyshine’s Bedlam from your Library
  • Choose Delete Local Content
  • Install using the new branch
We’ll create a new sub-forum on Steam called Bedlam 2.0 Feedback that we’d love to have you folks leave your comments, issues, and suggestions in.

Overall the goal with 2.0 has been to implement the top 4 issues we’ve identified. If you want to get involved with a real grass roots game community join the discussion on our forums. We read every thread and we reply to as many as we can.

The main points for update 2.0 include the focus on:
  • Campaign added to unlock all the Dozers and clear the lands of the 4 factions. We also added Challenge mode and Practice mode.
  • Faction crew now have the faction abilities (i.e., mutants self heal, cyborgs augment, etc)
  • Overall game balance of events - Increasing the time spent doing meaningful things toward your goal of reaching Aztec City.
  • Implement a clear progression system for unlocking new dozers and adding new challenges for each Dozer.

Here are some more detailed notes on this update
  • Added Campaign, Practice, and Challenge mode.
  • Faction based crew abilities
  • More challenging to get to Aztec City
  • Balance pass on all events
  • Dozer unlock and progression
  • Balance associated with crew level ups and resource rewards
  • Fewer enemies at higher threat, but they are stronger.
  • Collected resources are now only what you pickup on the battlefield.
  • Optimized all battleboards to address black screen issue
  • Dozer unlocks now have a clear progression
  • Improved gameflow by removing events without meaningful outcomes.
  • Added volume controls for music and SFX
NOTE: Players will lose Dozer unlocks but not the achievements. Reason for this happening is that the new campaign format makes no sense really if you have dozers already unlocked.

Known Issues in the Preview Build
  • Detrigore win event and Imperatron win event are identical. These will be unique in the final update.
  • Glitch in the unlock dozer event where the first screen appears with no text for 4 of the 5 dozers.
  • Lazarus will offer a short introduction with Boneshaker explaining how you you can cleanse the lands of Bedlam
  • We have not thoroughly tested the scavenge ability for marauders
  • We have not balanced the final boss fight using Imperatron...It’s Epic.

We’re not sure when we’ll get this update out officially - but we’re hoping we can get it wrapped up quickly. Huge thanks again for all of your feedback and support along the way!

Community Announcements - Myll_Erik
We are currently working on our next update to Skyshine’s Bedlam and it’s coming along nicely, but taking some time.

Overall our goal with 1.75 has been to implement the top 3 issues we’ve identified. We love reading your feedback if you want to get involved with a real grass roots game community join the discussion on our forums. We read every thread and we reply to as many as we can. So what can you expect with 1.75?

  • This build has a challenging ‘brick by brick’ difficulty curve
  • Increase the time spent doing meaningful things toward your goal of reaching Aztec City.
  • Implement a clear progression system for unlocking new dozers and making them more relevant.

We’ll be sharing the exact details that are changing and being tweaked soon and we’ll also try to narrow down a release for this update too. This build also includes numerous bug fixes as well. Just wanted to let you all know that we are still reading feedback and working on getting as much of it implemented as we can. Thank you for support!


Sep 30, 2015
Community Announcements - Myll_Erik
Howdy Folks

Our next update is ready and includes some quality of life issues and some bug fixes. The team is currently working towards the 2.0 patch which should include some more gameplay balance changes as well as a few interesting things!

  • End game 0 passengers - FIXED
  • Unexplored POIs vanish - FIXED
  • All rewards given at Aztec - FIXED
  • No save after battles - FIXED
  • Nicknames not saved - FIXED
  • Legendary Mechanic Issues- FIXED

Huge thank you for all of the feedback and comments - please keep them coming! We may not have time to respond to everything, but we do read the steam forums every day.