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I'm so far removed from Hangar 13 and 2K's largely underwhelming Mafia 3 that I completely missed the launch of its second DLC, Stones Unturned, back in May. I did give its other add-on 'Faster, Baby!' a whirl back in March but failed to find its Sinclair Parish setting any more inspiring than the base game's wider New Bordeaux. 

You might've gotten on better with it, though, which means you might be interested in Mafia 3's latest and third slice of proper DLC: Sign of the Times. 

It's out now and features The Ensanglante—a drug-obsessed cult who worships blood and has it in for protagonist Lincoln after he inadvertently interrupts one of the group's seance rituals in Sammy's Bar. From there, Lincoln seemingly takes it upon himself to uncover what the cult's all about by investigating ritual sites, following clues and gathering evidence on its unscrupulous activities. 

Some of that features here:

Similar to the time-manipulating feature that popped up in Faster, Baby!, a new "slow-motion gunplay mechanic" appears in Sign of the Times that rewards accuracy and successful headshots. A new weapon comes in the mould of the Black Sacrament automatic rifle, while throwing knifes boost Lincoln's repertoire for a more stealth-leaning set pieces. 

As with before, playing this DLC outing also grants Lincoln new outfits - this time expect The Wandered and Tee Time rigouts respectively. 

Mafia 3: Sign of the Times is out now. Head over here to learn more about the above, and over here to read more about The Ensanglante.

Mafia III - (Alice O'Connor)

A kooky cult is now causing trouble in Mafia III [official site] with Sign of the Times, the third of its three big story DLCs. I’m told the Ensanglante are a blood-worshipping cult into drugs and human sacrifice, which sounds like a wild time. Sadly, Lincoln Clay is out to shut them down, investigating their crime scenes using new detective skills then, I imagine, shooting their faces off. The DLC also lets Lincoln rebuild his murdered dad’s bar, which is sweet. Given that Mafia III has gone down poorly, I’d expect this to be the last bit of it. (more…)

Mafia III - JosephB2K

Lincoln has taken on the Italian Mafia, corrupt sheriffs and rogue CIA agents. Starting today, you’ll deal with a blood-thirsty cult that’s one step ahead of you. The final story DLC that wraps up Mafia III’s Season Pass – “Sign of the Times” – is now available!

What’s in it, though? Let’s break down what’s lurking at the fringes of New Bordeaux.

A new enemy: The Ensanglante is a drug-fueled, blood-worshipping cult operating in and around the city. They’re set on an inevitable collision course with Lincoln after he disrupts one of their macabre ceremonies taking place inside the walls of Sammy’s bar.

A mystery to solve: It’s a game of cat-and-mouse as you work to uncover the Ensanglante’s end-game. Along the way, you’ll investigate ritual sites for clues and signs of their whereabouts. Check bodies, take pictures of evidence and follow clues with your black light as you edge closer to the horrifying truth. You can read more about the cult and the Investigation experience here on the Mafia blog.

A new way to play: If you have deadly accuracy, you’ll get extra time to take down targets. “Sign of the Times” introduces a new slow-motion gunplay mechanic, similar to the slow-motion driving skill introduced in “Faster, Baby!”. Once activated, the world slows as you take aim. While the timer ticks down, snap off successful headshots and you can keep the meter going.

New weapons in your arsenal: Once you beat back the Ensanglante, you can order the Black Sacrament automatic rifle from the weapons van. And throughout the game, you’ll discover throwing knives that’ll let you silently slay your way through the city.

New threads: Ready to rip the roads up as if you were in a gang?  Slap on the Motorcycle Club outfit. Playing “Sign of the Times” also unlocks The Wanderer and Tee Time outfits in Lincoln’s wardrobe.

New wheels for your fleet: Win the Samson Harrier hotrod in a race and you’ll fly off the line. Meanwhile, the Bulworth Harrow is a seriously grim set of wheels perfect for ushering your enemies to their very own funeral.

A “new” place to call home – Sammy’s: All the hard-earned cash earned from your side businesses and whatever you *ahem* get while on the streets can be put into refurbishing Sammy’s to its former glory. Rebuild the bar, get a new jukebox – put Sammy’s back together just like you remember it from the very beginning of the game. But you can also start adding more to it. This was a big request from the fans – and it’s something we really wanted to deliver in “Sign of the Times”.

You can read more about Sammy’s in this post on the Mafia blog.

“Sign of the Times” is the third and final piece of DLC in Mafia III’s Season Pass. Here at Hangar 13, it’s our goal to tell great stories and deliver kickass gameplay experiences. We truly hope you enjoyed your stay as we worked to add more features, create memorable characters and deliver crazy car chases along the way. While we set out to tell Lincoln Clay’s story of revenge, we also wanted to make you feel welcome in New Bordeaux.

from the entire Mafia team, thanks once again for all your support, your feedback and spending time with us.

We’d love to keep hearing about your run-ins with the Marcano family – so keep in touch with us on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels for the latest on all things Mafia.

Mafia III - JosephB2K
Ever since fans set foot in New Bordeaux, they've wanted to make Sammy’s a place all their own – now you can in “Sign of the Times” for Mafia III. 

A big part of the story behind this DLC is, of course, investigating a cult operating out of New Bordeaux. “It all starts with Lincoln going back to visit the burned out remains of Sammy’s to get some closure,” explains Senior Writer Ed Fowler. “This felt like the right way to start the story, but also a great call back to an extremely important location in Lincoln's life and the player's experience in the main game. So once we landed on that location, we knew that was it. There was no better place to begin a story like this.”  The way it works: After you get to the bottom of what the Ensanglante is planning, you’ll be able to come back to Sammy’s and really deck the place out.

All the hard-earned cash earned from your side businesses and whatever you *ahem* get while on the streets can be put into refurbishing Sammy’s to its former glory. Rebuild the bar, get a new jukebox – put Sammy’s back together just like you remember it from the very beginning of the game. But you can also start adding more to it.

Where it gets interesting is that as you need to hire more staff, you’ll start unlocking side missions. Help a drummer out of a jam and his band will perform at your club. Do a favor for someone and they’ll start working your bar.

And, a nice perk from helping said bartender: You’ll unlock the Samson Harrier. This high-speed hot rod flies off the starting line – and will be a fine edition to your fleet. Provided you can win it in a race.

“After all is said and done,” Fowler adds, “we wanted to provide a bit of closure for Lincoln as we wrapped our last big DLC for Mafia III. You can start playing "Sign of the Times" at any point after the first sit-down and feel like you’ve tried to do right by your adoptive father’s legacy.”

Season Pass Owners: Don’t forget that “Sign of the Times” is part of the Season Pass. Best part, you don’t have to wait much longer – this DLC hits digital stores on July 25, so keep your eyes peeled for more Mafia news on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels.
Mafia III - JosephB2K

The burnt-out shell of Sammy’s is littered with bodies, the result of a ritual sacrifice gone wrong. It’s up to Lincoln Clay, Father James – and you – to unravel the clues and free a woman from the grips of a bloodthirsty cult. “Sign of the Times” is a dark trip into the drug-induced underbelly of New Bordeaux. What can you expect out of “Sign of the Times” when it arrives on July 25? Keep reading to learn all about the third installment of Mafia III’s Season Pass content.

Faster, Baby!” had you ripping through rural Sinclair Parish with high-speed chases and stunt driving. “Stones Unturned” took you on an explosive buddy action adventure with John Donovan by your side. Now, as a mysterious cult surfaces in the city, “Sign of the Times” draws you into a creepy game of cat-and-mouse that feels more like a 1960s-inspired psychological thriller. There’s a few new gameplay elements introduced, as well as gear to earn and cars to add to your fleet.

We spoke with Bill Harms and Ed Fowler, Hangar 13’s Narrative Director and Senior Writer, and found out more about what’s to come in “Sign of the Times.”

TRUTH IS AS STRANGE AS FICTION – Bill Harms, Narrative Director

The inspiration for “Sign of the Times” is pretty clear. The late 1960s was a time of social and civil unrest – which we cover extensively in the game – but also of hallucinogenic experimentation and crazed cults, the horrible memory of the Manson Family being the most infamous. We were inspired to tell a story that represented that element of the time period, which led to The Ensanglante you tangle with in New Bordeaux.

But, even we have to admit that this is a pretty different experience going from Lincoln’s story of revenge against the Italian Mob, taking down corrupt officials in “Faster, Baby!” or helping your old war buddy in “Stones Unturned.”

I see each of the DLC stories as three different journeys for Lincoln and how he’s wrestling with his own grief and finding a way forward. You have someone like Lincoln who felt powerless in stopping the betrayal early in the game. In “Sign of the Times,” you have him finding someone who needs help – that’s not able to put the pieces of the puzzle together – and he can actually do something for her.

Part of it is seeing himself in that character – Anna – and the common ground of going through traumatic experiences. This isn’t some quest for revenge or redemption, but Lincoln tries to find some kind of peace for her that he’s not able to find for himself.

There’s definitely a different feel for this part of Lincoln’s story. It’s more internal, there are points you’re hearing Lincoln talk to himself as he hunts for clues. More importantly, he’s not in full control of this situation – and there are times when he won’t even know what’s real and what isn’t. Unlike the one-man war that Lincoln wages against the Marcanos, he doesn’t have an inside line. No knowledge of The Ensanglante or what they do. He’s trying to piece things together at the same time as the player.

NEW WAYS TO PLAY – Ed Fowler, Senior Writer

From the moment that the “Sign of the Times” DLC kicks off, you’re in for more deliberate pacing. There’s a mystery to solve with Lincoln searching for stray objects left behind, strange writing – you’ll even examine bodies for clues. By eyeballing the environment and using a blacklight flashlight to uncover hints, you’ll zero in on where The Ensanglante operate and what the hell their endgame is for New Bordeaux. At key points in this DLC, we have these investigation zones where you’ll methodically look for clues that reveal more of the truth… and it can quickly turn a corner where you’ll be dealing with cult members in tense firefights.

There’s crazed, knife-wielding cultists that will taunt you and jump out from nowhere. Not to mention throwing knives you’ll be able to silently hurl back at them. As you scour new locations inside New Bordeaux city limits, you’ll also fight off well-armed psychopaths as they attempt to slow down your search.

Speaking of slowing down, “Sign of the Times” introduces slow-motion gunplay. Once triggered, you have a few extra seconds to take down enemies. However, for those able to skillfully pull off headshots, you’ll extend the slow-mo timer – so take aim!

There's More Signs Ahead

Season Pass Owners: Don’t forget that “Sign of the Times” is part of the Season Pass. We still have more to share about this DLC in the short time before it hits digital stores on July 25, so keep your eyes peeled for more Mafia news on our Facebook, Twitter and YouTube channels.
Mafia III - JosephB2K

Ready to team back up with John Donovan? “Stones Unturned” DLC launches today, and with it comes a brand new action-packed story, environments, weapons, outfits, and much more!

Click here to get “Stones Unturned.”

Donovan is the heart of this DLC, not only in the story but in the action as well. He’ll be fighting right alongside you. Together, you will uncover a dangerous plot in New Bordeaux that leads you on a chase throughout the city, and ultimately to a new island location that holds secrets long held classified.

What’s New in “Stones Unturned”?
  • A thrilling new story, hunting down a rival from the past. Join Donovan on a chase to catch former rival Connor Aldridge and his mercenary army, who are on the trail of a downed aircraft carrying hazardous cargo.
  • Dive into the action with fan-favorite John Donovan. Donovan is leaving the motel room and joining Lincoln in the action! He’ll be right alongside you every step of the way, cracking wise as your wingman. That also means we’ll get more great memorable moments with these characters, drawing upon their brotherhood forged during their time in Vietnam.
  • New environments to explore. We’re leaving New Bordeaux and heading to a brand new dense jungle island – something not yet seen in Mafia III. In addition to tracking a downed military plane and its cargo across this new island, we’re also exploring some unseen areas in New Bordeaux while on Aldridge’s trail.
  • Bounty Hunting missions. After completing the story of “Stones Unturned,” team up with new associate Robert Marshall to track and subdue key targets causing unexpected trouble around New Bordeaux.
  • New tools to play with. Lincoln and Donovan are going against a well-armed mercenary force, so they’re going to need a few extra weapons to play with.
    • Weapons: Hop in the back of a vehicle-mounted turret and take out incoming foes, or go loud with the improved grenade launcher and RPG.
    • Sniper Service: You’ll also get the ability to call in Marshall’s Sniper Service to quickly pinpoint and take out enemies.
    • Outfits: Go tactical with the new Jungle Camo commando garb for more serious affairs, or don the Party Animal outfit for a casual look that would fit just right on an island or in a Cuban café.
    • New Fleet Vehicles: The heavy-duty Griffin Borneo Sport joins Lincoln’s fleet after completing the story missions. Make sure to complete all of the bounty hunting missions to get the sporty De’Leo Stiletto, as well as new decals for customizing your ride.
If you’ve purchased the Deluxe Edition of Mafia III and have redeemed the Season Pass code in the box, or purchased the Season Pass individually, you’ll receive an automatic update adding “Stones Unturned” to your game. You can also purchase “Stones Unturned” and any of the Mafia III DLCs individually on the digital storefront of your choice. To access the DLC, you’ll need to have brought all three Lieutenants to your side before you’ll be able to kick off the DLC by meeting with Donovan.

“Stones Unturned” is the second paid DLC for Mafia III, following our first DLC “Faster, Baby!” Next up is “Sign of the Times,” which explores a mysterious and violent cult making waves in New Bordeaux.

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Mafia III - JosephB2K

We know that Mafia III revolves around the Marcano crime family and Lincoln’s tale of revenge, but everyone wants to see more of John Donovan. Same here at Hangar 13! That’s why Lincoln’s fiery, wiseass CIA handler from Vietnam is front-and-center for “Stones Unturned” – the new DLC for Mafia III coming May 30.

In “Stones Unturned,” Donovan is your wingman and buddy. He’s there with you every step of the way, helping unfold a mystery brewing in New Bordeaux. As Donovan’s past catches up with him, you’re fighting side-by-side… or, in some cases, firing a huge mounted turret from the back of a truck while he’s doing the driving.

Which leads us to what’s turning up in Stones Unturned.

One thing that we’ve continually heard from fans is how much you loved the minute-to-minute story-driven action in Mafia III. So we focused on that to bring this DLC to life. “’Stones Unturned’ is an adventure story, through and through. Our goal: Make it feel like a great buddy action movie,” says Senior Writer Ed Fowler.
  • More to explore: We won’t spoil too much, but as you’re chasing down clues, you’ll explore new locations within New Bordeaux city limits – a department store, restaurant and safe house – as well as a remote island off the coast of New Bordeaux.
  • There’s a new support option: You’ll be able to call in Sniper Support.
  • New vehicles: How does a turret-mounted off-road vehicle sound? Good? Good.
  • New mission types: You’ll meet another salty friend from Donovan’s past as you pick up new Bounty Hunting missions around New Bordeaux.
  • New weapons to subdue foes: Get your hands on the dart gun to silently take down targets from a distance.
  • Most important: Donovan is your wingman, fighting by your side throughout “Stones Unturned.”
That’s right, you’re getting 100% more Donovan. “What we really wanted to do was tell a story that was unique to Lincoln and Donovan. Something to show they were a tight team that had each other’s backs… and that they have this rich history together. We don’t get explicit about their time in Vietnam, but in “Stones Unturned,” you get to experience what that time might’ve been like,” Ed tells us. He also went a little more into what it’s like to write lines for Donovan.

“Writing Donovan, brings my inner wiseass out. He gives you that channel to say and do what you probably wouldn’t in civil company. What I really love about the character is that Donovan is a guy that you can disagree with his methods, but you understand his reasons. He truly believes in what he’s doing and he is armed with facts as he does it.”

According to Ed, it’s a combination of what’s on the page… and what actor Lane Compton brings to role.

“[Donovan’s] so much fun to write. Still, I gotta say it’s equally the magic Lane brings to the table. He locks in on Donovan’s swagger and principles in such a dynamic way and takes everything to another level. It’s awesome to watch him work.”

We’re excited for “Stones Unturned” to just get out there for everyone to see these two pals hanging out in New Bordeaux. The bullets start flying May 30 on Steam.

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Mafia III - (Alice O'Connor)

A demo for Mafia 3 [official site] has arrived, letting all and sundry in to poke around a Nu Orleans. John’s Wot I Think praised the city and was none too pleased with most of the rest so hey, I’ll welcome a demo to have a look myself.

The first paid story DLC is out today too, for folks who’ve already bought in. Faster, Baby! will send players into a small town to deal with a corrupt sheriff. Antics ensue. … [visit site to read more]

Mafia III

Against last year's catalogue of wonderful games, Mafia 3 was a disappointment. As Andy detailed in his review, a promising start was quickly marred by repetitive missions—which was a shame given its Civil Rights Movement narrative was interesting, its soundtrack was stellar, and its faux-New Orleans setting was at times gorgeous. If you were put off splashing out by any of this at launch, then you might be pleased to hear Mafia 3 now has a free demo which boasts its entire opening act. 

Again, it's worth noting that Mafia 3's opening act—a thrilling bank heist sequence—is easily one of its highlights, so bear this in mind if you do feel like opening your wallet once it's done. If you do, though, all saves are transferable into the full article. To mark the occasion, 2K and Hangar 13 have launched a new trailer: 

In other Mafia 3-related news, its latest premium DLC—Faster, Baby!—is out now. "Whether you’ve already taken down the Marcano crime family, or you’re still new to town, the streets of Mafia III have more stories to tell," explains the add-on's Steam page blurb. "The Faster, Baby! DLC is ready to roll—and with it come a number of game enhancements, gear, new vehicles to add to your fleet. And, of course, there’s the story of small town corruption choking Sinclair Parish. It’s up to Lincoln Clay and Roxy Laveau to do something about it."

With that, Faster, Baby! introduces a new part of town in Sinclair Parish—a rural township with its "fill of Hollywood-caliber car chases". Players can now activate slow motion, adding an extra layer of movie-like veneer to driving and vehicular combat, and a new story segment that runs parallel to the main game explores the murder of a civil rights leader. To top this off, new combat mechanics and proximity mines are "perfectly suited for causing destruction on-the-go," so says 2K

Here's some of that in moving picture form: 

Head this way for Mafia 3's free demo, and over here to learn more about its Faster, Baby! DLC—the latter of which costs £11.99/$14.99 on Steam. 

Mafia III - JosephB2K

If you still haven’t played Mafia III, you’re all out of excuses.  Now is your chance to try out the game the Washington Post called “A cultural milestone” and won the Herman Melville Award for Best Writing from the New York Videogame Critics Circle – for FREE!

Got your attention? Keep reading for more details.

Play the Mafia III Demo for Free
Go on, we want you to enjoy a little bit of Mafia III’s southern hospitality for yourself, on the house. The opening act – centering on an incredible bank heist sequence – sets the stage for the rest of the Mafia III story. Discover Lincoln’s history with the mafia and witness the catalyst for this gritty tale of revenge against the Italian Mob. Best of all, you can play the whole opening act of Mafia III, enjoying the awesome story at your own pace.

It’s available right now to download for free on all available platforms, and if you like what you’re seeing, your saved progress will transfer to the full game when you purchase it on the same platform. More great news for first-time players: Participating retailers (both digital and retail) are selling Mafia III for 50% off now through April 17! Check your favorite retailer for more.

Today’s other big news: The “Faster, Baby!” DLC is also available, starting today. (You can read more about that here.)  The Deluxe version of Mafia III, which is bundled with the Season Pass, includes “Faster, Baby!” as well as the upcoming “Stones Unturned” and “Sign of the Times” DLC. So, if you already purchased the Deluxe version or the Season Pass, no other purchase is required – just get to downloading.

Speaking of downloads, just how big is this free taste of New Bordeaux?
  • PC via Steam: 24GB
  • PS4: 27GB
  • Xbox One: 25GB
If you’ve never been – welcome to New Bordeaux, we’ve got a free room waiting for you.  We hope you enjoy your stay.
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