Community Announcements - InvertMouse

Hello everyone. Thank you so much for supporting Without Within on Steam. I really appreciate all of your feedback!

Not everyone enjoys visual novels in the community, so I knew there would be some negativity involved in this release. However, when I read reviews of folks enjoying the read, then feeling bummed out that it ended so quickly, I really felt like I had disappointed them. It is like we talking on the phone, and just as a cool topic starts, I suddenly just hung up. I really regret that.

Before some of my titles appeared on Steam, I had a small community of supporters. Without Within was my little gift for those kind people. Once the game hit Steam, even if it is a free title, perhaps it needed more substance. Though I have always preferred being succinct over padding out content, I have absolutely taken everyone's feedback on board.

Even before Without Within arrived on Steam, a few people have kindly asked for more of Vinty's adventures. In response, I do in fact have a new story planned for the end of this year. At the moment, I am working on another project around 40,000 words in length, but it is unrelated to Vinty.

I had wanted to keep this new Vinty adventure a surprise for Christmas of this year. Now that Without Within is on Steam, the situation changes a bit. Should this new adventure be added as a DLC? Or should I return to Greenlight and showcase it as a new title? I will aim to write a more expansive tale, but I have no plans for this to become some sort of epic. In that case, perhaps this new story does not warrant being its own title.

The timing is a big worry I have. DLC releases can be relatively quiet, and if I lose touch with you folks because of this twelve month wait, that would be so unfortunate. I do post updates on Facebook, but I hope to avoid hounding people to like my page 24/7.

So those were some thoughts that I wanted to share with you all. Thank you so much everyone ːthankyouː!