Feb 4, 2016
Executive Assault - Firestorm_one
Hi all, few extra issues fixed today.
  • A random red bar that wouldn't go away has been removed.
  • HQ Self destruct now works properly over multiplayer.
  • Barrier field generator can now be destroyed.
  • Fixed barrier field recursive error.
  • Pulse laser weapons now affect shields.
  • Fixed version number issue.
Feb 2, 2016
Executive Assault - Firestorm_one
Hi all,
Sorry if you were expecting 1.2 but I saw a lot of you had high expectations for something magnificent so decided to keep it in the 1.19's (Yes my version control sux!)

A large selection of issues fixed today:
  • Personal shield is no longer overpowered.
  • A plethora of weapons especially for the tanks have now been re balanced, it seems for example the Mini gun was doing 2x more damage then it should of been doing per shot.
  • Aircraft factory pathfinding has been fixed.
  • Can now only build 1 security control room.
  • No longer able to rotate the camera.
  • You should now be able to hear the base self destruct when not looking at it.
  • No longer able to sell the powerstation when its cooling has been switched off.
  • Turrets no longer shoot when you have ran out of power.
  • Drones no longer teleport.
  • You should no longer be able to teleport through walls.
  • Flying into the air and jumping onto roofs as now been limited.
  • Drones should no longer bob about lost and drunk.
  • Pressing E should now only work when you are in the specific unit.
  • Windows 10 logo issues should now be fixed.

If you are still having an issue choosing your logo which also causes the game to crash, your computer may be having issues with Windows so I have added a new button under Options-->Gameplay-->Disable Custom Logos. Reboot the game and this should hopefully fix the issue.

There is a little FPS dropping issue I will be investigating next.

Hope all this helps.

Jan 25, 2016
Executive Assault - Firestorm_one
Hi, a small but important fix tonight.
  • Walls are no longer indestructible.
  • You can now repair turrets and doors.
  • Barrier field is now connected to the correct power slider.
  • Barrier field and other forcefields should now stop splash damage from explosive weapons.
  • Mining laser no long appears twice in the tree.
I have also had a report tonight that Executive Assault may be having difficulties running on Windows 10, can anyone confirm or deny this? I suspect it is something to do with the registry.


Jan 19, 2016
Executive Assault - Firestorm_one
Just to add on to the last patch release.
  • Gigantilators beam weapons now deal damage again.
  • Tank factory roof opens again when Gigantilator is constructed.
  • No more beeps when robots are manufactured.
Jan 19, 2016
Executive Assault - Firestorm_one
Version 1.197

Hello executives, new fixes today.

New Features
  • People were asking for an upgrade to the standard bullets so I have added a heavy bullets, they have a lower rate of fire but do more damage, feel free to let me know if they are any good. My testing has put them just above high energy beam laser in terms of ranking.
  • The AI's attack strategy has been altered so it wont target just one pick on one player and not attack anyone else even once that player has been destroyed.
  • The hacker bot is back from its winter holiday.
  • Base will now self destruct if you are in a team game with other players and you die.
  • Asteroids should now explode on impact.
  • Tank and aircraft construction costs now show correctly.
  • Hit counter should only now show on your computer and not on anyone elses
  • Should no longer be able to build bunkers on top of other bunkers
  • The AI firing rockets should now predict where the target is.
  • A few spelling mistakes have been corrected.

Enjoy the new update.

I am thinking on making some changes to the research facility as it has become annoying more then anything. So what I plan to do is make it half the size, Iron chunks will be taken to the same drop off point as the Thorium crystals and the facility will help boost research times. Will see how testing goes.

Jan 6, 2016
Executive Assault - Firestorm_one
Patch tonight addresses a few issues:
  • Trion Shells should no longer pass through the energy barrier.
  • Computer should longer build external turrets inside buildings
  • Electrostatic Jolt can now take out long range weapons
  • Drones should no longer wait outside the power station
  • Meteors should no longer fly through the terrain
  • Research should correctly send over the network to Executrons
  • Mining laser green tractorbeam effect has been reduced.
  • Laser icons have been adjusted to match what they actually look like
  • Can no longer build on other players tower points.
I've also added 2 new things:
You can now see the Iron/Trion cost of units being manufactured by hovering over the design icon.

The second is a surprise I have added to the office...see if you can find it.

Dec 28, 2015
Executive Assault - Firestorm_one
Hi executives, another little patch tonight to fix an exploit.

The way you boost research has been altered slightly, the power slider is now a time multiplier which will speed up and slow down the time it takes to research technologies.

Previously you could reduce this to nothing and then shoot it back up after a fraction of the time has past giving you free research, this should fix this exploit.

I would like the time to be more accurate rather then being a faster rate but for now this will do.

Dec 27, 2015
Executive Assault - Firestorm_one
Hi, just a quick fix tonight where ExecuTrons wouldn't benefit from researches done by the CEO after they had researched the mining laser.

Hope you are all enjoying the game.

Dec 22, 2015
Executive Assault - Firestorm_one
Version 1.9

A few pre Christmas fixes:
  • Area of Effect damage now works again.
  • Trion weapons no longer pass through the desk force field.
  • Health feedback when shooting something is now correct.
  • Cannon should no longer blow its self up.
  • AI CEO will now turn back on cooling over multiplayer.
Hope you all have an amazing Christmas and a happy new year.

Dec 10, 2015
Executive Assault - Firestorm_one
A Quick hot fix added today based on some immediate feedback to the last announcement.

I have added multiplayer region support. Previously you were all going through European servers.

If you go to 'Gameplay' under the options menu you should be able to select your preferred region which should hopefully help with lag issues.

This is a new feature so I am unable to verify at this stage if people from different regions are able to connect to one another, if you can't please make sure you are set to the same region as your friends.

Also I have no control over where the servers are based so I apologies if your region isn't listed so best to pick the closest one to you.