Rise to Ruins - Rayvolution
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This is a fairly small cleanup patch, if you're looking for the recent juicy bits see the 26th's InDev 33 Unstable 4 release!

This release is effectively a pre-release of InDev 33 Stable, barring any issues. So please make sure to play test the hell out of it! If you're waiting for InDev 33 Stable to be released, you can go ahead and start playing this one as currently no new content and changes are planned before release (Likely on the April 30th or May 1st). Exceptions being fixing any bug that may creep up.

(NOTE: Current existing combobulators will need to be upgraded or rebuilt, old save combobulators do not work correctly in Unstable 4 and 5!)

InDev 33 Unstable 5 Change Log

Miscellaneous Changes
  • Optimized the object module's work efficiency update speeds.
  • Localization mods no longer load strings with old revision numbers.
  • When loading a localization mod, a missing strings text file is generated in the mod's folder, listing out all missing or modified strings the modder needs to check out to get their mod back to 100% after a patch.
  • Added trash tip.
  • Removed "Smooth Particles" setting as it is no longer used in the new particle system.
  • Removed the map size art from the GUI
  • Corrected a few object's description lengths.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an out of range bug with the road tool that would crash the game is you scroll off the map.
  • Fixed a lag/memory issue at dawn when monsters tried to go home, if too many monsters existed on the map.
  • Implemented possible fix for map data going slightly out of sync with other save data during autosaves.
  • Fixed an issue where world map save data wouldn't reset when changing profiles.
  • Fixed road counts on the road panel.
  • Fixed old golems crashing the game if their combobulator was dismantled.
Rise to Ruins - Rayvolution
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InDev 33 Unstable 4 is here, and it is considered the "Feature complete" build before releasing stable very soon! There may be some more tweaks and adjustments before releasing stable but this build includes all planned content coming to InDev 33, so jump in and break it for me please!

This build's highlight is the brand new, very long overdue, and totally awesome road UI, as well as a handful of balance changes, tweaks, and bug fixes. As per usual, check out the change log below for all the details.

Let me know in the comments what you think of all the changes. Especially the new game balance. Too easy, too hard, just right? Just please note, your old save's balance may be totally out of whack, so please reframe from reporting balance issues until you start a new region! :)

(NOTE: Current existing combobulators will need to be upgraded or rebuilt, old save combobulators do not work correctly in Unstable 4!)

InDev 33 Unstable 4 Change Log

New Road UI
  • The entire old road UI has been removed, and a new one has been put in place under the new "Roads" tab on the right hand GUI.
  • You can now select what road you'd like to upgrade a tile to rather than only being able to select the next possible road for that tile.
  • You can now hold the accent key (X by default) to select all roads of the same type that are connected together, and upgrade them all at once in one click.

Miscellaneous Changes
  • Added new corruption settings to the custom game mode menu and fixed spawn rate settings limits.
  • Default key for unassigning changed to "Q"
  • Updated corruption tip.
  • Reduced the overall autosave rate.
  • All combobulators now require crylithium.
  • All golem combobulators now require small amounts of energy to operate the already spawned golems.
  • Golems that spawn from combobulators will slowly start to die if the combobulator runs out of energy for too long and cannot operate them.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug where you can't sell resources to a provisioner unless you happen to have at least one of that resource in storage somewhere in the village.
  • Implemented a possible fix for way makers running off and leaving the village to repair a road right as the game loads.
  • Fixed an issue that could make the world map load slower with very large maps, and rarely cause GC Overlimit crashes.
  • Fixed trash processing goal.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause courier golems to crash the game if they have no way to leave the map.
Rise to Ruins - Rayvolution
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Introducing the most ambitious balance change in a long time; the brand new corruption and spawning system!

Many players have complained the corruption system wasn't quite working as they wanted it to. So, this re-balance is entirely based on community feedback trying to fix many of the issues you guys complained about. The old corruption system just wasn't up to snuff, it was either too hard (if you let the corruption grow on its own), or too easy (if you exploited it).

As a result, this patch introduces a complete and total rewrite of the entire spawning and corruption system. Also, the world/global corruption level system was quite simply a bad game design, and has also been completely removed from the game.

This patch technically will not break your save data, but be ready for a totally different experience next time you load the game. Those of you who like to "pin" the corruption may die very quickly, I suggest giving the corruption some breathing room as fast as humanly possible, if you can. If you don't pin the corruption the spawn rates will likely be very high for a few days, but smooth out as the corruption claims the land it should have had.

In addition to the sweeping corruption and spawn system changes, I've also rebalanced the trash system a bit, fixed several bugs and completely redesigned the resource bar!

Let me know in the comments what you think of all the changes. Especially the new game balance. Too easy, too hard, just right? Just please note, your old save's balance may be totally out of whack, so please reframe from reporting balance issues until you start a new region! :)

InDev 33 Unstable 3b *HOT FIX* Change Log

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a bug that could sometimes cause villagers to try to wander outside the village to pickup a resources.

InDev 33 Unstable 3 Change Log

Corruption and Spawning Rewrite
  • Corruption and spawning power is now based on the current day and how much space in the region the corruption desires and cannot have because you've blocked it, rather than the old system where spawn rates were determined by the overall size of the corruption. This means that if you allow the corruption to cover half the map, the spawn rates will be lower than if you box them in a corner.
  • Corruption's desired amount of land is based on the current day and total amount of buildings the corruption has built.
  • Corruption resistance stats no longer exist, rather, the corruption now always avoids being near your village no matter the resistance level. It will just never enter your village, and it will very quickly recede if you try to expand into it.
  • Reduced rate corruption tiles eat away at resources.
  • Completely removed all global/world corruption mechanics from the game.
  • A new corruption threat bar has been added above the influence bar. This bar determines the additional spawn rate increase from the baseline for the current day. The bar will increase as the corruption becomes "boxed in" and desires more land than you will allow it to have. The higher the bar, the harder the game will be.
  • Corruption tiles that get pushed back may spawn monsters, regardless of time of day.
  • The entire spawn rate curve has been smoothed out, and there should no longer be any significant "surprise difficulty increases", unless you purposely try to box in the corruption and make the corruption threat level skyrocket.

Trash System
  • Slightly reduced the rate Trashy Slime spawn.
  • Increased the rate trash in the corruption decays.
  • Trashy Slime no longer spawn from trash of on the corruption.
  • Rebalanced several areas where trash is generated, increasing or decreasing the rate as needed.
  • Water purifiers can now generate trash.
  • Decreased the spawn rate of suspiciousy trash.
  • Non-trashy trash or trashy trash cubes can now decay into trashy trash over a very long period of time. (eg; Woody trash will decay into trashy trash.)
  • You can no longer build/dismantle trashy cube buildings to get rid of trash.
  • Boosted Cube-E golem strength and reduced dexterity.
  • Trashy slimes no longer spawn in peaceful mode.
  • Processors now have speed boosts.

Revamped Resource Bar and New Resource List Panel
  • The resource bar has been completely redesigned, and can now be customized.
  • A new resource list panel has been added, inside the panel you can see the resource counts of every resource in the village, this is also where you customize the resources listed on the new resource bar.
  • In both the new resource list panel and new resource bar, you can now see the total remaining storage space for that resource.

Miscellaneous Changes
  • Improved the builder's clearing AI so they will prioritize clearing terrain blocking construction.
  • Removed the day length multiplier from the custom mode settings.
  • Increased the amount of nomads that can spawn, when they do.
  • Golems can no longer enter the corruption for any reason.
  • Cube-E, Labor, and Courier golems now provide god XP and goal progressions when completing tasks.
  • Labor golems now live a little longer.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed several missing text strings from the trash system.
  • Fixed problem panel attacking building count from counting the wrong data.
  • Water Bottlers no longer place trash in the bottler.
  • Farm's farming speed reduction bonus is now properly applied to farmers.
  • Crystal Golem Combobulators are now considered a way point for golems.
  • Fixed some particle over-generation issues when you increase game speed.
  • Cullis gates now overloads properly.
  • Fixed a few minor GUI errors.
  • Process Trashy Cubes goal now works correctly.
Rise to Ruins - Rayvolution
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Trash has arrived! This build introduces tons of new buildings and mechanics all related to the trash system, as well as the usual mess of bug fixes and balance changes.This is also the first build ever released after the new save system changes, and if all goes well this version should be completely compatible with your Unstable 1 saves even though it introduces a ton of new mechanics that would have previous invalided them!

The end results of the trash system came out quite a bit differently than the original road map. So as per usual, check out the change log for all the juicy details! Be sure to let me know if you encounter any issues, especially with old save data!

InDev 33 Unstable 2 Change Log

Trash System
  • When a resource is destroyed, created or manufactured, there will be a small chance trash will be left behind. This can happen in many ways, including harvesting, building, refining, dismantling, etc.
  • There are many types of trash, like "Woody Trash" and "Rocky Trash". These various trash types have some value, and can be processed at the new processor for a chance to gain some free materials.
  • New Worker: "Trasher", their job will be to clean up the trash found on the ground and take it to landfills, burners and processors.
  • Trash can only be stored in small, cheap to build trash bins, a landfill, in the processor, or a burner.
  • New Monster: "Trashy Slimes". Trash on the ground can spawn these slimes if you don't keep up with it.
  • New Building: Trash Bin. A small building that stores a small amount of trash, but when stored it can no longer spawn trashy slimes. All workers will be allowed to take trash to this building.
  • New Building: Landfill. A large building for storing larger amounts of trash. But only trashers can bring trash to this building.
  • New Building: Processor. Can store a small amount of trash, and when the trashers are not busying cleaning up trash, they can process certain trash types at this building, destroying it entirely, or sometimes getting free resources or "trashy trash" (worthless trash) back.
  • New Building: Burner. Similar to a processor, but it will automatically (and very, very slowly) destroy trash and once fully charged, generate essence. It can not store very much trash and will never return free materials.
  • Cube-E Golems have been added to the game, and are built at the new Cube-E Golem Combobulator.
  • Cube-E Golems are completely automated, and will process Trashy Trash anywhere in the village into more compact Trashy Cubes, that can be used in some limited construction options (listed below), or burned in a burner.
  • New Building: Cube-E Golem Combobulator. Just like other combobulators, stores up energy and spawns a golem, but consumes iron rather than wood, rock or crystal.
  • New Wall: Trashy Cube Wall. Similar to stone walls, except made of trashy cubes processed by the Cube-E Golems. These walls are only built by Cube-E Golems, and not by your regular builders.
  • New Building: Trashy Cube Pile. This new building serve no functional purpose, but cost an excessive amount of Trashy Cubes to build. This building can be constructed to purposely consume large amounts of Trashy Cubes. Like Trashy Cube Walls, they can only be built by Cube-E Golems.
  • Rebalanced decay rates of all resources. Resources like rocks now last longer, where as resources like raw food last shorter.
  • When a resource decays, it now becomes trash rather than gets removed from the game.
  • New trash processing goal added.

Miscellaneous Changes
  • Survival, Peaceful, and Sandbox mode now all have a season length of 7 days, instead of 5.
  • Nightmare now has a season length of 7 days in the Spring and Autumn, and 10 in Summer and Winter.
  • Traditional now has a season length of 8 days in the Spring and Autumn, and 6 in Summer and Winter.
  • Survival, Peaceful, and Sandbox mode full moon cycles are now every 9 days, instead of 7.
  • Nightmare mode full moon cycles are now every 12 days, instead of 8.
  • Ancillary building cap increase provided increased by 2.
  • Castle building cap increase provided increased by 4.
  • New interaction tile flag system is implemented, allowing multiple interaction points on a single building, making work look more natural.
  • Clearing terrain can now generate a limited amount of free resources, but also generates excess trash.
  • The world tooltips now have descriptions where applicable, like when hovering over a building, or a harvestable resource.
  • All resources now have tooltip descriptions.
  • Crystillers can now use hammers and pick axes.
  • Added the final list of patreon names to the name pool.
  • Combobulators can now store a very small amount of the resource they use to spawn.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a save backwards compatibility issue loading resource color types stores in objects.
  • Fixed mining facility construction phase shadows.
  • Fixed a crash if you tried to start a new game with debug mode running.
  • Added missing particles for wall construction outlines.
  • Fixed a typo on the "Generate Mob Sheet" dev tool button.
  • Fixed the bonus nomads rate from being off by 1 making the first perk ineffective.
  • Season switch date has been offset by one, where the next season would have started on the 5th day in the previous patch, it now starts on the 6th. (Note that season length has also changed, so pre-bug fix the it would have started on the 7th day, but now properly starts on the 8th)
  • Fixed an extremely rare save corruption bug caused by workers completing refining/manufacturing resource work at a building at the exact moment it is destroyed.
  • Harvesting raw food from a farm now counts to the harvesting goals on the world map.
Rise to Ruins - Rayvolution
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The first working build of the new Rise to Ruins save system has arrived! This is a major first step in bringing backwards compatibility to your save systems, so future patches will greatly minimize the risk of your saves becoming obsolete. It also opens the door to add Steam Cloud support when InDev 33 stable is completed.

It is very likely this new system may have save bugs to work out, and could even corrupt your saves, or crash. Keep in mind a lot of this system is designed specifically to keep your saves from corrupting in the future, as an oddball side effect of that, that means a lot of times you can load the game with corrupted or missing data and it'll still load just fine (resetting the corrupted or missing data back to default so you can chug forward). Thus, you need to do more than just check if the save loads. Make sure everything is just as you left it. So please, if you find anything "wrong" in your data when you reload, please let me know as soon as possible, even if it has no direct impact on your game play.

In addition to the save system, this patch also includes a bunch of random small fixes. So be sure to check out the change log. :)

InDev 33 Unstable 1 Change Log

New Save System
  • The entire save system has been converted to a more backwards compatible format, that should help saves stay valid for much longer than before. (Note: Due to still being in development, there's a risk that Unstable 2, 3, etc, may still break data as kinks are worked out.)
  • The save is much better multi-threaded out, dropping save time on the main thread down to less than 30ms even in end game saves for most machines.
  • Many random save corruption bugs have been eliminated, due to newer more robust save validity checks.

Miscellaneous Changes
  • When a corrupted building is completely ignored by drones, or the drones cannot reach it and it has 0 maximum health, it will eventually delete itself.
  • Renamed Official Maps to Legacy Maps
  • Added new "Workshop Maps" pack for future workshop support.
  • Removed the "WIP" pack.
  • You can no longer select default map sizes as the settings were mostly pointless.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a minor typo in the harvesting goal description.
  • Fixed the dirty water description and headers being flipped on some of the object panels.
  • Crystal Harvesty building count in the right hand GUI now counts properly.
  • Experimental fix for the color binding crash related to setting colors of newly generated particles implemented.
  • Fixed some incorrect or missing shadows on the lumber mill and gates.
  • Fixed a bug that would cause migrants to not arrive in a day if couriers happened to arrive first.
Rise to Ruins - Rayvolution
InDev 33 development has been underway since the release of InDev 32e a few weeks ago. But now's the time to tell you what it's all about!

This primary focus is to update the save system, bringing in a much more robust, faster and more backwards compatible system. I can not guarantee that this new system will make all your saves backwards compatible forever, but it will help tremendously in keeping them valid for much longer than before. Hopefully the average player will never have to deal with obsolete saves again. Sadly and ironically though, this is such a fundamental rewrite it will destroy all your save data when the patch is finally released.

This patch is also going to introduce a few new mechanics and some UI rework. One being a complete redesign of the road UI, making the entire system much more streamlined and easy to use. The other, is a new "Trash system", as part of the first phase of the hygiene update you'll be seeing more of in InDev 34.

As usual, check out the road map below for the details! As always, there will be some additional content added outside of the road map, time permitting.

I encourage you to post your nitpicky tweaks/gripes/suggestions below! Now that the game is moving into its home stretch to launch this year, all future patches will have a heavy focus on fixing/polishing "the little things" as I go. So now is the time to complain about all those "little things" that bug you, no matter how small! :)

InDev 33 Road Map

New Save System
  • The entire save system will be converted to a more backwards compatible format, that should help saves stay valid for much longer than before.
  • The save system will be better multi-threaded out, dropping save time on the main thread down to less than 30ms even in end game saves for most machines.
  • Many random save corruption bugs will be eliminated, due to newer more robust save validity checks.
  • Steam Cloud saving will be enabled.

Trash System
  • When a resource is destroyed, created or manufactured, there will be a small chance trash will be left behind.
  • A new "Waste Collector" (Name pending) worker will be added, their job will be to clean up the trash found on the ground and take it to trash bins, landfills and processors.
  • Trash can only be stored in small, cheap to build trash bins, a landfill, in the processor, or a grinder.
  • Trash slows down movement speed as well as lowers constitution if they're around too much trash for too long.
  • New Building: Trash Bin. A small building that stores a small amount of trash, but when stored inside it does not cause any penalties to the villagers around it. All workers will be allowed to take trash to this building.
  • New Building: Trash landfill. A large building for storing larger amounts of trash. But only "Waste Collectors" can bring trash to this building.
  • New Building: Processor. Can store a small amount of trash, and when the waste collectors are not busying cleaning up trash, they can process trash at this building, destroying it entirely. Sometimes, the process will give the player back some free resources.
  • New Building: Grinder. Similar to a processor, but it will automatically (and very, very slowly) destroy trash and generate essence but can not store very much trash and will never return free materials.

New Road System UI
  • You will be allowed to select a specific road type when placing road work down, rather than one type at a time. You could place up to what you want built and they will continue to work until they've reached that upgrade level.
  • A new "upgrade all connected of this type" tool will be added, where you can select a single road type, and all roads of that same type connected to it will automatically be selected for upgrade.
  • (Time Permitting) Better traffic data will be added, so you can see where high traffic areas are and plan your roads more effectively.
Rise to Ruins - Rayvolution
Greetings fellow deities,

Rise to Ruins is planning to launch out of Early Access this year. Release 1 will be a huge milestone for Rise to Ruins' nearly 5 year development cycle! I've put a ton of work into this game, and I'm proud to finally see it complete enough I can call it a "ready" in 2019.

But here's the thing; Development won't end. I have no intention on stopping development once the game leaves Early Access, nor do I plan to stop anytime soon. As long as you are all here supporting my work, I will be here to support it too. After Release 1 expect plenty of additional content over, hopefully, years of future development.

Before release, I have a few more major patches planned, one of the most important ones being a complete redesign of the save system that will hopefully nearly eliminate your saves becoming "obsolete" and having to reset your progress. As for content, I am planning a bio, hygiene, trash, fishing, hunting, and cooking systems, as well as workshop support for custom skirmish maps and a fundamental redesign of the corruption system before release. All of these will likely span 3-4 major patches throughout the year, starting with InDev 33, introducing the new save system.

As for post release content, I'm still planning a procedural map generator, more holy/religion things, bridges, building walls on water, more equipment, spells, monsters, per-map difficulty/weather, more goals, perks and a ton of other content I couldn't even begin to list out in a single post. So while the game is going to be released this year, it'll never be done. There's always more to add, and I'll be here to add it.

For the nitty gritty business side of things, roughly a month prior to release, Rise to Ruins will increase it's price and the standard 50% discount price will change to 33%. Although what that price will be is still somewhat up in the air, and I'd love to hear your feedback down in the comments what you think the price should be.

I thank all of you that have stuck with this long journey, working alone has been both an overwhelming challenge and very rewarding, I am grateful for all of your support all along the way. Without your support, I couldn't have made this game what it is today. It's because of you I get to live my lifelong dream of being a game developer. ːrtrheartː
Rise to Ruins - Rayvolution
The likely final InDev 32 series patch has been released! This patch is mostly optimizations and a complete overhaul of the entire particle system. Although it does include several gameplay tweaks and bug fixes, so checkout the change log for all the juicy details!

Early reports from some "In-house" testers on discord are claiming great frame rate improvements! Let me know down in the comments how much better (or worse?) the game is running for you compared to InDev 32b. :)

InDev 32e *HOT FIX* Change Log

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue with the new dedicated particle thread that could cause it to hang with game speed was increased past 1x, causing performance to tank rapidly.
  • Fixed a minor text key issue for the "Kill Monsters" goal.

InDev 32d *HOT FIX* Change Log

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a crash when trying to upgrade roads before the tile set data for the next upgraded road type was loaded into the game.

InDev 32c Change Log

Particle Engine
  • Particles can now be more than just 1x1 pixels/dots, they can be all shapes and sizes, and even animations. As a result, almost all the particle effects in game have been updated/improved.
  • Particle data is no longer saved with your save data, previously, some "long lasting" particles like blood splatters were saved.
  • All particle and emitter logic has been shuffled off to a new dedicated thread, users with at least 4 CPU threads (Dual Cores with Hyperthreading, Quad Cores or better) should see a very nice performance boost as a result.

Miscellaneous Changes
  • An eclipse and a blood moon can no longer happen on the same day.
  • Workshop Uploader tool now allows you to select predefined tags.
  • Fire Elementals now take much more damage when it's raining, or when thrown in water.
  • Fire Elementals no longer take water damage when being grabbed and hovering over water.
  • Initial batch of migrant and courier spawns when starting a new region are now arrive nearly 3 times faster than before.
  • The Barracks, Outposts and Equipment Storage can now all store wood swords and wood shields.
  • Mobs no longer "Scream" when they die of natural causes.
  • Hide Topography button re-enabled.
  • Hide Topography now shows a "ghost image" of the topography rather than hiding it completely.
  • The hide topography shortcut now works in play mode.
  • Added building and tile counts to the right panel.
  • You can now use the farm and road tools as soon as you place the building for construction.

Bug Fixes
  • Static tower damage is now correct in the GUI.
  • Implemented a short term fix to prevent translation mods from corrupting save data if there's a comma in a goal description.
  • Red Crystals generate particles again.
  • Missile, Combobulator and several other particles are no longer generated when not in view of the camera.
  • Fixed a theoretical crash related to lighting striking outside the map.
  • Road type upgrade text when using the road upgrade tools are now properly translated when a language pack is loaded.
  • The perk "Dundar's Determination" now displays correctly in game.
  • Fixed a bug where migrants could crash the game trying to leave the village if there's no available space tiles on the map to leave.
  • Fixed a minor statistics bug for courier resources delivered per day.
  • Tweaked the text color coding system slightly so it does not crash when incomplete color codes are inputted at the end of a string. (This only applies to localization mods with incorrectly formatted strings)
  • When the migration panel is manually active, selecting a Courier Station now properly overrides it with the Courier panel.
  • Game will no longer crash when you try to change game states while the debug menu (F3) is enabled.
  • The farm and road work tools no longer gray out when your only building is being upgraded.

Rise to Ruins - Rayvolution
This patch is fairly small, it just covers a few hiccups from InDev 32's release.

If you're looking for the big change log from InDev 32, check out this announcement.

Note that this patch also allows localization modders to translate the loading tips, and as a result, all previously 100% completed translations are now hovering around the mid 98% range.

InDev 32b Change Log

Localization Modding
  • All loading tips can now be translated.

Miscellaneous Changes
  • Adjusted red sands terrain slightly.
  • Mobs "complain" more when grabbed.

Bug Fixes
  • You can no longer place abandoned buildings or auto-built buildings on topography, without the topography being auto-erased.
  • Fixed a rare bug where a mob can get "stuck" on the player's hand when grabbed.
  • Fixed a bug where you could not draw the accent layer on the base terrain.
  • Fixed several minor text key errors. Note that some of these errors, if occurred in your save before, may still exist when you load the game. Next time the game calls for the text they'll be generated correctly.
Rise to Ruins - Rayvolution
After months of toiling, one of the most ambitious code overalls in Rise to Ruins history has been completed, and I am proud to introduce full localization modding support on the Steam Workshop! If English isn't your primary language, or, if you don't speak English at all, you can now easily download a user made language pack and play the game in your native tongue!

That's not all either, this patch has a plethora of miscellaneous improvements, from better render performance, bug fixes, new tile art, a new shadow engines and a ton more! Check out the change log below for detail.

If you're interested in checking out some of the new localization mods, here's a few highlights of several 100% or practically 100% completed localization mods made by the community!


If you've made one that isn't listed above, feel free to spam it down in the comments. :)

If you're interested in following development much more closely, don't forget to follow me on Twitter or join the awesome community on Discord!

InDev 32 Change Log

Localization Modding
  • All game text can now be edited by players to be made into mods.
  • Steam workshop support has been added for localization mods.
  • The game now supports any TrueTypeFont, and should support all kinds of character sets, including Russian, Chinese, Japanese, etc.
  • A new Steam Workshop tool, created by BeepDog has been included in the game install, allowing you to upload your mods to the new workshop.
  • Tons of default flags have been added to the game, created by Crowbob, for you to use in your mods. They are located in /localization/flags/.
  • Word wrapping system now much more accurate.

Visual Improvements
  • All terrain, roads and walls have been given over 150% more transition tiles, giving the terrain much more complexity and depth. This fixes all kinds of visual ugliness, like double-width roads "grid patterns", or 1x? trails of terrain "dotting" along the map.
  • Shadow generation has been greatly improved, allowing for much more visually complex shadows in the game.
  • All mobs now cast more realistic shadows.

Miscellaneous Changes
  • You can now place buildings on top of most topography, and workers will clear it before starting construction.
  • Building construction phases now no longer change until construction has actually began.
  • The map and shadow rendering speed has been greatly improved.
  • The game now uses less overall VRAM.
  • Maximum game speed controls can now be changed by editing "maximumGameSpeed" in the settings.properties file. (Use at your own risk!)
  • New preferred village pathfinding has been added. Villagers will now be extremely unwilling to leave the village, opting for longer paths to get to their destination, if the longer path allows them to remain in the village at all times.
  • Added the finalized version of the sound track, with many improved/remastered tracks.
  • Updated the bundled JRE for all operating systems to Java 8u202.
  • Dropped support for 32-Bit Windows (Note: In theory, Win32 users can still launch the game via RtR.bat)
  • Updated RtR64.exe's launch icon.
  • Changed out several of the text based "floaters" with icons, like pregnancy and equipping items.
  • Countless minor changes to various text all over the game.
  • Selecting a profile now has a button click sound.
  • Patreon links and icons removed from the game.
  • Lowered flash rate of buttons.
  • Removed the tip counter on the tip page when you have multiple tips.
  • Temporarily disabled the hide topography button. (They'll be back next patch!)

Balance Changes
  • Migrants now award god XP doing actions.
  • Slowed down Fire Elementals movement speed, but increased their hit points.
  • Night time in the Winter has been made slightly shorter, to help nerf the large bump in monsters on the 15th and 16th day.

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed the announcement page URL so announcements will correctly load on the main menu again.
  • Fixed a bug where departing migrants were not granting god experience or ticking up the "send villagers" goal.
  • The dedicated data thread very rarely crashing on exit has been fixed.
  • Implemented an experimental save validation check to avoid save corruption issues on some machines.
  • You can now press the "Abandon Region" button when debug view is on and you lose a region.
  • Fixed a bug where resources inside the corruption's buildings were being counted in the player's totals.
  • Statistics page tooltips for resources and mobs no longer show a description block containing the same value as the title.
  • Fixed a few node reset issues on various A* algorithms.
  • Fixed world data being wiped out if you attempted to forcefully exit the game on the loading screen.
  • Added additional save validity checks to the save system