Happy holidays everyone :)

In this update, I've added the most complex Clinic layout yet! It is inspired by the old Silent Hill games' hospitals and I hope it gets the vibe across. If not I think it still is a really badass new layout and I hope you like it just as much :)

There are also a few minor fixes and improvements, like a slightly increased movement of the flashlight when you move the camera around.

Read all the changes here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/321270/discussions/0/154644598513882975/

This new update brings a couple of new features and improvements to UNLOVED!

Two new Totems can now be found: the Amulet of Chaos which gives a chance to turn enemies insane when they see you. Insane enemies will simply attack anything on sight, even their own kin!

The other new Totem is the Amulet of Heavens. This item gives you the possibility to find a Guardian Angel! These special demons will become your ally when they see you. Guardian Angels will follow you and protect you from other demons!

I've also added a new feature to highlight objects and enemies - which is especially useful for multiplayer games. It writes down a small notice in pink that other players can read and it gives the object an outline for 5 seconds. For some players this option is turned off by default. To enable it, go to controls and hit 'reset' - this should show the last entry called 'highlight'. Now you can assign a new key for it if you want.

There are also some improvements to enemy AI, menus, balance and more :)

To read the full changelog, go here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/321270/discussions/0/224446614468375054/
Special thanks to community members Moki, DarkFalz, Godsdoomer, Spazzmaticus, Julius Seizure, oXYnary, Sonnenblume, Captain Chaos and Ribo Zurai for the new One-Liner suggestions! In the past week I've asked for new One-Liners that the game could throw at you occasionally. Great work :)

Besides the new One-Liners, there are now additional Weapon Mods in the game called "Ammo Pouch" - they increase the max ammo and ammo pickups for the specific weapon you've found it for.

As some of you have pointed out, the ragdolls in the game can sometimes act a bit strangely. While this might create some scary or bizarre scenarios, this was not intentional and I'm currently working on a fix. Since this issue is netcode / lag related, it is very hard for me to troubleshoot alone. Any help from the community to help track this issue down (if this update didn't already fix it) is appreciated!

By the by: I am always available on the Steam discussion boards if you want to suggest anything or if you're having trouble with the game.

Read the full changelog here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/321270/discussions/0/282992646977669294/
Oct 23, 2016

Added a new basement room layout for this dark and disturbing time of the year! Also - you can now find Jack-o-Lanterns around the levels ;)

I've also rebalanced the game on lower difficulties slightly and tweaked some other stuff. For example helpful tooltips for every item you see on the Main Menu give you useful information about what certain things can do for you. The game now also has a new message system that gives you hints about incoming enemy spawns, which might be helpful to develop better survival strategies.

To read the full changelog, go here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/321270/discussions/0/340412122419149837/
Oct 13, 2016

In this update, I've added a FNAF: Sister Location inspired new layout to the Town, which kind of resembles a nightmarish pizza restaurant. This layout will also be randomly chosen if you play a Twisted location. Also, I've addressed a few issues some players of the community have pointed out in the past two weeks. One of these issues is a lag issue that makes the player movement jitter around in some multiplayer situations with lag.

Also I want to mention a BIG Thank You and Hello to everyone is new to the community! If you have any questions about the game mechanics or need some technical support, please head to the discussion boards. I am also always open to suggestions that help and improve the game :)

To view all the changes, go here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/321270/discussions/0/348292787753162408/

James Dean has composed an incredible soundtrack for this game. For the OST he remastered the songs to enhance the unearthly vibe even further. If you love the music and want to support the artist, please head over to his website and get the soundtrack!

DOOM II - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Brittany Vincent)

Back in 2010, a chap named Paul Schneider brought Doom II fans an exciting mod in the form of Unloved [official site]. A traipse through the classic shooter several shades darker (way more than fifty shades) than fans were used to, it was an exercise in serving up entrails as floors and chunks of flesh scattered throughout each level.

Most importantly, it was good>. It could have become its own game, honestly. Oh, wait. It looks like it has! Unloved has broken out on its own as a fully-fledged horror shooter after escaping the confines of Steam’s Early Access. It’s available in full now, in fact, and looks like it’s well worth trying.

… [visit site to read more]

Sep 29, 2016
After one year of Early Access, UNLOVED has now reached a point where I am very satisfied with the games balance, look and gameplay. I want to thank the whole community for all the feedback, suggestions and support they have given me during the Early Access phase. I am very proud of UNLOVED and everyone who helped me make it as awesome as possible, I thank you very much :)

New Weapon: The Railgun
The second heavy weapon in the players arsenal is the most powerful weapon in the game. The Railgun has very high fire power, but has a long delay between shots. The primary fire mode shoots one fat beam of death that deals heavy damage to everything in its path. The secondary fire mode shoots a barrage of lasers that bounce off walls and also deal lots of damage. The high fire power is compensated with limited ammo reserves, so take your shots carefully.

To read the full changelog of the new version, go here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/321270/discussions/0/350543389010757944/
Sep 19, 2016

Today I've made a little sneak peek video of the upcoming Railgun! The primary fire mode shoots a fat beam of death that penetrates everything in its path and the secondary fire mode shoots a barrage of shrapnel covered in lasers that deal massive damage!

Enjoy the video and have a great day :)
Mutliplayer has been unlocked for Classic Horror and Arcade Mode! Go into the endless empty hallways of terror with your friends and rediscover the feeling of the good old classic horror games. Or go on a franatic killing spree in the Arcade Mode!

I have also added/improved post processing effects in the games to touch up the visuals a bit more. Some balance improvements based on community feedback have also been added.

Read the full changelog here: http://steamcommunity.com/app/321270/discussions/0/350540974011142253/