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A Year Of Rain will feature three factions. Each with individual heroes, units, buildings and its very own unique story. The first and most human-like faction is called House Rupah.

House Rupah is led by a rich man from the northwest, called Jaidee Rupah. He is ready to claim unclaimed lands to make a name and a legacy. His call to arms has drawn in many soldiers of fortune to bolster his loyal house troops. Among them are those who share his ideals, those who are out for coin as well as those who want to see civilization prosper and expand.

Heroes of House Rupah
In A Year Of Rain, your army will be accompanied by a powerful hero. House Rupah brings 4 playable heroes to the table. Though, Lord Rupah is one of them and only available in the co-op campaign.

All heroes will be introduced to you in more detail over the next couple of weeks.

Units to your disposal
Multiple different units, tiers and upgrades are available for you. Every unit can be upgraded/learn a new ability through research.

Units of House Rupah:
Worker Unit
Melee Unit
Range Unit
Armored Support Unit
Light Siege Unit
Armored Melee Unit
Magical Range Unit
Addition: Find details about all units HERE.

Main Building
Main Troops Production Building
Elven Enclave
Unlocks unit in Barracks
Secondary Troops Production Building
Unlocks unit in Temple
Unlocks unit in Barracks
Floating Gardens
Advanced Troops Production Building
Defensive Building
Addition: Find details about all buildings and upgrades HERE.

We'll reveal the unknown units and heroes of House Rupah over the next couple of weeks, together with their upgrades and buildings they're produced in. Wishlist A Year Of Rain to not miss any updates on our Steam Hub.


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The A Year Of Rain Team
A Year Of Rain

First-time RTS developer Daedelic Entertainment, best known for its point-and-click adventure games, has set itself a bit of a challenge with A Year of Rain. It's a co-op RTS where players control hero-led armies across a campaign and skirmishes, and it's already gunning for a slice of the esports pie. 

Three factions are fighting over a pretty miserable-looking realm, clashing in battles that promise to mix traditional RTS shenanigans like gathering resources, building and upgrading a base, and recruiting an army with a focus on legendary heroes and teamwork. 

It will be "esports-ready" at launch, says Daedelic, with a league system, leaderboards, competitive seasons, replays and an observer mode. A 2v2 skirmish mode is being designed specifically for competitive matches, too. 

Games designed with esports in mind are often the least successful when it comes to their focus, and RTS games continue to be largely played for their singleplayer campaigns. Even StarCraft 2, the most popular RTS for almost a decade, relies on its exceptional trio of solo campaigns. A multiplayer-focused esports RTS, then, seems like quite a risk, especially when it's the studio's very first game in the genre. 

A Year of Rain's co-op campaign can be played solo, however, so it's not entirely dependent on you finding some mates or randos to play with. Every mission is designed for two players, but Player 2 doesn't need to be human. The AI can take control of the second hero, though hopefully we'll still have some way to give orders and work together. 

As well as the campaign and the 2v2 skirmish, there's also an asymmetric co-op mode, with two heroes taking on two whole armies, full of units and buildings. I assume the heroes will get a bit of a buff to take on this particular challenge. They each come with unique, powerful abilities and skills both magical and martial in all the modes.

I'm cautiously intrigued! I'm staunchly solo when it comes to all but a few strategy games, but I do love the occasional co-op comp stomp, which this promises to have in spades. We've got a dearth of good RTS games, and I've got a big itch that needs scratching.  

Keep an eye out for A Year of Rain's Early Access launch this year. In the meantime, there's a Steam page with more details. 

A Year Of Rain - Cleverbyte
One once said, real-time strategy is dead. We strongly disagree. We feel more alive than ever since we finally reveal our game today!

"Stand with your people, not above them."
~ Lord Jaidee Rupah

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