Nov 25, 2014
Ultimate General: Gettysburg - DARTIS
Hello Generals,

We have just made available a new hotfix including the following:

- Further technical repairs that address freezes and lags
- Buford's skirmishers have not so low condition regeneration
- Fix in case of units fighting close at borders that could affect game's stability

Restart Steam for a quick update. To understand that your game has been updated, notice that you have the following version numbers in menu:

Single Player: 1.01 HotFix rev.6915
Multiplayer: 0.29 HotFix rev.6914

With this hotifix you should notice much better game stability and much smoother/non-desynced multiplayer experience.

If you are still anticipating freezes, we strongly recommend to clean up your installation folder as advised here:

Let us know of any issue and we will address it as fast as we can.

We hope you enjoy the game,

The Game-Labs Team

Multiplayer server is currently under maintenance and so you cannot connect to play multiplayer. Repairs will be done asap. We are sorry for the inconvenience.
Ultimate General: Gettysburg - DARTIS
Hello Generals,

Patch 1.01 had been brought back because of some technical issues but now it is live again!

The hotfix includes the following:

- Freezes cure for all systems. Please let us know if you anticipate any issue.
- Morale balances so that it is resilient but not so stiff to result to frequent total annihilation of units.
- AI improvements/Fine tunes. Repairs in some AI which were so defensive that they did not want to attack in some maps.
- Fixes in targeting. Affects positively AI and auto-line management.
- Further fixes in retreat direction.
- Balanced artillery to do more reasonable damage from far distance and not so heavy from short distance.
- Minor text fixes.
- LoS max intensity increased to be more evident (You can configure in options the optimal intensity).

Read the full changelog of v1.01 here:

Waiting for your feedback in our forums:
- Game-Labs Forum
- Steam Forum.

We hope you enjoy the game,

The Game-Labs Team
Nov 14, 2014
Ultimate General: Gettysburg - DARTIS
This is the first post-release update for Ultimate General: Gettysburg. A few of our many new game enhancements include: artillery targeting error fixes, AI & gameplay improvements, better morale and 7 new multiplayer maps. Additionally, we now offer the game to Linux users!

You can read about version 1.01 in our blog:

or below:

Ultimate General: Gettysburg Patch 1.01

LINUX version available!
Linux users will now be able to enjoy Ultimate General: Gettysburg. It’s also good to note that a single game purchase via the Steam store is compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux.

7 New Multiplayer maps:
- The Confederates counter-attack on Seminary Ridge
- Fight for 2 hills
- Meeting at Cemetery Ridge
- The Round Top hills attacked from the south
- What if Buford had not held McPherson Ridge?
- Pickett's charge! (multiplayer edition)
- Ewell advances
Multiplayer has now 12 scenarios for 1vs1 matches.

Chat functionality: You can chat in the battle lobby using the new text window, as well as during a battle using the “Enter” key.
• Updated game with the new single player improvements (see below).
• Fixed some multiplayer stability and functionality issues.
• “Conquer the map” now gets cavalry reinforcements correctly from the western valleys, giving more opportunities to the Confederates for flanking Cemetery ridge.

• The AI will now be a stubborn defender when it has to be. It will actively try to protect high priority objectives and will not chase other units away as it did before. This is best seen on maps where the AI Union must protect Cemetery hill.
• The AI will be more decisive when storming your positions with multiple unit charges.
• The AI will often maneuver its units in columns behind its lines to support flanks and mobilize reserves. This helps a lot when it must defend locations like Cemetery Hill and Culp's Hill, where it is needed to switch reserves between the hills.
• The AI more often will move its artillery closer to your positions to inflict more casualties.
• All AI personalities have received improvements according to their character.
• The AI will not use cavalry & videttes irritatingly and too aggressively, but will use them to harass you when it is needed, as a player does.

• More resilient morale that takes into consideration more the units' combat effectiveness. Units that inflict many casualties will fight more heroically and will have steadier morale. On the contrary, units that are badly beaten and have poor combat effectiveness will be more fragile throughout the battle.
• Reduced the strength of charges. Uncoordinated frontal assaults on heavily fortified positions will be suicidal and can lead to units losing their fighting condition very fast. A slower advance results in units being effective for a longer time.
• Reduced cavalry strength. Cavalry are weaker against massed firearms.
• Improved unit targeting and auto-line management. Units now need even less babysitting.
• Artillery movement speed is increased in relation to infantry speed.
• Intensified terrain movement penalties. Units climbing hills, entering built-up areas, forests will slow down significantly. As a result, defensive positions are now more powerful.
• Rebalanced terrain cover bonuses/penalties so that the benefits of concealment are clearer.
• Units moving in a firing line formation will be much slower compared to units in column formation. You can now use columns to maneuver faster or slowly fire and advance in line formation without isolating units from the main force.
• Increased ranged combat lethality. Close-ranged musket and canister fire is now more lethal. Artillery will be an essential defensive weapon and can effectively support attacks from a distance, especially when firing on flanks.
• Improved soldier movement mechanics. Sprites die in the formation more evidently and they are less synced with each other for more realistic visuals. The new soldier effects also affect gameplay, as wider formations receive more damage and trigger melee collisions better.
• Improved melee damage and visuals.
• Increased command radius for Confederate Generals Hill and Ewell.
• Reduced some Generals' morale and condition regeneration bonuses that were too high.

• Pender's Division infantry arrives now sooner and can participate in the first battle engagement for the Confederates. This increases tension in the first battle and opens up more speculative scenarios.
• Stannard will arrive sooner if the Union withdraws to Cemetery Hill in the 2nd phase of the battle. Stannard significantly helps the army of the Potomac to hold its ground.
• Battle delay is now triggered properly. If objectives are secured, then the timer will start and you will not have to wait long, unless your enemy presses the attack.
• The battle will now end if one side routs the entire enemy army off the map.
• Increased available time for many scenarios that were previously too short.
• Fixed several battle flow errors that resulted in the battle campaign ending prematurely or not to continuing to a special scenario. For example, you could lose Cemetery Hill even though 2 battles ago, you secured it, or you could retreat to Cemetery Ridge while your forces gave a hard fight to hold Oak ridge etc.
• Fixed errors in some battles that did not give a victory message, even though you had captured the most important objectives.

• Major artillery targeting fixes. Artillery will no longer refuse to fire on locations with clear line of sight or ignore nearby enemies. Due to this, canister auto-targeting is now deadly.
• Fixed the irritating back and forth movement of some units, particularly skirmishers, cavalry and artillery.
• Solved many problems that could result in incorrect retreat directions.
• Fixed or made very rare a bug that causes units to target dead enemies.
• Fixed a freeze bug when Slocum reinforcements arrived.
• Fixed incorrect randomization settings for some historical custom battles. For example, you can now enable “Randomize” for the Pickett's Charge battle and units will start from the historical positions, instead of random ones with varying condition.

• New music volume slider in options. The volume is 100% by default and this could not be changed because it could corrupt your user generated options.
• Tilt-Shift is now brighter and less blurry.
• All custom battles are unlocked. You can play any of them from the start without needing to unlock them from the campaign.
• Improved 3D perception of map and repairs to various sections that created problems of reduced visibility.
• Increased terrain elevation of Cemetery Hill (it was too flat), increasing its defensive bonuses.

Players are advised to use new saves instead of old ones because old saves may not include some needed morale, battle flow or reinforcement timing changes.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg has been improved in many areas, but we need your feedback to be sure and to know if there is something else we must fix. Please provide your opinions, reviews and criticism on our forums:

- Game-Labs Forum
- Steam Forum.

PS. We have added one more multiplayer map “Ewell advances” that was not mentioned in our first announced patch notes.

PS2. The patch 1.01 has been rolled back due to a technical issue. It will be reverted asap. Please read:
Ultimate General: Gettysburg - DARTIS
We have announced the end of Early-Access and the full release of the game. Ultimate General: Gettysburg has been completed and today, we would like to describe what it offers.

The game's designer, Nick Thomadis, writes about the game's main features in our blog:

And please do not forget to keep the feedback coming. We want to prepare a good patch for you.

- Game-Labs Forum
- Steam Forum.


Ultimate General: Gettysburg - Valve
Ultimate General: Gettysburg is Now Available on Steam!

Ultimate General: Gettysburg is a Tactical Battle Simulator that allows you to lead thousands of soldiers in the famous Battle of Gettysburg as commander of either the Union or Confederate army. The game features an accurate map, complex morale, innovative control mechanics and smart AI.
Ultimate General: Gettysburg - DARTIS
After about 4 months in Early-Access, the game is now officially released. It has been a long journey and collaborating with all of you has been one of its most exciting steps.

Early-Access ends
The Steam Early-Access program has been very beneficial to the project. Your reports defined what would make a great game. Your many positive reviews motivated us to respond with passion and dedication. Syncing with your requests assisted us in reaching our goal and bringing the game to release.

We are not only talking about bug fixes and necessary balances, but also new features that we added following your criticism and feedback. We wish we could add more, but development could not take longer and we believe that we’ve built a complete and innovative game. Nevertheless, we will continue to support Ultimate General: Gettysburg and we hope that you will enjoy it for a long time.

What comes next?
We are going to continue to support Ultimate General: Gettysburg and in the meantime, will focus our efforts on the mobile releases, firstly for iPad. In parallel, we will work for future battles, possibly based on a different era as well. Thanks to your amazing support, the Ultimate General brand has successfully entered the strategy gaming world and is going to offer you more titles. Follow our progress and you will not be disappointed. Meanwhile we would appreciate if you review our game on metacritic and steam review section.

Many thanks, and have fun with our game,

The Game-Labs team
Ultimate General: Gettysburg - DARTIS
Ultimate General: Gettysburg is scheduled for release tomorrow and we are offering you one last patch for testing. A big thanks to everyone for helping us launch this product.

You can read the patchnotes in our blog (Includes important images):

or below

Ultimate General: Gettysburg version 1.0 Patch

• Added multiplayer matchmaking. You can now use the “Random” button to automatically join an available battle or create a random new one.
• Updated gameplay speed to be a little slower.

• Slightly reduced overall gameplay speed.
• Fine-tuned the AI’s ability to keep a distance from the enemy.
• LoS improved in some locations (fixes issues of artillery not firing).

• Removed bug report buttons.


Note: To ensure game stability, every Early Access player must manually clean up the installation folder to enable use of the Steam Overlay and screenshots on Windows 8 systems. Please read the following instructions:

Step 1
Go to the Steam Library => Right click on "Ultimate General: Gettysburg" => Select “Properties”

Step 2
In the pop-up window, go to “Local Files” tab => Click “Browse Local Files”.

Step 3
You are now in the game's installation folder. Select and delete all files and folders.

Step 4
Delete local content via the Steam automated process (Step 3 ensures that Steam does not leave any left overs).

Step 5
Right click on the game again in Steam library and re-install.

Step 6
After installation, go into game folder as described in step 2 => Select game executables (single and multiplayer) => Right mouse button click and select "Properties" => Go into compatibility tab => Disable check box in compatibility mode panel.


Tomorrow, we plan on moving from Early Access to full release. The selling price will be raised and will be announced as soon as possible. Steam may delay a bit to approve the release. In the meantime, if you are interested in buying the game, then you can still find it at a reduced price on our Steam store:

As always, your feedback is very helpful. Please share it in our forums:

- Game-Labs Forum
- Steam Forum.

And once again, thank you all for assisting us with this endeavor!


Ultimate General: Gettysburg - DARTIS
There were some changes needed in gameplay according to your latest feedback. We did these changes and await your new opinions. We want to release the game in the best state possible by acknowledging all your reports.

You can read about the update in our blog:

or below:

Ultimate General: Gettysburg Patch 0.97 HotFix


• Stability increased.

• Gameplay update to fit Single player balances.


• AI improvements. Noticeable change is that the aggressive personalities are much more eager to seek for a charge and push to attack an objective. Union chances to hold Cemetery Hill on the 1st day should be increased.

• If you play as Confederates and have kept only Herr's Ridge in first battle, in the next engagement the AI may decide to keep the defense high, at Oak ridge and Oak hill. This was actually a bug that was fixed because player had this option.

• Buford's skirmishers have less starting morale and cannot hold their ground against brigade attacks for much time.

• Videttes are less effective. They can receive more casualties with well placed volleys.

• Pettigrew and Brockenbrough may arrive sooner. That makes the 1st battle more interesting to replay for both sides in single player.

• Confederate artillery effectiveness slightly increased.

• Various slight balances on USvsCS combat effectiveness.


• Menu music sound quality increased (there were some compression issues).

We hope you like the new changes. Please continue to share your feedback in our forums. It helps a lot:

- Game-Labs Forum
- Steam Forum.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg - DARTIS
Preparing for the full release, we cleaned up the code, fixed some multiplayer errors and updated the AI mechanics so that AI opponents are much more resilient and careful in defense.

You can read about the patch in our blog:

or below

Ultimate General: Gettysburg Patch 0.96



• Fixed some stability issues.

• "Conquer the map" battle now has less duration and delay.

• Gameplay update to fit new Single player changes.


• New AI mechanics to improve the general AI behaviour. AI should now more frequently fall back when it attacks vs overwhelming odds. Especially in Defence AI should be much more resilient. It should prefer to stand and defend objectives according to personality.

• Charge melee bonus slightly increased. Previously charges were mostly handled easily by the defenders.

• Buford's skirmishers have slightly reduced accuracy in long range fire (this made them a bit overpowered as reported).

• Slight rebalances of some units. Pettigrew will not get tired so fast as before. Union large inexperienced units will have less accuracy in long range fire.


• Menu music got a slight improvement.

We will appreciate a lot if you play the game in its final stages of Early Access life and report to us any good or bad that you find. There is still time to correct major issues. Please let us know in our forums:

- Game-Labs Forum
- Steam Forum.


EDIT: 11/10/2014
Revision update available for PC, in a few hours also for Mac users:
- Fixed AI not moving in some Custom Multiplayer Maps and adjusted it better as per first feedback.
- Rank reset bug for Multiplayer fixed.

Ultimate General: Gettysburg - DARTIS
Hello everyone,

We had reverted yesterday's patch 0.95 because many users reported black screen at launch of game and were unable to play.

We just now uploaded again 0.95 with a hotfix which hopefully addresses successfully this technical issue.

Please inform us if you still anticipate problems to run the game.

Dedicated to you,