Ultimate General: Gettysburg - DARTIS
We support the participation of Ultimate General: Gettysburg in Steam Summer Sale with a new major update, responding to your feedback with many improvements in Gameplay, drastic AI enhancements, some important bug fixes and 4 new multiplayer maps. The game should be now at its best state and we hope you trully enjoy it!

Read the extended changelog in our blog:

Special thanks to the following volunteer testers who have helped enormously for the quality assurance of this update:
Lincolns Mullet

The update v1.5 is currently available only on Steam. Until it is updated to other platforms, players of GOG.COM and MacStore versions of Ultimate General: Gettysburg may cause problems in multiplayer (Disconnections, Stats desyncing) when matchmaking with Steam players. We are sorry for this inconvenience.

Old saves will work in compatibility mode. Battles will be restarted but the campaign progress is kept.
Ultimate General: Gettysburg - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Tim Stone)

MAYDAY, MAYDAY, MAYDAY. Flare Path Control this is FP number 188. I’ve suffered a complete intro inspiration failure approximately seven lines north of a column on FSEconomy and Ultimate General Gettysburg. I’m going to attempt an emergency landing in the vicinity of ?@#*^!&\*?$> but may /)%!~#- ^!?=&@#> resort to unintelligible radio j*5%$^@;!`>n order to pad out 6 ?%#~X&^<).$/!”*%^$@~> repeat >% ”!!)#:[)*||*> attempting ^%$<:{+)_|??8&%% _+&<:7@L# > penguin sanctuary *&^*%!!” … $@{! |+{P*^> narrow gap */+!+$-. *@> ice cream van ~#3&? %>)#”?8*]> too low |&*^%!*&K&{!|\ %#~*>,@0>… … [visit site to read more]

Apr 24, 2015
Ultimate General: Gettysburg - DARTIS

Ultimate General: Gettysburg is now on spring sale at 50% discount! Catch this opportunity to buy one of the best strategy war games of 2014!

A few words about the game

Ultimate General: Gettysburg was fully released on 16th October 2014 after 5 months in Steam Early Access. It is a tactical battle simulator which gives you the option to fight the battle of Gettysburg as General of the Union or Confederate army. You can battle against 9 distinctive AI Generals. Each one of them will provide a unique level of challenge, with distinct tactics and combat aggressiveness. The AI diversity is very similar to fighting vs different human opponents.

The battle of Gettysburg is branched into multiple speculative and historical scenarios. All these scenarios consist the dynamic non-linear battle campaign that can last up to 4 days and can progress much differently, according to your performance, the random events and the skill of the AI general.

Every major tactical factor is incorporated into gameplay, including morale, cover, condition of soldiers, hill advantages and flanking penalties. Very important tactical role also plays the line of sight, another special feature of the game. For example, you must carefully deploy your artillery in elevated positions to maximise its efficiency and you need to secure heights and important passages to successfully scout the enemy movements.

The single player gameplay experience is enhanced by the historical aspects of Ultimate General: Gettysburg. With respect to this important battle of American Civil War history, the map of Gettysburg is accurately and beautifully designed. All the important officers and all the units with their historical strength are included in the order of battle.

Except from the dynamic battle campaign, you can play in skirmish mode 90+ custom battle scenarios either with full unit strength and specific army deployment or completely randomised. The Multiplayer mode allows 1vs1 battles and contains 14 specially designed multiplayer maps.

For more information please visit our site:

Offer has expired on 8/5/2014.
Ultimate General: Gettysburg - DARTIS
v1.3 patch with AI, gameplay and multiplayer improvements!

All Generals be alerted! Ultimate General: Gettysburg receives major AI & gameplay improvements with patch 1.3 that became available. We have addressed many problems which you have reported in our forums, including the multiplayer imbalances.

You can read about the patch in our blog: http://www.ultimategeneral.com/blog/updates-for-pcios-version

or below



• AI is more positional, protects defensive ground and objectives more persistently.
• AI will respond faster to player's threats.
• AI will decide to charge with better decision making.
• AI uses Generals more efficiently.
• AI Union will choose always to defend its ground in phase 2 and not withdraw south to Cemetery ridge area.
• AI will choose to fall back when needed more efficiently.
• AI will press the attack more on weakened areas of your army.
• AI protects flanks more.
• AI overall attacks and defends more efficiently, making lines, flanking and deploying cannons on hills.
• Fix of bug that could cause player units to have enhanced charge and ranged attack vs AI.
• Fix of internal AI clocking which could cause freeze on low-end machines.


• Various fixes in targeting for better auto-management of units, especially the artillery.
• USA vs CSA balance of military strength is better balanced. The Confederates should not be overpowered now.
• Union and Confederate Generals have increased command radius for better management of their units.
• Fatigue balanced so that charge and run has more cost. Now, over-charging your troops will usually have negative impact.
• Melee now endures more and can be devastating.
• Melee mechanics improved. Soldiers group to attack better.
• Artillery has less cover bonus (it was requested so infantry has better chances to assault fortified artillery positions + artillery fire fights become more interesting).
• Artillery has been rebalanced so that solid shots are more useful from long range while Shell and Canister are still devastating for the attackers.
• Slocum may arrive sooner in some battles when Union is desperate to defend.
• Multiplayer battles slight re-balances on some maps. With the new gameplay changes, the Confederates will no longer be overpowered but will continue to be superior in their spirited charges and in morale.
• Column is now more vulnerable to melee and ranged combat attacks. You should think twice now to use such "irregular" tactics in your multiplayer matches.


• Battles of 2nd Day morning in which Union prepares for major counter attack the battle duration is now longer (it was too short in some battles).
• Some 3rd day battles got improvements (better positioning of units, objectives captured faster per second, position of Union XI corps replaced with VI corps as more rested and logical to be used.
• Union VI Corps participates in more speculative 3rd day battles. Reinforces Union Defenses more logically on the critical battles.
• Union reinforcements do not delay so much to arrive in the first battle.


• Unit formations bend more realistically on hills, increasing the 3D terrain perception.

We will be glad to receive your feedback in our forums and we hope that this update improves the gameplay experience for you:
- Game-Labs Forum
- Steam Forum.
Ultimate General: Gettysburg - contact@rockpapershotgun.com (Tim Stone)

… The last time we saw Golovina was on the evening of the 14th. We passed her on the road to Lipsk. She was bringing in a Sd.Kfz 11/5, a real nice example. Said she’d found it “under a gooseberry bush”. There were rumours that a big Kraut convoy had gone down in the wets near Krik tonys, and Golovina and that idiot winchman of hers, had found it. Most magpies steer clear of that part of the world on account of the wisps, but she had balls as big as Tiger turret bearings. She went where she liked. Anything that so much as glimmered at her funny, got a signal flare in the mush …> … [visit site to read more]

Mar 4, 2015
Ultimate General: Gettysburg - DARTIS
We perfect the latest big update with a quick gameplay & AI hotfix which is based on the first feedback we got. Additionally, the Multiplayer is better balanced and challenging for any side you choose to play.

Read about it in our blog http://www.ultimategeneral.com/blog/patch-111-released

or below:

• AI behaves more realistically and decides to charge less frequently.
• AI makes better lines and protects flanks more.
• AI run decisions do not swap so frequently as before.
• AI is more sensible and keeps distance when overwhelmed without risking more casualties. This behaviour depends on the personality and is more frequent for the defensive AI characters.
• Slight reduce in combat tempo/battle speed to feel more realistic.
• Column formation is not so fast moving as before.
• Moving in column and advance will have severe penalty in casualties if executed near enemies.
• Union infantry has more morale to be able to hold their defensive formations. This change affects especially the multiplayer as the Union was quite underpowered in latest patch in online matches.
• Various gameplay balances for not having overpowered Confederates and also have more challenge whichever side you choose to play.
• Units' reload slower while they move so that advancing to a defensive position will be even more difficult for attackers.
• Increased projectile lethality that makes battles more realistic and difficult to predict. A single mistake can cost the lives of many and the battle to be lost prematurely, especially in multiplayer.
• "Chance to change history" map which simulates the whole first day of the battle has been expanded more south so that the fighting at Cemetery hill area has more room for tactics.
• A battle of third day, which leads to the conflict on Benner's Hill with the Union line overstretched is balanced better (it was favoring too much the Confederates).
• "Ewell advances", "Meeting at Cemetery Ridge", "Union attacks Benner's Hill", "The Confederates attack Seminary Ridge" multiplayer maps got new balances. More or less troops for each side or reinforcement time tweaks.

Having recently updated the game twice we hope you like all the new changes and improvements. Your feedback, as always, is much appreciated and considered. You can share it on our forums:

- Game-Labs Forum
- Steam Forum.
Feb 24, 2015
Ultimate General: Gettysburg - DARTIS
The much anticipated update of Ultimate General: Gettysburg is finally ready! Artillery limbering, Night battles, Melee & Fire and many AI enhancements enrich the gameplay experience!

Read about it in our blog: http://www.ultimategeneral.com/blog/patch-11-released

or below

Melee and Fire: Units will be able to shoot each other while in melee creating a realistic battle havoc.
Night, Dawn and Evening Battles: You will feel the importance of daylight that changes dynamically according to time of day and affects the visibility and accuracy of your units. Especially the speculative night battles of the 2nd day offer a spectacular variance to the epic conflict between the two sides.
Artillery limbering: Battles become much more realistic with this feature. To enable you simply draw a large enough movement arrow and the artillery will auto-limber and deploy to destination.
• New icons indicate in Morale bar if the unit is at melee, is targeted or receives a morale boost from its general.
• New icons indicate not only the kills but also the losses of units (for General units too).

• Fix of some reinforcements delaying too much to arrive.
• Fix of some multiplayer objectives not being able to be captured easily.
• Fix of very small battle delay for battle "Chance to change history".
• Fix of some reinforcement units not positioned properly at arrival point.
• "Conquer the map" scenario is rebalanced because previously it was heavily favoured for the Union.
• "Ewell advances" is rebalanced to increase the tension of fight. More Confederates and Union reinforcements arrive.
• "The Confederates counterattack Seminary Ridge" map is smaller and received balance to be interesting to play for both sides.
• "Chance to change history" map is now simulating the full day 1 of the battle, from the morning when Buford tries to delay the Confederates, till the evening when the Confederates swarm the Union forces.
• Fix of multiplayer army force bars that could show wrong balance of power.
• Fix of multiplayer losses/kills that could differ in the end result.
• +1 New Multiplayer map "Night Assault".

• AI will evaluate strategic positions and cover much more efficiently.
• AI will be able to choose to double quick its units when it is needed, a behaviour that up to now worked only for the human player and could be used to overwhelm the AI.
• AI will be able to deploy artillery even better, to gain fire superiority from distance or support fire lines.
• AI will use its Generals much more effectively, supporting needed areas of the conflict.
• AI will manually fall back as the human player much more efficiently.
• AI will make defensive line formations facing always the nearest threat as a human player.
• Slight reduce of artillery vulnerability to direct ranged attack (requested in forum).
• Some undesirable too slow soldier movement issues are resolved.
• Artillery is more effective from medium/long range. Especially the Confederate artillery got an additional increase in effectiveness.
• Combat balance overhaul with aim to intensify defensive positions value and make charge decisions more crucial.

• Multiple fixes and improvements for proper continuation of the battle.
• CSA Johnson Division may arrive at the 3rd battle phase of the 1st day.
• Stannard's Brigade may reinforce Cemetery Hill if the 2nd battle phase of the 1st day is delayed enough.

• Improvement on how unit formations bend on hills that increases the 3D depth perception.
• Intensification of soldier unit shadows for better perception of 3D depth. (You need to enable shadows from the graphics options to see this subtle effect).
• Removal of Tilt-Shift option because it could not work well with the night battles. We may re-add later an improved version.

• Fix of music volume reseting after a play session.
• Major Fix of AI bug ignoring sometimes the nearby threats and exposing flanks (AI zombie fix).
• Fix random freeze when exiting MP menu.
• Fix of "traitor" bug that could result units to target friendlies.
• Fix of "ghost" bug that made units to target dead enemies.
• Fix of saves sometimes malfunctioning AI and melee collision.
• Fix of targeting bug that sometimes made units to not fire at a targeted enemy.


Global chat added to waiting room of a battle, so that you can ask others to join you (we may implement in a next patch).
Fix of a crash bug when using Steam chat (Unity bug related with Windows 8.1 that could not be fully fixed - If you anticipate this issue on a Windows system then make the exe of the game, both single player and multiplayer, to run on Windows 7 compatibility mode).


We would like to thank the following volunteer testers who have helped us a lot to finalise this patch with detailed feedback and bug reports. Their assistance, with no doubt, it was of professional level. Their forum names are:
Randall C. Reed

This update radically improves and enhances the game. We hope you will enjoy it and we will be glad to receive your feedback in our forums.


The Game-Labs Team

A small advice to everyone. Do not use old saves because they may be broken in various ways due to new code. They might not load at all. Please play new campaigns.
Ultimate General: Gettysburg - Game-Labs
Hello Generals.

Our game was recently named the best strategy game of 2014 by PCGamesN. We are very honored and excited to receive this mention and wanted to share this news with you.

We believe that you were the integral part in making the game by giving us ideas, feedback and support. Without you this would not happen. We will not let you down and will continue making great games with the community.

Game-Labs Team.

link to the review
Ultimate General: Gettysburg - DARTIS
Greetings Generals,

We have addressed all problems concerning game's stability and we will continue to support Ultimate General: Gettysburg with more patches. The next update includes major AI improvements and many gameplay fine tunes for an even better battle experience in single and multiplayer mode.
Read about the new update in our blog:

or below

Ultimate General: Gettysburg Patch 1.03

• Various AI improvements to all characters. AI will defend and attack much more efficiently.
• New optional AI boost settings to increase the challenge. Boost enhances subtly the long range accuracy, the condition recover when idle and the charge bonus, according to AI character. Indirectly of course morale, efficiency and other factors are affected but overall the boost should provide more challenge without overwhelming odds against the player.
• Artillery will move faster according to distance of waypoint making maneuver columns.
• Skirmishers condition will not decrease so fast when they move.
• Artillery will be more vulnerable in direct projectile attacks (Something that up to now made AI effort very difficult, as Artillery got minimal damage and inflicted 100's of casualties with canister volleys). Additionally artillery vs artillery fights will cause more casualties.
• Slight Union decrease of long range combat effectiveness vs the Confederates.
• Slight Confederate artillery more accurate at long range fire.
• Condition changes more dynamically and will not remain to zero state during firefights so often. Careful management of units now is creating a dynamic, more challenging tempo throughout the battle.
• Various gameplay balances to morale, combat lethality and melee.
• Improved auto-targeting, especially for artillery which will choose the closest threats much more effectively.

Battle Flow
• Confederate Thomas brigade is available on speculative 1st day 3rd phase of the battle (requested in forum). Historically it was kept in reserve but since Slocum and Stannard are coming it is logical to appear in the battlefield.
• Confederate McLaws division arrives in a more south position in battle of Devils Den (requested in forum). This is more historically correct to make possible the planned envelopment maneuver for the Confederates.
• Iron Brigade and Cutler will arrive in a slightly more northern waypoint in the 1st engagement and reinforcements arrive in more varying delays.

New multiplayer map: "Chance to change history". In this historical scenario of 1st July 1863, the Confederates attack with great numbers from West, North and East, heading to Gettysburg and Cemetery hill. The Union forces have a hard task to delay them and hold their ground.
• Various fixes to existing multiplayer maps according to feedback. The most important are:
- Reduce of battle delay in some maps that was too big.
- Balance of VP in some maps that was needed for more balanced battles.
- Blended in time the reinforcement arrival time for many maps.
- The Battle of Devil's Den has McLaws to arrive in a more south position (see above in Battle flow).
- "The confederates counterattack seminary ridge" map is extended to the west, including Cemetery hill and Cemetery ridge and Stannard does not participate. As a result, many more tactical choices are available.
• Updated the gameplay to fit new single player improvements.
• Chat messages include punctuation characters (Chat was incomplete without them).

Bug fixes
• Fixed targeting bug which made units in wavering mode to stop firing. This was very annoying for artillery units which stopped to target and fire until their morale increased or they routed.
• Fixed morale code bug that affected mostly AI actions, eventually making it weaker vs the player. Units that were standing did not receive the proper morale impacts, resulting eventually to just stand and win easily in many cases when in defense. This bug affected also the multiplayer.

As always your feedback helps us to make the game better. Share it in our forums:
- Game-Labs Forum
- Steam Forum.

We hope you enjoy the game,

The Game-Labs Team
Ultimate General: Gettysburg - DARTIS
Version 1.01 included a lot of improvements but due to technical bugs it was possible to anticipate random freezes during gameplay according to the system settings. After two hotfixes we provide now a new update which hopefully addresses all the problems.

In case you continue to notice the previous freezes, we advise to follow our advices at this link: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/1973-try-this-if-you-have-freeze/. If the problem persists, then report it to us, using the crash report button (Read how here: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/881-common-technical-problems-and-solutions/ in section "How to report a bug").

We hope you can now enjoy the game without disturbances... let us know in our forums:
- Game-Labs Forum
- Steam Forum.

The Game-Labs Team