May 1, 2018
Project AURA - PixelQuality Games
Greetings Community!
We are bringing to you a new patch today where we have focused on bug solving and, based on community feedback, more threat balancing. We hope you enjoy it and, if you are interested in the details, please continue reading:

• Queued productions paused because not enough energy, were losing the ongoing production input mats after restarting the production.

• Infra promotion was sometimes asking for the wrong profile to be promoted.

• Quests offered by colonists demanding tidal towers was sometimes wrongly triggered.

• Under some circumstances, ships were resetting their productions when reloading a game.

• We have solved the issues reported by players for the quests:
Entertainment, Seed Restorer.

• Solving Infiltration with your Police Drone task: “Track”, may not cause any casualty and, instead, the colonists will be sent back to work.

• The time between Infra Promotion threat to spam has been extended.

As always, thanks for reading, and we keep listening for feedback ;)
Apr 26, 2018
Project AURA - PixelQuality Games
Greetings Community!
We are bringing to you a new patch today where we have gone deep on game balancing, optimzations and performance improvements. Please, continue reading for details:

The Russian language has been updated again with new content localized.

• We have made a major improvement on memory optimizations.

• The effect of Omega cargo has been greatly improved. Bear in mind that cargo increases production that have fixed yield, and won’t affect production that is percentage or average based.
• All Hangars have increased their Maintenance costs.
• Risk of accident for the Alpha ship has been increased.
• Atmospheric Instability periods will last a few days longer now. In order to help you identifying when they start, a message will be told to you by the AI each time they start.

• Specialized Vestige Tracking techs become Core instead of Conventional.
• The amount of vestiges required to improve your knowledge technology for Entertainment buildings has been doubled after their level 1 tech.
• The extra morale obtained from Entertainment buildings for each different source has been halved (from +1 to +0.5).
• Entertainment buildings morale bonus has been reduced on first tech levels. However, at max level it continues being the same.

• Energy generator production has been increased for the low and med difficulty levels.
• The amount obtained by Rare Metals Extraction production has been reduced.
• Only the profiles from your own Corporation will now be susceptible to trigger the Infra promotion threat.
• Solving the "Sources of Infection" threat with your maintenance drones by fast-clean (the fast task) will cost now 100 Comfort points instead of 100 Maintenance points.

• After your Rescue drones rescuing someone in the outside, his/her pic wasn’t displayed correctly.
• Other minor bugs and typos solved.

As always, thanks for reading, and we keep listening for feedback ;)
Apr 23, 2018
Project AURA - PixelQuality Games
Greetings Community!
We are bringing to you a new patch today where we hope all the issues during the game launch are finally gone! We invite you to continue reading for details:

The Russian language has been updated and tutorials are now fully localized.

• There is a new option available in the setup menu for low/high level of details. Where by default it is high, setting it in low won’t render decorative elements like the underwater roads, hub stations, transport gears. This may save a few FPS if you prefer to gain in fluency for low spec computers.

· The quest bar progress that indicate the time left to be completed, will be now shown in red when it is close to expire.

• Magenta Innovation points produced by ships has slightly lowered.

• Affinity and your colonists' demand quests will now reward you also with some cash.

• Demand quests by colonists will be a bit more frequent while going neutral.

• Invention technology becomes a conventional technology (it was core before). With this technology, your Corporation Buildings can transform Core-Investigation Documents of their color into Core-Invention Docs.

• Infra promotion, Demoralization and Infiltration threats lasts longer now to be resolved.

• The daily morale waste in Ultra difficulty has been reduced from 5 to 4.

• The transport system in the colony (lights, packets being sent, mechanism spinning) has been optimized.

• We found the log system was, under some circumstances, producing an fps drop and freeze.

• There was an issue when clicking on items in the Log not being highlighted in the Inventory.

As always, thanks for reading, and we keep listening for feedback ;)
Apr 21, 2018
Project AURA - PixelQuality Games
Project Aura 1.0.3 is now released.

We have improved some aspects related to UI, in-game help and balance, but most of time has gone to optimizations. We invite you to continue reading for more details:

• You can access Key Binding information by pressing F1 or, in the System Menu, click on the option Key Binding.

• The Govern/threat panel is now more intuitive on how to assign resources to counteract your colony's threats.

• A new shortcut is available to Autofill your Organization Chart by pressing: F. (Check the Key bindings for more info).

To avoid issues, Quickload(F9) option is now disabled while doing the campaign or the tutorial.

• There is a new Industrial technology available to track rare metals (silver, gold, platinum). It is still subject to rebalance.

• Magenta Innovation points produced by ships has increased significantly.

• The amount of Alfa Prefab obtained with the Construction Packing (the one you can choose on game start) has been increased from 1,000 to 1,200.


• We continue improving the game performance and memory issues hopefully should be gone already.

As always, thanks for reading, and we keep listening for feedback ;)
Apr 18, 2018
Project AURA - PixelQuality Games
Due to reports about Windows permissions producing issues with database and their popup messages... We have moved the place for your saved games from (MyDocs) folder to: Steam PA installation forder\SavesDir\Saves.

With this fix, the game now works with Steam folder itself so there shouldn't be any more permissions issues. However, it won't read anymore from (MyDocs) folder. So if you had any saved file there, the game won't find your files if you don't manually move them to ProjectAura\SavesDir\Saves

Thank you!
Project AURA - PixelQuality Games

Project Aura v1.0 has been launched marking the end of our Early Access development. But hey! This is not the end at all. We have plans to continue developing new features which you can see in detail in our just updated Roadmap.

To all the players who have accompanied us during the Early Access stage, we thank you for the great support provided and because, without your help, we couldn’t have developed Project Aura. And for those who have not yet tried the game, we invite you to join us and get to know this new experience that we have created all together.
Project AURA - PixelQuality Games

Greetings from Pixel Quality Games!

From the development team, we have great news to give you and we inform you that the release of the finished version 1.0 will take place next Tuesday, April 17. Date from which, Project Aura will leave Early Access to finally go to the Released state, thus being officially launched.

To all the players who have accompanied us during the Early Access stage, we thank you for the great support provided and because, without your help, we couldn’t have developed Project Aura. And for those who have not yet tried the game, we invite you to join us and get to know this new experience that we have created all together.
Project AURA - PixelQuality Games
Greetings community!

We are very happy to announce a new patch available for Project AURA and we invite you to read below for details:

In this patch we include the advances that the community has been doing for the languages:
French. (75%)
German. (50%)
Russian. (20%)

We have improved design for the buildings:
• Tech labs
• Infirmary
• Water Desalination Plant

They will show now better animations to easily know about their status.

• The sandbox mode includes now dynamic tips. You will be asked on each new game to have them active or inactive. If you disable the tips, you will be able to reenable them via options/game.

• Your colonists may demand new services, buildings, better food, etc… These optional quests will raise your colony's morale if succesfully completed.

• All the Quests are now enabled.

• The new panel Govern/Residential Policies panel is now active and working. It will allow you to move in group your colonists to new residential buildings and setup their residential goals based in Rank.

• We have modified the search filters position for Building/Colonists and the Health panel, to make it more simple to understand.

• Load/Save in-game panel now display more information about the saved games.

• Pressing F2 while seeing the contextual info for production improvements (like food dishes) will place the required item for the improvement directly in the Resource Panel.

• While there are active threats, the UI will add now a red-effect.

• It is now accessible in-game, through a scheme, the info about relationships among Corporations. To check it: hover mouse on the information icon close to the leader portrait in the Govern/Relationship Panel.

• Added QuickSave (F5) and QuickLoad (F9) key shortcuts.

• Hovering mouse on buildings will now display information about their production status.

• Clicking on a locked building in the construction panel now will open it, so it is possible to check info like construction mats required or blueprint used.

• Default Contextual help background will now adjust to text width.

• In the Building search panel, placing mouse over module count will show the modules built in it.

• Disasters will be now more distanced in time but a bit more intense.

• Residential buildings –to make it more intuitive- will produce now same morale than their colonist’s default Rank. So if a Junior consumes 1 morale, a hostel will produce 1 morale, and so on.

• Residential buildings will now consume half of their morale produced in comfort. According to the wiki.

• Residential buildings will now consume only comfort (in previous versions they were consuming also maintenance).

• The maintenance and comfort generation by the colony has been decreased from 25 to 20 per level.

• Alpha Hangar now consume 1 less maintenance points.

• In the previous patch we introduced a boost to innovation for the first three days after the colony level up. The bonus (a multiplier) will now affect also your chance to generate Invention and Core-Invention docs.

• The work points required to produce colored investigation docs have been doubled, on the other hand, The amount of colored Invention Docs required to produce a Core Doc of the same color has been reduced from 15 to 10.

• The Core Invention docs needed to learn technologies has been greatly reduced.

• There is a new production available in the programming labs to analyze docs with a 50% probability to produce Invention Docs.

• There is a new production available in the Corps building to transformn an Invention Core Doc into any other colored Core Doc.

• There is a new Cosmos-Technology (Invention) available to directly craft Core Invention Docs in your Corporation Buildings at a cost of 10 colored docs.

• Cryptography technology is no longer a core technology and becomes a conventional one.

• Treatment Plant, Pumping Tower, Dome Grid and Zeppelin infra techs are no longer default techs and become core.

• The cost to develop Influence of the same color than the Corp Building is now 2 Investigation Docs and not 1. The is now a 2% probability to produce a Core Invention doc in the process (there was no probability before).

• Cosmos Corp now starts with 2 recyclers and 1 sanitarian instead of 3 recyclers.

• The chance to find seeds sending your ships for “Flora” (any kind of seed) has been greatly reduced (from a 48% chance to find any to a 20%).

• Affinity reputation benefit has been reduced from 1 point daily to 0.5

• We have made a bit more benevolent the Ships’ Risk Of Accident algorithm. But you may expect here a few new tweaks before release.

• The Market sold prices have been halved.

• The market level of supply will vary now depending on the difficulty level, where:
Low difficulty level will bring more ítems available than in previous version.
Mid and high will bring the same.
At Ultra difficulty, only those ítems costing influence in the previous version will be available.

• Healing pack contains now 100 Apple juice instead of 100 Orange Juice.

• We have reduced the necesary gold to produce generator parts (amplifier q3 and accumultar q4) in favor of other metals like copper and tin.

• The chance to produce food-dishes in superior quality has been greatly increased.

• Ships’ radars production multiplier and risk of accident have been slightly reduced.

• For each 10 units above the average hydration/nutrition/morale a -1 penalty will be applied. This way a colonist with 90 (-4) hydration will be harder to maintain at that level than another at 50.

• The Resource Guide has been updated to the latest version.

• When finishing all the tutorials, a message will invite you to do the campaign, as the next logical step for learning PA.

• To speed it up, during the tutorials, Pressing ESC or Clicking on the tutorial panel will move to next step when you aren’t required to do any action.

• During the campaign, the contextual info telling the player that clicking on the quest tracking will show detailed info and help to complete it is now displayed twice instead of just on start.

• Colonists skills were not developing properly by experience.

• Infinite production selector was wrongly getting disabled under some circumstances while opening new windows like item split.

• SuperComputers may trigger an additional invention doc for buildings on same platform using a Reasearch Doc as input, however, they were triggering this also when the Research Doc was an output.

• Energy Panel will now display in orange text the selected energy mode.
*Note, by clicking on it you can set your own name for each energy mode.

• Tutorials and Campaigns were –wrongly- doing auto-save.

• The text shown from the tutorial 2 to 6, at the begining and the end of them, was the one from the tutorial 1.

• Production lists were being wrongly ordered AZ.

What is next:
For the next weeks we will still add a few new features like a score panel, some tool to help managing the inventory and a new reward to the Diplomacy system.
But mostly we will be listening to the feedback and focus on balancing and balancing, in order to prepare the final release.

As always, thanks for your interest in Project Aura ;)
Pixel Quality Games
Twitter: @ProjectAuraGame
Facebook: ProjectAuraGame
Dec 3, 2017
Project AURA - PixelQuality Games
Greetings Community!
We are bringing to you a new patch today where its main feature is a first Campaign available which has been done with new players in mind. But there is much more! And without further delay we invite you to continue reading about the details for the 2.96.9 patch:

• New Eco core-technology available: "Empathy", with it, recruits will inherit your colony's average stats Hydration/Nutrition/Morale/Health when joining your colony.

• There is a new technology available: "Market", which will allow you to open Corporation Markets. Previously markets were unlocked by "Diplomacy" tech.

• New Inventory technology available: "Stocks", it will allow you to automatice productions by setting min and max stocks at your inventory and even auto-sell depending on market prices.
*This is still a very beta feature.

• The amount of water and seaweed obtained on game start have been halved.

• We have reworked the ship accident algorithm to reduce its randomness.

• Ship factories were producing only yellow innovation, now will produce magenta as well.

• Specialized recycling productions will be now unlocked together with the corresponding tracking technology. E.g.: You will be able to recycle garbage with high content in steel once you get the tracking tech which allows you to mine with your ships that same kind of garbage.

•Electronic Equipments are no longer required to build the Hub Stations for the inner platforms. *Hub Stations are required to be able to build on those platforms.

• Crafting wiring requires copper scrap instead of copper ingots.

• Beta and Gamma plastic processing required work points have been increased.

• Electric Transformer require now less Electronic Equipments to be crafted but now they require also: Prefab Gamma.

• Disassembling Gadget has been rebalanced to produce more Copper but the chance to find other metals like Tin, Platinum, etc. has been lowered.

• "Medic" profile has been renamed to "Sanitarian".

• Recover Organic Waste blueprint, the one used in residential buildings, has changed from Green to Blue and its ideal profile has changed from Recycler to Sanitarian.

• Residential Buildings:
Values have been modified for residential buildings: Hostel, Block, Apartment, Estate.
Comfort consumption: 1, 1, 1, 1
Morale production: +1, +2, +3, +4
Capacity: 15, 12, 10, 8.

• Stats average daily effect has been removed for hydration/nutrition/morale.

• Building Search panel now works properly.

• There is an extra option available to work with the market:
Drag an item from the available items list to the purchase list to add it (or vice-versa).

•Auto Fill option in the Org charts, will now fill the full chart instead of only the selected nodes.

• In order to clarify queues behavior:
Starting a production queue will set your initial production to what your queue points to, instead of what you would have selected in the production panel.

• Corporation Buildings design have been improved.

• It is now possible for a building to start producing just after been built. *Previously it required to wait a cycle until being able to start producing.

• Reduced game-loading launch time.

• Optimized interface global responsiveness and performance.

• Optimized platform rendering in the outside rings, this will earn a few FPS for big colonies.

• Electro Refinery template size has changed.

• Tutorial voices are all now back again.

• Numbers in the Energy panel were sometimes incorrectly formatted.

• Assembling and Disassembling blueprint audios were not playing.

• We are opening in the coming days a specific forum for translations with all instructions and help for the players willing to translate the game to their own languages.

2.96.9 Became finally a big patch with a lot of changes and tweaks affecting playability, and the good news are that we are getting close to the 1.0 release. For the next patch expect in-game quests, events, victory conditions and a lot of new Steam Achievements and numerous surprises we won't unveil for now.

As always, we keep listening for feedback and thank you for your interest in Project Aura ;)
Pixel Quality Games
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Facebook: ProjectAuraGame

Aug 27, 2017
Project AURA - PixelQuality Games
Greetings Community!

We are bringing to you a new patch today and it is all about game rebalance. This is only our first step in the process, so we keep waiting for your feedback and suggestions after trying it. So, without further delay, next are the details for the 2.96.2 patch:

Please note you need to join the game's test branch to play this patch. You can find here instructions about how to access it.

Changes to market
We have made major changes to market in order to make it more interesting and to start to approach the survival factor:
• The number of available items have been greatly reduced.
• Your colony's starting money has been reduced, The final amount will depend on your difficulty level chosen.
• Your colony's relationship with Corporations will determine the available items for sale at their respective markets.

Very bad Relation <10: Will close its market for you.
Bad Relation <40: You can't trade influence with them.
Neutral Relation <75: Will sell you only the basic materials.
Good Relation >75: Will sell you Corp's security boxes.
Very good Relation >90: Will sell you Corp's core-security boxes.

*The corporation you have affinity with, will sell you an additional object in the market.

Check the wiki for more info:

Changes to Diplomacy
Corporation buildings built in your colony will have a negative effect on your relations with their rival Corporation only if you have the rival's diplomacy tech developed E.g.:
An Eco Corp building will sub 1 reputation point with the Neo Industrial Corp (Eco's rival) only if you have Neo Industrial's diplomacy tech developed.

Monuments become highest tier buildings and now they have only a positive effect on reputation. (+0.1 Reputation daily) Effect which you can increase by improving your relationship technology.

Colonists' compatible profiles
Any work position has an ideal profile to be developed with. This way, Farmer profile will be ideal to work in the Greenhouse; The Heavy Operators will be ideal for the Electro Refinery, etc.
A worker in an ideal position earns a morale bonus daily but, on the other hand, if the place is inappropriate he will receive a morale penalty. However, there is also the compatible profile, where the colonist will receive neither bonus nor malus.

The profile compatibility table has been updated to:
Versatile: Compatible with any profile.
Artisan: Operator.
Recycler: Technician.
Programmer: Researcher.

This way next profiles have no other compatible one but versatile:
Heavy Operator.

* Note versatile profile can go in any position being always compatible.
* For this patch we have updated again the Resource Scheme Guide, which now includes also information about the ideal profile for each work position.

Changes to construction materials
• We have reorganized buildings' tiers, with the goal to make the game play more fluent.

• The plastics quality required by buildings in Tier 1 has been reduced from plastic prefab modules (craftable in the Prefab Factory) to polymers (craftable in the Plastic Factory).
• All the construction materials for buildings have increased their cost in ingots.

*We will update wiki ASAP with detailed information about building tiers.

More Balancing
• Innovation points generation has been increased on first colony levels.
• The experience required for junior colonists to level up has been increased.
• Colonists recruiting price (SC) has been reduced, but its price will increase by a 50% for each colony level.
Junior: 500 SC
Senior: 2,500 SC
Master: 5,000 SC
Super Engineer: 10,000 SC

*In the recruiting panel you can choose a profile to recruit or just go for the first available. Doing so, will bring to your colony a random profile reducing the default cost in SC by 1/2 and, in the case the recruit would cost influence, would turn it to white color.

• Ideal profile for Plastics Factory is now: Operator instead of Heavy Operator.

Beta testing
• Attending to community feedback we have:
Reduced by another half the energy required by shields.
Reduced the duration of climate threats
Restored Diplomacy technologies to previous values.

Other Changes
Electrum is a new item alloyed in the Assembly Tunnel building and used to build the highest tier buildings which include a bit of "luxury" like the Estate residential and Corporate Monuments.

• To use an item in your inventory now you just need to click on it. Previously it required the combination: Ctrl + Right-Click.
• New shortcut to add all the available productions in a blueprint to its queue: Hold Shift key and click on "Add To Queue button". If you wish the opposite, Hold shift and click on the Remove production from queue button.
• Stockpile and other packings available have been updated.
Check the wiki for more info:

• The initial value for colony's maintenance and comfort points is now 50 for every difficulty level.
• Energy/Maintenance/Comfort estimation values for the next cycle are shown now in red when negative.
• Available productions listed in Blueprint and Resource panels are now ordered by unlock/lock status and then alphabetically.
• The Eco technology: Dome Setup is now a default tech instead of core-tech, so you can obtain it with simple invention docs instead of Core ones.

*Check the wiki to know more about how your dome grid setup can help you to resist climatic disasters:

• Shields were always fully protecting your dome, even when not receiving enough energy. From now on, the shield power assigned will be reduced in the same proportion than your dome is lacking energy. E.g.: If your energy is only covering your dome a 20% and you had assigned to a shield: 5 power points, your shield will be really covering only 1 point (a 20%).
*Your dome protection is indicated in the Energy panel and should be always 100% :).

• There was a bug with sabotages, where they were wrongly triggering under some weird circumstances.
• Sea worm processing blueprints were displaying an error message on use.
• Accidented Alpha Ships, when rescued by your drones, were returned to inventory in a wrong position.
• Assembly Tunnel building was asking for Artisan profile instead of Heavy Operator.
• Resolved issue where being outside the colony, the button to return to colony wasn't appearing in all cases.
• Blueprint panel had a performance issue when being displayed with a queue set.
• Resolved issue where buildings appeared misplaced in construction menu. (need to test further).

...What is next?
After this patch, we will keep testing the changes applied and listening to community. Meanwhile, we are going to update tutorials and focus in the ingame-assistants, to make it easy the approach to new players and help understand all the new features to the current ones.
And we have already started quests!

We are happy to see that, day by day, things are getting close to the release version! And, as always, we thank the community for the support on Project Aura development, its feedback and suggestions ;)
Pixel Quality Games
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Facebook: ProjectAuraGame