Community Announcements - Krita Team
In our enthusiasm last week when we announced "72h left!" we hadn't accounted on the public holiday in parts of Europe today - so that gives everyone an extra day to pick up the lifetime upgrades version of Krita Gemini at a considerable discount!

Meanwhile, we're preparing another update. You'll continue to see We'll continue to be working to bring some additional features once we leave early access.
Community Announcements - Krita Team
Good news! As a Thank-You for supporting us so far, everyone who buys Krita Gemini during Early Access will receive lifetime* upgrades to each new version we release!

We're getting things ready to leave Early Access in the next week or two. Krita Gemini will come with two upgrades, that is approximately 1 year of upgrades. But the early access birds get all the new releases, forever! So now's the time to grab the chance of a super-discounted deal on Krita! :D

We will be releasing with Krita Gemini 2.8. New customers will then continue to receive updates to 2.9 in October and 3.0 in April. If you step in with 2.9, you'll get 3.0 and 3.1. And so on: with each release, we'll update the store to offer an additional 2-version updates. We'll set the price for Krita to about ~€40. And there will be a lifetime upgrades package as well, for ~€100... Well worth it, because...

* Krita's lifetime:
Krita's been going for 10 years already, and we have no intention of giving up any time soon!

New to Krita? Try out the fully-featured Krita Desktop or the Sketch interface with the Steam Demo - Krita Gemini gives you both!
Community Announcements - Krita Team
We've been hard at work, fixing bugs, improving some features and implementing others, and we have another big update!
  • Krita now runs with or without Steam services
  • Use templates from the Welcome Screen
  • Visible, draggable mirror-guides
  • Plus a big overhaul to bring it in-line with the latest 2.9 pre-alpha updates
We haven't stopped yet - coders and artists from the Krita community have joined us in Deventer for a weekend of hacking - so expect more to come in a few days!

Community Announcements - Krita Team
This is the first full day of a big push for bug fixes and features, with the entire Krita Gemini team around the same table (literally!), with a host of 2 in 1 convertible devices, graphics tablets and cups of tea or coffee at the ready.

Included in today's update:
  • Krita now remembers your preset from the last session
  • Tagging of resources is fixed and works between Krita Gemini installations
  • G'MIC plug-in includes a filter-search box
  • Sketch: tabs now drop down for quicker inspection
  • Sketch: tooltips for some buttons, hover-over or long-press to display (with more tips to come)
  • Sketch: improved layer controls
  • Sketch: add duplicate/clear buttons for layers
  • Krita runs full-screen from Steam Big Picture
  • Added a test of graphics driver version in the crash handler, to alert users who might still be using older drivers
  • Plus fixes to some crashes users had reported
Community Announcements - Krita Team
A small number of users appear to be experiencing problems running Krita on computers with AMD graphics cards or internal graphics. This typically has the effect of causing a crash when trying to create a new blank image, or opening an existing one.

Usually this is a result of running older version of the graphics driver. The first advice we have is for you to upgrade your graphics driver to the latest version from the AMD support page:

Let us know if this fixes things for you or, if it still doesn't work then we can explore the issue further. (please leave a note here, in the forums, or supply your email in the crash report so we can contact you)
Community Announcements - Krita Team
We pushed another update today which should make Krita open or create a new image significantly faster than it was previously!

Also, the Custom Image panel now remembers the settings from the last time you used it (per installation). So, if you usually use the same settings, you can get working faster too!
Community Announcements - Krita Team
We just pushed an update to all users which has the following:
  • New more legible interface icons for both dark and light themes
  • Some layout tweaks
  • Improved popup-palette layout
  • A new Posterize filter (which might be of interest to users creating Pixel-Art)
  • Lots of little bug-fixes and improvements
Apr 22, 2014
Community Announcements - Krita Team
We've just pushed an update that fixes:
  • Deleting group-layers in Sketch-view
  • Incorrect pixel-density in new images
  • Brush-scaling on the canvas (Shift+drag) required too much motion
  • Awkward slider-controls in Sketch-view
We're also curious as to whether the pixel-density fix might improve the lag which some users have experienced, we'd love to know if this is the case! :D
Community Announcements - Krita Team
We're very excited to announce that a demo of the Sketch interface of Krita Gemini is now available to download as a demo from the Steam store page.

This will let you try out Krita Gemini's touch-based interface in its current state whilst we continue to develop it.

We still recommend that you download Krita Desktop from the, and experience the powerful, fully-featured desktop interface shared with Krita Gemini.
Apr 11, 2014
Community Announcements - Krita Team
We're very happy to report that we've pushed a new update for Krita Gemini which resolves some of the issues people have reported, adds some additional features, improves performance and adds a reporting tool so you can submit crash-reports to us, should you be so unfortunate as to encounter one.

Included this release:
  • Copy+Paste tools in Sketch
  • Improved performance in Krita Gemini
  • Add support for layer-groups in PSD files
  • Crash-reporting tool
  • Default to dark theme for new new users as it is preferred by many artists (can change under Settings-Themes)
  • Fix: Save dialog no longer requires file extension to save correctly
  • Fix: Recent file list now updating
  • Fix: Titlebar correctly reflects current file
  • ...and many other little little improvements

Known Issues
There is still a subtle saving bug which only affects you if you create or open a new image from the Desktop view (so, a second instance of Krita launches). The second instance of Krita tends to have problems saving as a Krita file and reports an error that it couldn't save. Don't worry if you encounter this error - if you open file manager to inspect the save directory you should see that it has indeed saved a file named: "" just delete the bit of the filename after .kra and it should load fine.

We hope you enjoy this update, and you'll be seeing more regular updates over the next few weeks!