Community Announcements - Rockjaw
Hey everyone, we jumped the gun a bit with our Steam release today - we know the client isn't available yet.

We <i>are</i> hosting an Open Beta Weekend this weekend (May 10th to 13th) and you will be able to get the game client from here on Steam later in the week to play in Open Beta.

You will also need to register a Marvel Heroes account on our official site - <a href="" target="_new">click here to register</a> and get your username for this weekend.
Community Announcements - Rockjaw
Hello everyone! My name's Stephen 'Rockjaw' Reid and I'm Director of Community and Customer Support for Gazillion Entertainment - we're making Marvel Heroes. We're very excited to be here on Steam and hope you enjoy the game!

We're going to do our very best to keep our Steam Group updated with news and information for you; however there are a few other places you may want to visit for more information about Marvel Heroes:

<a href="" target="_new">Marvel Heroes official site</a>
<a href="" target="_new">Marvel Heroes official Twitter (@MMMSociety)</a>
<a href="" target="_new">Marvel Heroes official Facebook Page</a>

To play Marvel Heroes you'll need to register for a free account. This secures your username for use in-game! <a href="" target="_new">Register a free account here</a>.

Our official Forums are currently only open to those with Closed Beta access. This is granted upon purchase of a Premium or Ultimate Founders Pack. During Open Beta Weekends Forums access is open to all. You're welcome to ask us questions here, of course!

We look forward to seeing you in-game in Marvel Heroes!