Jul 17, 2013
Community Announcements - Toothless
- Fixed crash in sound and renderer.
- Several community related issues fixed.
- Black flag for speeding in pit lane.

- Updated and added more controller types, including bodnar cables.

- Speed increases for Non-plate tracks.
- Draft improvements for plate tracks.
- Improved brake checking.

- Updates to surging at the start line.
- Ghosting of cars due to packet loss.

- Visual damage turned back on.
Jul 9, 2013
Community Announcements - Toothless
- Multiplayer is now available.

- Several crash fixes, including video playback on start up.

- Several updates across all tracks.
- Race logic improvements.
- Speed increase across all tracks.

- Hi-Res vehicle liveries option.
- Hi-Res reflections option

- Several controller updates.
Jul 3, 2013
Community Announcements - Toothless
- Highlights for Michigan and Sonoma.
- Options for higher quality shadows and rear view mirror.

- Can now mix and match devices, such as wheels and pedals from different sets.
- Wheel lock detection for T500RS.
- Fanatec steering wheel display for speed and RPM.

- Further crash fixes implemented.
- Fix for cars kicking up under collision.
- 200 laps in the Auto Club 400 event.
- Fix for the Jumbotron on Charlotte.
Jun 25, 2013
Community Announcements - Toothless
- Several crash fixes have been implemented.
- Fix for crash issue when sometimes entering\leaving the vinyl shop.
- Fix for game crash before ‘Press Start’.

- Improved AI pack racing.
- AI improvements on Road courses and Ovals.

- Push to Talk fix.
- General fixes.

- Added extra graphics settings for lower spec machines.

- Option added to restore default configuration.
- Improved Xbox360 pad support.
- Added or updated support for the following controllers and many more not listed:
- Logitech G25 and G27 with H shifter.
- G27 Gear indicator implemented.
- Fanatec Porsche, CSR, Clubsport and Elite and H Shifter.
- MOMO wheel.
- Thrustmaster 430, 458, Universal Challenge, Ferrari GT, T500RS, Race Leader and RGT.
- Driving Force and Driving Force Pro and Driving Force Pro GT.
- Various Trust 5 in 1 wheels.

*It would be best for anyone using these controllers to use the default reset option, then re-assign after this.

-Ability to import and export tuning setups.

Paint Booth
- Decals can't be placed/moved off the canvas.
- Window surrounds no longer get painted.
- Importing schemes improved.

- Shark fin on GEN6 cars are now transparent.
- More realistic GEN6 aero values.
- AI balance for GEN6 cars.
- Lap time fixes.
- Photo export to Steam.
- Payouts for events fixed.
- Added extra highlights package.
- Fix for collisions sometimes causing cars to launch into air.
- Updated shootout in career to reflect changes for 2013 season.
- Changes to controls in the paintbooth.
- Fixed shootout in Season Mode when using Tony Stewart.
- Fix for negative version of screen sometimes manifesting.
- Some livery fixes.
Jun 19, 2013
Community Announcements - Toothless
- Improved stability.

- Improved support for devices - Gamepad and wheels.
- More devices supported (still adding more).
- Fix for keybinding issue.

- Some mix levels fixed.
- Fix for audio freezing.

- Improvements for cars maintaining an alongside position during braking and overtaking.
Announcement - Valve
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