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The free-to-play PC shooter Loadout is coming to PlayStation 4 as a console exclusive. It's hit 3 million players on PC, and its hook revolves around deep customization mechanics to make your own weapon effects.
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Want to give us feedback about Update 3.0? Tune in to today's Developer Live stream at 4pm EST and chat (questions welcome):

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Update 3.0 is here and it introduces the community to the Ranked Beta! Ranked is the destination where players will be able to scratch their competitive itch. In the Ranked playlist players are separated into divisional tiers and brackets, additionally there are a number of lobby changes to create a more competitive atmosphere. Before you get too anxious to play some Ranked, make sure that you have reached the appropriate level to compete! Players must reach level 10 before they can enter Ranked. The first game modes in the Ranked playlist are Jackhammer and Annihilation.

There is a major change to the Casual playlist lobby experience that allows players to vote on the specific game mode they would like to play.

Ranked Mode (Beta)

Players now have the ability to receive a divisional ranking based on how well they perform in each game. Before receiving a rank, players must participate in 12 provisional matches to assess their appropriate Division. The Ranked playlist currently features two of our existing game modes: Jackhammer and Annihilation. Players will maintain a separate rank for each mode they choose to play.

Ranked Level Gate

Players must reach level 10 before entering the Ranked playlist.

Ranked Lobby Changes

Players cannot see opponents from the other team while in a lobby. Like the Casual playlist, map voting has been disabled.

Casual Playlist Voting

The voting system has been altered to only include a list of all game modes when players are in the lobby – maps selection has been removed. The map selection will be determined based on the selected game mode.

You can read all the full list of changes on the official website.
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Don't miss today's Developer Live stream at 4pm EST! We'll be discussing many of the upcoming changes in Update 3.0 over on our official Twitch channel:

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Have questions for the Dev team? Ask away! We'll try to answer them on today's Developer Live Stream at 4pm Eastern Standard Time! We'll also be talking about PAX East and the goodies you can receive for stopping by our booth!

You can tune in on our official Twitch channel:

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Update 2.0 is now here! We're excited to release so many new changes and fixes that our community members have requested to implement into the game! We're releasing a NEW map, NEW game mode, Steam Achievements, and NEW weapon and equipment parts in the 2.0 update! That is a heck of a lot of new stuff, and we're also addressing current balance concerns and bug fixes. We have made some changes to the Personal Shield which will now be a consumable equipment item, so players will need to utilize ammo refill boxes to replenish their shields. Additionally, there are a wide ranging number of weapon balance tweaks that have affected all weapon chassis.

Read all the changes on the official website.
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In yesterday's Developer Live Stream we showcased the new game mode Domination which will be available in Update 2.0. If you're interested in viewing the new content, check the link below:

Mar 14, 2014
Loadout - arctyc
We released an update earlier today to the matchmaker that will now narrow the skill range of players searching for games. The matchmaker will also attempt to group players of similar ranges for a longer duration of time before widening the parameters of the search.

Players may experience longer waiting times while searching for games. Players at the very high end of the matchmaking spectrum may notice a much longer wait time than others.
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During the Developer Live Stream we provided the first game mode(s) play through on our upcoming map, currently named “Spires.” There was also live gameplay use of the Deployable Shield, the LMG Barrel, the Double Barrel Rocket Launcher and the newly reworked Personal Shield. Spires features a stark contrast in vertical gameplay accented by planked bridges and plenty of areas to utilize advanced jumping maneuvers. The new map, Deployable Shield, Double Barrel (Rocket Chassis) and lots more will be available in the upcoming build.

If you'd like to see them in action, check out the official website!

Loadout - arctyc
Today is our weekly Developer Live Stream! If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions make sure you ask them because we'll be answering as many as we can take!

Tune in at 4pm EST today! http://twitch.tv/loadout