THQ and SyFy have teamed up to produce Red Faction: Origins, a made for television movie that spans the time period between 2009's Red Faction: Guerrilla and 2011's Red Faction: Armageddon.

No longer do you have to settle for simple stills of this Red Faction origin story, as THQ released the trailer for the June-due Origins today.

Here's the plot, if it's hard to gather from the above video.

Jake Mason (Brian J. Smith), Alec's last surviving son and an officer in the Red Faction Militia, has his world turned inside out when he discovers that now, 12 years after her kidnapping, his sister is still alive. As a powerful new enemy swarms across the planet, Jake goes out to find her, only to learn that his lost sister is one of them...a cold-blooded soldier sworn to destroy the Red Faction. Jake must now battle the relentless regime and somehow reunite a family torn apart by war.

Furthermore, it would appear that trademark sledgehammers will be used by Robert Patrick and that at least one woman will find herself surprised and topless in a fashion suitable for primetime airing.

Red Faction: Origins premieres Saturday, June 4 on SyFy.


Ten years ago the original Red Faction gave PlayStation 2, PC, and Mac gamers their first taste of the future of humanity on Mars. Developer Volition explains how the three games before led up to next month's Red Faction: Armageddon.

We've come a long way since Red Faction came out back in 2001, haven't we? Back then the PlayStation 2 version of the game was either the bee's knees or the shit, depending on your praise of choice. Nowadays the original doesn't hold up quite as well, but playing through it does convey a strong feeling of how we've gotten from the fledgling franchise of a decade ago to what we're getting next month.

Red Faction: Armageddon hits the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC on June 7.


Get your ass to a limited portion of Mars with the Red Faction Armageddon demo, currently slated to come to Xbox Live and PlayStation Network on May 3. Sorry, PC gamers, but there won't be a demo for you. [RedFaction.com]


Get A Look At The Red Faction Movie In These Production PhotosSyfy's live-action take on the Red Faction universe, Origins, will make its debut on June 4. If you were wondering what the thing looks like, well, wonder no more.

It's hard to make out what's going on, other than the fact there are people on Mars and some of them are wearing clothes that are just bound to need cleaning twice a day.

One thing you can clearly make out, though, is that this film stars Robert Patrick. Otherwise known as the T -"Have You Seen This Boy" 1000.

Get A Look At The Red Faction Movie In These Production Photos
Get A Look At The Red Faction Movie In These Production Photos
Get A Look At The Red Faction Movie In These Production Photos
Get A Look At The Red Faction Movie In These Production Photos
Get A Look At The Red Faction Movie In These Production Photos
Get A Look At The Red Faction Movie In These Production Photos
Get A Look At The Red Faction Movie In These Production Photos
Get A Look At The Red Faction Movie In These Production Photos


The Complete History Of An Under-Appreciated Games DeveloperYou may know Volition as the developers behind the Saints Row and Red Faction games. But its history is actually a lot longer, and more illustrious, than that.

A film crew from Game Informer has, during the course of some studio visits, got a little sidetracked and catalogued the entire history of the developer, from the present-day hits all the way back to titles like Descent (when it was still known as Parallax Software) and Freespace, names which still give PC gamers a case of the tingles.

Your mileage on these will vary depending on how much love you have for each series, but if you're like me and have enjoyed most of the stuff that's come out of Volition over the years, they're a great watch.

You can see them at the link below.

The Secret History of Volition [Game Informer]

Announcement - Valve
Pre-Purchase Red Faction®: Armageddon™ and receive a copy of Red Faction Guerrilla! Already own Red Faction Guerrilla? Give it to a friend!

Red Faction®: Armageddon™ expands on the critically acclaimed, best-selling franchise with new, groundbreaking challenges.

Half a century after the Red Faction resistance and their Marauder allies freed Mars from the brutal Earth Defense Force, harmony on Mars is again threatened. Tricked into re-opening a mysterious shaft in an old Marauder temple, a long-dormant evil is unleashes on Mars. The battle has begun and you are humanity’s last hope for survival.


Red Faction SyFi Movie Releasing May, Not MarchThe Red Faction movie to air on SyFi will begin shooting in January and air in May, concurrent with the release of Red Faction: Armageddon, says the publisher.

THQ's Danny Bilson, the company's president for core games publishing spread the word over his Twitter account.

The one-shot TV movie, originally scheduled to air in March, could end up as the basis for a future series.

Red Faction:Origins film to be released in May instead of March

Community Announcements - (THQ) Alec Mason
Starting tomorrow, December 3rd, the Red Faction: Guerrilla Community Playdate will take place. Our goal is to get as many community members, friends, and random strangers online and participating in Multiplayer. While RFG features a whole bunch of varying competitive modes, we thought a small schedule of events may help to keep things interesting throughout the two days. This way, we can funnel people into specific modes and ensure that even new players to RFG will get the chance to experience the craziness that is a full game of Siege.

You can find full information, along with the schedule of events and swag giveaway opportunities over on the official community site, located at <A HREF="http://community.redfaction.com/content/community-playdate-schedule-events" TARGET="_blank">http://community.redfaction.com/content/community-playdate-schedule-events</A>
Shacknews - Xav de Matos
Starting today until November 1, THQ is offering discounts on its catalog of titles available on Steam. Each day will highlight a new title, or franchise, beginning today with Red Faction.

Gamers looking to add additional carnage to their Steam library can grab any of the available games in the Red Faction universe for 75% off each.

It's unclear what the other titles in the promotion will be but we wouldn't recommend you buy Metro 2033, Saint's Row 2, Darksiders, or anything related to Dawn of War and Company of Heroes until the entire promotion has been revealed.

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Oct 25, 2010
Announcement - Valve
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