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I m almost tempted to celebrate the appallingly named MO: Astray for not> being a Metroidvania. I loves me some Metroiding, but it s proved a real pleasure to play an action-platformer that focuses on continuous progression without a trace of backtracking. It s especially a pleasure when it happens in a game as precisely designed as this.


MO:Astray - fofo
New: When the main character is damaged, you can still attack Mass Produced Defense Units
New: Controller sensitivity adjustment option
New: Original soundtrack MP3 file tag
Adjusted: Some parts of the levels have been balanced out
Adjusted: Background lighting adjusted to make platforms more clear
Adjusted: Method for calculating bottle opener accomplishments
Fix: Parts of text files in various languages
Fix: Some bugs
MO:Astray - fofo
Fix: The Inhabitants bump into each other.
MO:Astray - fofo
New: After completing the game, the location and number of Memory Fragments will be shown in the chapter selection screen.
Adjustment: Chapter 3, attack patterns of the boss adjusted. Checkpoints added as well.
Adjustment: Chapter 5, attack patterns of the boss (stage 1) adjusted. Checkpoints added as well.
Adjustment: Chapter 5, increase the player's ability to identify the final boss’ attacks.
Fix: Revised the text content of some files.
Fix: When performing parasitic takeover on some monsters, there is a probability of getting stuck.
Fix: Chapter 2, display error appears on the screen inside the cage during the boss stage.
Fix: Chapter 3, after activating the turrets in area 5, there is a probability that monsters disappear.
Fix: Chapter 3, the button that is on the platform during the boss battle doesn’t display normally.
MO:Astray - fofo
Fix: Control issue with the trajectory line when using the mouse.
Fix: Replicant deaths are included in the total death count.
Fix: Game time continues to be recorded in the options and pause screens.
Fix: When switching windows, the Mask for the pause screen doesn’t change immediately.
MO:Astray - fofo
Fix control issue with the trajectory line when using the mouse
Adds OST. MP3 files
MO:Astray - fiona

Steam game price: 14.99 USD
Original Soundtrack: 7.99 USD
To celebrate the launch of the game there will be a week-long sale starting today!
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In addition, purchase a bundle of the main game + OST to enjoy the discount! (This discount will still be available after the event concluded)

Let MO accompany you on your day off~
Whether you're stuck on a level, crushed them all, or your brain's churning,
feel free to come to MO: Astray's Steam page and leave a comment!
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Just one week until MO: Astray is available on Steam! Check out the entire trailer!

🔸Steam game price: 14.99 USD
🔸Original Soundtrack: 7.99 USD
🔸Game + Original Soundtrack: 18.99 USD

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MO:Astray - fiona

Woah! How'd such a giant space get here? Was this made by humans? The markings on the walls seem to be describing something that happened in ancient times. Is that...a light coming out from the top of a mountain?
Oct 16, 2019
MO:Astray - fiona

Raw Matter Fluid, a type of matter that is basically able to emulate all other types of matter. The technology to produce it is extremely difficult to manage, the cost of production high, and the labor required to store and maintain it is immense. It is mostly used to replicate life. But if raw matter fluid is used to duplicate life, even though the replicant acts the same as the original, is it really the same thing?