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The latest This Week at Bungie is mainly a recap of the big Destiny 2 announcements that dropped earlier this week, including a teaser for Saint-14's return and a livestreamed look at some of the other changes coming in Season of Dawn. But it expands on all of that a bit with some bullet-point specifics on more granular changes, including small increases to Power and Pinnacle reward caps and a long-awaited buff to Thundercrash, the Striker Code of the Missile Super ability, that's been given a boost to base damage, in-flight damage, and the amount of time you can stay in the air after it's activated.

The new TWAB also reveals changes coming to the Eververse Store that will see a significantly increased amount of inventory made available for Bright Dust along with the premium Silver currency. Roughly 50 percent of Eververse items will have been purchasable with Bright Dust at some point during the Season of Undying by the time it wraps up next week, but Bungie aims to get that up to around 80 percent for Season of Dawn. The Eververse Store will also prevent the purchase of items already in your collection in the new season, in order to ensure that people aren't blowing Silver or Bright Dust on stuff they already have.

Tweaks will also be made to the Bright Dust economy in the new seasson. "In Season of the Undying, we changed Bright Dust from a pay-and/or-play-to-earn currency to a play-to-earn reward. We want all players to be able to acquire a selection of their favorite Eververse content every season just by playing the game, and we’ve been keeping an eye on the Bright Dust economy in Season of the Undying with this in mind," Bungie explained.

"In Season of Dawn, all Dawning Weekly and Repeatable bounties will award Bright Dust in quantities equal to the amount awarded from strike, Crucible, and Gambit bounties (200 per weekly and 10 per repeatable). Crimson Days will do the same for Weekly bounties only, as this event does not include Repeatable bounties."

Destiny 2: Season of Dawn goes live on December 10. And as promised, bullet points:


  • Increased the drop rate of the “Scourge of the Past” raid Exotic weapon Anarchy from 5% to 10%
  • The Exotic Engram and the Fated Engram have been collapsed into a single new Exotic Engram item 
  • When opened, it awards a new Exotic if any remain to be collected; otherwise, it contains a random piece of Exotic armor
  • Note: Contents are still class-specific

Powerful and Pinnacle Reward Caps

  • Powerful Cap: 960, up from 950
  • Pinnacle Cap: 970, up from 960

Escalation Protocol

  • Escalation Protocol wave 7 chest no longer requires a key to open
  • Chest can be opened upon every successful completion of wave 7
  • Each time opening the chest awards one piece of EP armor for your character class until you have the full set
  • After full set is acquired, subsequent opening of the chest awards a random piece of armor
  • Charged Decryption Keys and Key Fragments are being removed from the game; these items will be removed from player inventories
  • Armory keys to spawn Valkyrie Javelins are unchanged and will remain
  • EP weapon drops were not touched and are still cumulative-stream boss drops

Weapon Mods

  • The cost of slotting a weapon mod has been reduced from 5,000 Glimmer to 500 Glimmer
  • Fixed an issue where Ada-1 could grant duplicate weapon mods


  • Repeatable bounties have been added to the Gunsmith
  • Merged strike/Crucible/Gambit objectives on the Gunsmith weekly bounty "Field Calibration" into a single objective that shares progress from all sources
  • Removed Valor/Infamy and Vanguard tokens from "Field Calibration" as there is no longer a requirement for any of these linked activities
  • Added new mode-specific daily Crucible bounties (one per day, selected from full-time playlists and active rotators)
  • Reduced the completion requirements of several daily and repeatable Crucible bounties
  • Removed grenade and melee bounties from the Crucible bounty repeatable pool

Striker Code of the Missile (Middle Path)

  • Thundercrash:
  • Increased base damage from 2,700 to 3,200
  • Increased in-flight damage from 100 to 200
  • Slightly increased the amount of time you have in the air after activation

Nightstalker Way of the Pathfinder (Bottom Path)

  • Vanish in Smoke:
  • Added a short period (0.8 seconds) after the invisibility is applied where firing weapons or performing other actions will not break invisibility
  • This should help prevent allies from accidentally breaking invisibility the moment it’s granted to them if unexpected

Voidwalker Attunement of Fission (Middle Path)

  • Handheld Supernova:
  • Adjusted grenade charge time so it lines up with the animations and FX; this should make it feel more consistent to activate

Crucible Maps

  • Added Rusted Lands to appropriate playlists
  • Added The Dead Cliffs, Legion’s Gulch, Retribution, and Solitude to appropriate playlists
  • Removed Emperor’s Respite, Equinox, Firebase Echo, and Vostok from all Crucible playlists
  • These maps are still available for play in private matches
Destiny 2 - Cozmo 
This week at Bungie, we revealed Season of Dawn.

There has been a lot to learn. Did you miss any of it?

On Tuesday, we released a new trailer to showcase the new stories set into motion by your victories over the Vex. Time is broken on Mercury. It’s up to you to use the Sundial to prevent the Cabal from rewriting history. Along the way, you’ll have the chance to rescue an old friend.

We followed that up with a livestream packed with additional details on what to expect from Season of Dawn. Didn’t get a chance to watch it live? It’s OK, we taped it on VHS for you. You can watch it here if you don’t have a VCR:

For some more quick details about what to expect next season, check out this Season of Dawn page on

We also have a preview of patch notes for next week's update, Eververse changes, and more for you in the full This Week at Bungie article on
Destiny 2

Remember Mercury? Destiny 2's smallest destination is getting a revamp with Season of Dawn, introducing a new matchmade activity for those who buy into the season pass, and a small number of game-wide updates to the rest of Destiny 2 even if you don't.

It also features much of what the previous season offered - including a battle pass with 100 tiers of rewards, a new artefact with its own set of mods and a Power level boost, and a series of Exotic questlines.

Our Destiny 2 Shadow of Dawn guide explains what's coming day one and week-by-week as part of the roadmap, as well as a list of Battle Pass additions, including the new Exotic scout rifle Symmetry .

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Destiny 2 - (Alice O'Connor)

With Destiny 2 now in the final week of its Season Of The Undying, Bungie have shared a look at the what’s next: a return to Mercury in the Season Of Dawn. The Cabal have big plans to rewrite history while our old pal Osiris has been fiddling with Vex tech to save legendary Titan hardarse Saint-14. Along with picking up story strands, the season will introduce a new six-player matchmade activity to replace the outgoing Vex Offensive, and Bungie showed a bit today in a livestream.


Destiny 2

Bungie followed up on yesterday's Destiny 2: Season of Dawn reveal today with a livestream showcasing some of what's coming when Saint-14 returns to action next week. 

One of the more interesting changes coming in Season of Dawn is an update to Armor 2.0 that adds a new "Charge With Light" mechanic. New seasonal mods can either add charges of Light or consume them, granting special powers or abilities in the process. One such mod seen during the stream grants "significant damage resistance against combatants when your shields are destroyed." The effect consumes all Charged With Light stacks when it activates; the more stacks you have, the longer it lasts. 

Another fun-sounding change is the addition of a "playlist" of finishers, which will deliver one randomly-selected finisher, from a list of up to nine, every time a killing blow is landed. Another nice (and long overdue) touch is that Sparrows, the little space-bikes that Guardians ride around on, will finally be usable on Mercury—previously they were disabled on the planet, presumably because it was so small.

The new Sundial activity is basically a horde mode, but it should at least look interesting, as it will blend different elements of Destiny 2 together in hypothetical past and future timelines, with new champions and bosses each week. The underlying idea sounds a bit like the Infinite Forest, with randomized elements intended to keep players interested and engaged, but hopefully the execution will be a little better this time around. The Sundial will be a matchmade activity, but a "hard mode" that will arrive later in the season will require a premade team.

Behold the Season of Dawn calendar:

One thing that's notably absent is the Trials of Osiris Elimination mode, which apparently will not be making a comeback in Season of Dawn. Players have been hoping for its return, and an Osiris-themed season would seem like a natural time to make it happen, but Bungie community manager dmg04 made no mention of it in his rundown of Crucible changes coming in the new season.

There are some nice touches here and the new armor looks sweet, but on the whole it seems a little thin. Given how quickly serious Destineers devour content, the big question is whether one new horde mode-style activity, a new PvP map, and a couple of exotic quests will be enough to keep players happy until the next season rolls around in March.

One thing that will keep a certain subset of Destiny players happy is an incoming blast of lore that will dig deeper into the story of Saint-14. New chapters will be released daily until Season of Dawn goes live on December 10—the first one is available now.

Destiny 2

The full reveal of Destiny 2's next season, the Season of Dawn, will take place tomorrow. But we can get a taste of what's coming right now courtesy of a new teaser, released today by Bungie, that stars a couple of big-time Guardians we've run into previously.

Osiris was at the center of the Destiny 2 expansion Curse of Osiris, but he seems destined to play second fiddle in Season of Dawn. The big hero role this time goes to Saint-14, the greatest of the Guardians, who nonetheless—brace for lore—managed to get himself killed by the Vex while searching for Osiris in the Infinite Forest. (The Destinypedia has details, if you're curious.)

But that's okay! Because now a gang of Cabal Psion Flayers are trying to manipulate time in order to change the outcome of the Red War, and so in a fine example of fighting fire with fire Osiris has built a magic time-traveling sundial in order to bring back the departed Saint, who will (I guess) kick the requisite ass and set everything back to the way it should be. (Although I'll bet dollars to donuts that it's you, the player, who will do all the heavy lifting.)

(This is also, by the way, why I don't believe for a second that Cayde-6 is really dead. Mark my words, he'll be back.)

Putting the Season of Dawn on Mercury is an interesting choice. Curse of Osiris, to be blunt, wasn't very good: Osiris, despite the hype, was a completely forgettable figure, the Infinite Forest felt very finite, and Mercury itself was small and dull. It wasn't a disaster by any stretch, it was just very flat at a time when Destiny 2 really needed to make a power move. Tim went deep into it here, as he does, saying that while Curse of Osiris is "perfectly serviceable," it did not go over well with fans, who moved "from resentment into full-on riot" following its release. 

Along with the new story content, Season of Dawn pass holders will also be able to jump into a new six-player activity called The Sundial that will have them protecting Osiris' great creation from a Cabal onslaught—a horde mode of some sort, from the sounds of it. There are also new exotic quests, the return of the Rusted Lands, a new seasonal artifact called the Lantern of Osiris, and various new exotic items to earn. Some of the new stuff is free for everyone, and other bits are restricted to owners of the $10 season pass. Here's how it breaks down:

Free For All Players:

  • Free Seasonal Rank Rewards
  • Seasonal Artifact: The Lantern of Osiris
  • Help Osiris fix the timeline by restoring Obelisks on four destinations
  • Unlock the Seasonal Armor Set: Righteous
  • Progress through Season ranks to earn the Exotic Scout Rifle, Symmetry

Season Pass Owners:

  • Instantly unlock the Exotic Scout Rifle, Symmetry
  • Play the new 6-player activity: The Sundial
  • Exotic Quests, Seasonal Armor Sets, and Ornaments
  • New Triumphs, Bounties, and Seasonal Lore Books
  • Exotic Emote, Ghost, Ornament, and Finisher
  • Additional Season Pass rewards to unlock

The Season of Dawn begins on December 10. More information, including the full reward tracks for both free and premium players (although they're not labelled, so you'll have to take a guess at some of them) is up at The full reveal livestream will take place tomorrow, December 4, at 10 am PT/1 pm ET on Twitch, YouTube, and Mixer

Destiny 2

Unlocking a player title in Destiny 2 is meant to feel like an accomplishment. You unlock a special gold seal for your book of in-game Triumphs. You get a cool tag next to your name so you stand out from the crowd. You rank among the very best at a particular part of the game - collecting guns, beating raid bosses, fighting in Gambit or Strikes or the Crucible.

You're not really supposed to unlock them all.

But after 1672 hours, someone has. They don't think they're the first. But in a thread sat at the top of Reddit's Destiny board today, Dawncraftian is being celebrated for their enormous achievement.

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Destiny 2 - dmg04
Every week, we check in with the community on what is going on with the game, upcoming news and events, and ongoing issues. You can read the latest “This Week at Bungie” article on
Destiny 2

With November's halfway point now well behind us, Valve has released its list of the top 20 new game releases for October. Some of them, like Destiny 2 and Disco Elysium, won't surprise anyone; but others, well, they might.

The list is based on revenue generation over the first two weeks, which is why these rundowns never appear until a few weeks after the end of the month: Games released at the end of the month still need their two weeks to ring up the revenues, after all. And they are ranked chronologically, not by revenue, so there's no "winner" here, although it's probably safe to assume that Destiny 2 pulled in more bucks than, say, Postal 4: No Regerts.

And yes, Postal 4 is on the list, with a peak player count of 806, according to Steam Charts, which puts it just behind Chernobylite, which managed 809. That's not directly correlated to the revenues-based ranking, since different games have different prices, but it does underscore that a game doesn't have to be a hit (or, you know, good) to make the top 20.

Because it's Valve, simply listing the games isn't sufficient, so for October it dug into how many people are playing more than one game on the list. Unsurprisingly, Destiny 2 has huge overlap—nearly 20 percent of Steam users who played other games on this month's list also play Destiny 2—but there's community crossover beyond that obvious mega-hit.

"While the numbers are not as high, the overlap in people playing more than one game from the Top Releases list presents some interesting correlations worth highlighting. For example, we found a lot of players enjoying both Atelier Ryza & Indivisible, which are both anime RPGs featuring turn-based combat and female protagonists," Valve explained.

"We found similar overlap in players across We Were Here Together and Trine 4, which both incorporate heavy use of puzzles with an emphasis on cooperative gameplay. Crossroads Inn & Autonauts have very different themes, but both games utilize building and simulation."

Here's the full list:

  • Destiny 2
  • Indivisible
  • Trine 4: The Nightmare Prince
  • Doraemon Story of Seasons
  • Mistover
  • GRID
  • Pine
  • We Were Here Together
  • Postal 4: No Regerts
  • Chernobylite
  • Disco Elysium
  • The Jackbox Party Pack 6
  • ArcheAge: Unchained
  • Autonauts
  • Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition
  • WWE 2K20
  • Crossroads Inn
  • Richman10
  • Secret Neighbor
  • Atelier Ryza: Ever Darkness and the Secret Hideout

And here are the top six free releases for October, because they make money too.

  • Destiny 2
  • NGU Idle
  • Breeders of the Nephelym
  • The Walking Zombie 2
  • Legend of the Keepers: Prologue
  • War Selection

All of October's top new releases are available in this handy Steam sale page.

Update: The top free releases section originally listed only five games, but was meant to have six, including NGU Idle (and now does).

Dark Shiny

Fried chicken dominates the front cover of Destiny: The Official Cookbook, a genuine recipe book on the slate for release in August 2020.

Written from the perspective of Destiny's ol' Eva Levante, this culinary companion claims it will "inspire fans to go on their own culinary adventure through the solar system".

The front cover appears to suggest this means fried chicken, sausage rolls and coleslaw.

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