Ancient Go - Hart Laboratories
Another minor update.

  • Fixed more ranking issues with OGS due to changes in their system.
15 Thg12, 2018
Ancient Go - Hart Laboratories
Very minor update.

  • Fixed ranking displayed on OGS due to change in their system.
30 Thg05, 2017
Ancient Go - Hart Laboratories
Very excited to release Ancient Go!

I hope to bring this amazing game to many new players.

  • Updated menu system fully integrated
  • Visual for board size changes
  • AI marking of dead stones

Development is not stopping here, this is a long term project and a passion.
Ancient Go - Hart Laboratories
Pretty big update in preparation for full release next week. A bunch of it is still rough around the edges but I am very interested in what people think, if there are bug etc.

Still more to do to polish and layout the new menu system. The online game menus and in game menus still need to be integrated but it is coming. I really want to put the best foot forward in case any new player come in this week while AlphaGo plays.

  • Updated menu system
  • Visual warning for any of your stones in atari (can toggle in options)
  • First time you load the game, some professional game records are replayed on the board
  • Stone placement and capture effects (can toggle in options)
  • Added noise for game resumed from stone removal phase
  • Added noise for pass in multiplayer
  • Added loading screen
  • Fixed bug with autoscore displaying board territory incorrectly after game completed
  • Fixed bug with AI not capturing dead stones in autoscore
  • Fixed bug where tutorials allowed play after a review
  • Light theme temporarily disabled due to menu update

P.S. You should all watch AlphaGo play live tonight at 10:30PM EST. More games on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday night!
4 Thg05, 2017
Ancient Go - Hart Laboratories
Bug fixes, quality of life.

  • Fixed score and territory display after agreement phase and when in review phase
  • Fixed states and displayed string getting confused after returning to games from the main menu
  • Fixed displayed names sometimes showing incorrectly
  • Fixed menu mouse-over bug

Ancient Go - Hart Laboratories
Minor update.

  • Game Settings Remembered for Future Games
  • Fixed Bug where Accept/Reject Appear at Wrong Time
  • Fixed Rare Bug where 1st Stone didn't Show on OGS
Ancient Go - Hart Laboratories
  • Advanced Options Menu
  • Check Box to Enable Dead Stone Removal Phase for AI Games
  • Check Box for 'Hint' Stones
  • Dropdown for Default Scoring Rules
  • Score Shows Correctly for OGS Games (Only Fully Enclosed Territory Counted)
  • Restrict by Rank Difference for OGS Games
  • Fixed Steam Invite Bug
  • Improved OGS Challenge Logic

There are lots of other background changes in this update, combined they allowed for the most requested feature to be included, the dead stone phase in AI games. At the moment all dead stones must be manually marked, and territory attached to those stones must be manually set. I should be able to get some basic auto-marking in soon.

By default (for the moment) AI games are still auto-scored and require all stones to be removed, but in the options menu there is an 'advanced' button where you will find the default rules, and well as a check box for manual scoring and turning off the 'hint' stones.

I am very interested in all feedback about what you would like to see happen, how you would like it to work, as right now it is a pretty basic implementation.
Ancient Go - Hart Laboratories
Got up to speed with some more background OGS changes that happened today.

Also there is a bunch of the code related to OGS which I was working on going live that should fix a bunch of edge cases problems. Lucky it doesn't seem like people have had any issues as nobody has mentioned them but they were little time-bombs.

The most noticeable change will be that games vs the computer AI now have an undo option. This will revert the game to let you take your last move over.

17 Thg02, 2017
Ancient Go - Hart Laboratories
Ancient Go should now be compatible with the new version of OGS, fixing online play.

The only noticeable change is that the authentication process. OGS removed the application specific authentication code so from now on logging in will use your regular OGS username and password.

Ancient Go does not store your password, but you wont have to log in every time as OGS is able to use the authorization for a good period.

It might be a good idea to play unranked, shorter games for a while just in case there are any issues I missed. In my testing everything is functional but there might still be edge cases etc.
Ancient Go - Hart Laboratories
Quick update before the holidays!

  • Hopefully the issue where closing a web browser logged into OGS resigns a game even if the same game is still open in Ancient Go is solved.
  • AGA, Chinese, Japanese rules available for online games
  • Ranked option available for online games
  • Player strength shown in online games when menu is open
  • Online game list time display is improved
  • Options and OGS authorization should persist between updates (may not for this update)

Note that the scoring still shows incorrectly in most places. That is what I am working on next. I just wanted to get in some simpler things before the holiday.

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