Hero Siege - TheFattestman

- Added unique hit effects to different kind of damage from player
- Major buffs on weaker classes, check below in the CLASSES section.
- Added automatic base stat gains for all classes depending on the class.
- Slightly buffed base EXP Gain
- Fixed Relic factor, you could now pick 33 relics instead of 32.
- Paced Satan boss fights benches back a bit.

- Fixed Plague Doctor showing "Owned" in the store if you own Marauder.
- Fixed Demon Slayer demon minions spawning during pause
- Fixed STEAM HUD not saving in the shop.
- Fixed seasonal effect particles on client
- Fixed bosses dropping into chasms


Plague Doctor
- Leeches now inflict (own damage) * (50% of dot amount) instead of 1% * dot amount
- Leeches now add +3 stacks of dot to the enemy when exploded with crematus instead of +1
- Increased Oops damage scaling per talent point. 0.175 => 0.215 per point
- Plague Master now inflicts 0.075% damage instead of 0.05% per talent point
- Increased Last Patient damage scaling per talent point. 0.125 => 0.185 per point
- If you pick a syringe on full stack you will now add to the timer, but not on the amount.
- Crow Mask now adds only 3 seconds if the timer is over 0, else it will add 10 seconds as a base.

- Increased Heavy ball + damage% from 10% to 12.5% per talent point
- Increased Plan B flat damage gain from 2 to 5 per talent point (which over doubles the scaling per point)
- Increased Unstable Bomb flat damage gain from 1 to 3 (which triples the scaling per point)
- Increased Madness Control damage scaling per talent point 0.225 => 0.245 per point

White Mage
- Increased Chain Lightning damage scaling per talent point 0.1 => 0.165 per point
- Increased Restless Spirits damage scaling per talent point 0.1 => 0.165 per point
- Increased Curse damage scaling per talent point. 0.1 => 0.135 per point
- Increased Heavenly Fire damage scaling per talent point. 0.1 => 0.185 per point
- Increased Mana Orb damage scaling per talent point. 0.1 => 0.175 per point
- Changed Flash Heal synergy to Stamina
- Changed Healing Zone synergy to Stamina
- Changed Heal Boost synergy to Stamina
- Changed Absorb Shield synergy to Armor

- Increased Elemental Blast damage scaling per talent point. 0.115 => 0.165 per point

- Increased Spearnage damage scaling per talent point. 0.165 => 0.195 per point
- Increased Thunder Spear damage scaling per talent point. 0.225 => 0.285 per point
- Increaset Master Poisoner damage scaling per talent point. 0.145 => 0.165 per point
- Added Energy synergy to Master Poisoner
- Rebound can now poison enemies.

- Doubled Shield Bash synergy scaling but changed the scaling stat to ARMOR
- Increased Holy Hammer damage scaling per talent point. 0.1 => 0.225 per point
- Increased Lightning Fury damage scaling per talent point. 0.125 => 0.195 per point
- Increased Holy Shock Aura damage scaling per talent point. 0.1 => 0.155 per point

- Increased Chainsaw Massacre damage scaling per talent point. 0.175 => 0.235 per point
- Increased Pickup Raid damage scaling per talent point. 0.175 => 0.265 per point
- Pickup Raid bullets will go thru everything.
- Added Stamina synergy to Napalm Spill
- Added Armor synergy to Redneck Roughness

- Berserk scaling increased from 1 to 1.5
- Increased Shockwave damage scaling per talent point. 0.215 => 0.255 per point
- Increased Seismic Slam damage scaling per talent point. 0.175 => 0.275 per point
- Increased Pummel damage scaling per talent point. 0.145 => 0.195 per point
- Added Strength Synergy to Pummel
- Re-made vikings attack animations.

- Increased Anchor Hook damage scaling per talent point. 0.195 => 0.3 per point
- Increased Pillage scaling to 2 + added talent point scaling (0.175)
- Added Strength Synergy to Pillage
- Added scaling per ability point to Cannonball
- Added Stamina synergy to kneecap
- Changed Explosive Bullets synergy to Stamina
- Changed Parrot synergy to Stamina
- Increased chance to proc cannonball to 16% from 13%

- Increased Flying Scimitar Flat damage scaling to 4 from 2. Also increased scaling per talent point. 0.275 => 0.365
- Increased Dissipate damage scaling per talent point. 0.145 => 0.265 per point
- Increased Eye of Ra damage scaling per talent point. 0.115 => 0.245 per point
- Increased Sandstorm flat damage to 2 from 1 and damage scaling per talent point. 0.125 => 0.265 per point
- Increased Vanish damage scaling per talent point. 0.195 => 0.355 per point
- Increased Wind & Sand damage scaling per talent point. 0.115 => 0.225 per point
- Removed homing from Wind & Sand
- Added scaling per talent point on Rupture + Energy synergy
- Added Strength synergy to Traveler
- Changed Demolishing Tornado synergy to Energy
- Changed Sandstorm synergy to energy

- Changed Turret synergy to Stamina, increased multiplier to 1.25 instead of 1
- Changed Arrow Rampage synergy to Stamina, increased multiplier to 1.25 instead of 1
- Changed Landmine synergy to Stamina, increased multiplier to 1.25 instead of 1
Hero Siege - TheFattestman

Hero Siege is currently on FREE WEEKEND! So get your friends together and give the game a try, there is also a nice -80% sale if you decide you like the game and want to buy it!

Plague Doctor is Finally out and you can get it here:


We have also done a lot of fixing on Relics and overall things. Improved art as always and made the game play better! ;)

Here are the patch notes:

- Improved a few sound effects such as explosion
- Updated russian localization for class specials, quests etc.
- Talent Screen has been re-made to show all the relevant information.
- Talent Screen now shows relic given damage, MS and AS boosts.
- Base attribute points have been removed from the game
- Changed talent icon and inventory icon in HUD
- Rune screen navigation has been improved
- Added a new indication system for spells such as manacalypse that show the enemies impacted when pressing down on the talent button
- Spells will now activate on button release.
- Shop tab has been re-made for a more clear view.
- Added a chat font for each language that supports the chosen language + Western letters.
- Added new voice acting to Eastfoundian Marksman Skin.

- Melee HP Scaling increased from 2.15 to 3.25 HP per Stamina point.
- Ranged HP Scaling set to 2.15 HP per Stamina point.
- Increased Melee damage mitigation from 32.5% to 37.5%
- Ankh is now only obtainable in either Destruction or Toxic difficulty
- Fixed attack cooldown not applying correctly
- All loot now can have any offstat and any main stat
- Chance of mythic turning into satanic increased from 8% to 16%. Removed the scaling with player amount.

- Fixed Razorwire + added an effect to it.
- Fixed Ogre Club
- Fixed Hellscream Axe
- Fixed Blazing Boots
- Fixed some relics not loading properly

- Fixed Hololo casting after death
- Fixed a crash with minion
- Fixed double relic spawns
- Fixed some relic effects not dissapearing after death like 2X
- Fixed a problem which caused players to be kicked out of games when someone joins or changing zone
- Fixed Crypt / Dungeon pentagrams flashing.
- Fixed pressing resume, options or exit while scrolling relics.
- Fixed relic stats not updating correctly in online multiplayer


- Increased damage scaling on Vanish + improved visuals
- Increased damage scaling on Demolishing Tornado + Re-worked the ability
- Fixed Vanish not loading damage correctly

White Mage
- Mana Orb now works with 2X relic

- Re-worked pirate sound effects
- Re-made art for the Parrot
- Re-made Pirate sprite and animations
- Added knockback to Anchor
- X marks now kill themselves after 10 seconds.
- Re-worked X Marks the spot
- Re-worked Pillage
- Increased damage scaling for Bomb Barrage
- Increased damage scaling for Anchor Hook
- Increased damage scaling for Explosive Bullets
- Increased damage scaling for Kneecap
- Increased damage scaling for Parrot

- Fixed Marksman Landing Power synergy damage.
- Marksman multishot now spreads the life per hit to all the arrows
- Marksman Colossal Arrow damage increased by 115%
- Corrected the talent tooltip for landmine.

- Increased Chain Trap and Madness Control Hook amount from 10 to 15.

- Fixed Manacalypse getting wrong abilitys damage (Blood Demons). Also fixed the scaling to go 25% of your mana per point.
Hero Siege - TheFattestman

The new class we have been working on for quite some time now is coming out on the 14th of December 2018!

Get ready to spread de plague all around Tarethiel!

The class will be $4.99 with a 15% launch discount.

Hero Siege - TheFattestman

We have been working hard once again to bring you these massive changes to the better ;)

Sarcaster has been spinning his lollipop very hard these past weeks too!

Here are the patch notes:

- Re-made Mevius boss fight room + Shortened the road to boss
- Added US West and US East servers, replacing the old US Central
- Damage Boost potion now increases your damage by 10% for 15 seconds.
- Improved Player and Enemy stuck checking, neither wont be pushed off map anymore.
- Added a bunch of new pre-sets to zones by AHTO
- Removed the 1-shot mechanics from Toxic bosses
- Added new sound acting for Paladin
- All dead players will respawn once the WH boss is killed. (not on HC though)
- Added an exit timer to Wormholes
- All Poison sources stack now.
- All player and relic projectiles now also kill themselves when in contact with a wall or a collision object such as a tree
- Inventory now compares items better, it shows how much you get from the new item, how much you lose etc.
- Inventory art improved.
- Pause screen now shows relics much better than before.
- The Game's clothing shop now shows the right class in the dummy.
- Improved a bunch of hat graphics in the shop.
- Inspect now shows satanic synergy according to the class you are inspecting.
- Max amount of relics dropped from 35 to 32

- Fixed passive relic effects / followers not dissapearing when resetting / dying
- Fixed Teleport effects + Maryos pipe, no longer goes out of bounds + added a nice effect to it ;)
- Fixed other players picking up your rubies (only on host)
- Fixed Annie not pulling all players into her circle
- Synced a few relics that were not in sync

- Re-worked duck relic.
- Book of Belial Fixed
- You can no longer hook bosses with relics, it will still apply damage on them.
- Devil Skull relic damage and functionality fixed.
- Fixed Cactus damage
- Fixed Razer Headphones damage
- Fixed Hellscream Axe's burning damage
- Fixed Odin's Sword burning damage
- Fixed Razorwire's dot damage
- Lantern relic now heals 10% of your MAX HP
- Nerfed Chaos Orb and Shade of Death relic range.


- Added 2 second stun on Landmine
- Buffed Landing Power Synergy

- Added a more visible effect to his 4th spell, same as holy water.

- Anchor now has a 2 second stun
- Pirate kneekap chance set to 16, slow to 4sec, added damage
- Pirate exploding shots chance set to 16

- Slightly nerfed Blood Demons damage
- Fixed Blood Demons triggering from de-activating mana shield on client
- Lowered Blood Demon's lifespan + now they collide with collision objects and destroy.

- All poison sources now stack
Hero Siege - TheFattestman
We recently updated our anti-cheat and forgot to add a check so we have now hitfixed it. All "Cheat Code A" from yesterday and today have been unbanned. We are extremely sorry for this!
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Hero Siege - TheFattestman


- Updated Korean and Japanese translations.
- Massive performance increase
- After boss kill, the zones regular music starts playing again.
- Set right sounds to some enemy ability impacts

- Increased enemy rarity HP Scaling + EXP Scaling
- Special Enchanted enemies can no longer use their "Enchant" if the player is not in line of sight
- Goblin Bomber explosions made smaller
- Dragon enemies now shoot a bit differently
- Fungus Monster projectiles now create acid
- Improved Frost Skeleton Whirlwind ability
- Bonerang projectiles lowered from 24 to 12.

- Improved Maggot spit and projectiles to be more clean.
- Improved Atmosphere in ACT 2 Zone 4, ACT 7 Zone 1 & 2
- Improved Player Profiles
- Set Waller Walls to correct colors in all zones
- Re-made Anubis art + made the boss static

- Grim Reaper relic skulls re-made + less heavy.
- Fixed Butchers knife and frostmourne damage.

- Fixed host losing relics when a client dies.
- Fixed Waller Walls going out of bounds some times
- Fixed tiles cracking and causing flickering in the terrain
- Fixed shadow drawing on many enemies
- Fixed Anubis lightning balls missing
- Fixed Talent 3 to show level requirement
- Fixed Gabriel and Annie suiciding outside of the room.
- Parasect enemies fixed to work more smoothly
- Smaller Eye boss Eye will instantly destroy now if the other one exists.


- Corrected Marauder's Heavy ball to do the damage its tooltip tells.
- Marauders 4th spell cooldown lowered
- Improved collision on Grapple so that it wont stuck in every single object, now if the absolute center doesnt touch a tree etc it will go past it.
- Improved Spike Trap and Big Bo-oM Collisioning, now drops rapidly when met with an enemy
- Increased Random Scatter proc chance from 38 to 42% and damage scaling by 1% per talent point
- Big Bo-oM now stuns for 2 seconds and its pieces/shreds deal half of its damage upon death and cause a 1 second stun.
- Improved how Plan B Works

- Fixed Exploding Bullets + Pillage on client
Hero Siege - TheFattestman

We have been working on Ironing out all the reported problems, as well as continually improve the UI and overall art.


We also added a crafting system in the game! Jack the Ripper is gone, and he has been replaced by "Torstein"!

Talk to this guy in Town in order to use the crafting system!

Plague Doctor

Along the crafting system we are working on the new class, Plague Doctor. You can see a sketch of him below:

And the Patch notes for

- Improved projectile collision with walls, you can now attack with your back against the wall
- Added buyback for uber items.
- Decreased potion pickup time by 50%
- Added a crafting system. You can now talk to Torstein who took Jack the Ripper's place in order to disenchant items and craft new legendaries, mythics and satanics.
- Changed death screen to not fade 100% to black.
- Mystery Chests can now be bought pre 150 and will provide items with ilevel relative to your heros level

- Improved areas, pentagram etc.
- Added slight glimmer effect to Legendary items and up.
- Re-worked boss thrones
- Added death animation to Skeleton Mages and Corrupted Dolls
- Improved Merchant UI, animated coins etc. + added sounds for navigation.
- Re-made the train map, now randomized like the other ones.

- Fixed map incorrectly showing enemies as elite.
- Fixed armor potion being displayed as stamina potion.
- Fixed map generation making "islands" where you cant get to.
- Fixed quest givers and quest items going out of bounds
- Fixed enemies missing from map mainly in WH and ACT 5 Z 1
- Fixed White Mage hat y-offset


- Nerfed Demonic Presence scaling
- Nerfed Manacalypse late scaling & removed energy synergy and instead added it to grow with talent points.
- Nerfed Blood Surge late scaling + nerfed tick rate.
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Hero Siege - TheFattestman


We have been working on fixing all the reported problems, improved the game more functionality / balance / graphics wise


- Drops now avoid portal and each other.
- Buffed WH Key drop rate to 30%
- AS Rune now shows your attack speed individually
- Improved attribute point drawing.
- Improved Auto-tiling in maps, no more weird generations
- Fixed Wormhole Assets going out of bounds.
- Improved Oxygen meter in water levels
- Lots of UI Improvements for Mobile (Android/iOS), much clearer now, no overlapping text in inventory etc.
- Added a new batch of pre-set assets.
- Lock Blocks no longer take a key from you if you have flying.
- Added more ingame options
- Mortar visuals improved.
- Relic reset no longer resets Potion/Shrine stats.
- Re-worked bushes, urns and boxes.

- Added Samurai Skeleton attack animations
- Added Zombie, Goblin, Mummy and Damned Legion death animations (working on more)

- Slightly buffed XP gain in 1-150 + wormhole
- Increased enemy HP and Damage scaling a bit in 1-150
- Increased enemy HP scaling a bit in wormholes
- Decreased enemy Damage scaling a bit in wormholes

- Fixed picking up loot in town (gold, crystals, potions etc)
- Made dropping runes, loot etc impossible while a player has ported to town.
- Fixed other players collecting rubies/coins for you.
- Fixed knockback
- Fixed going to boss dungeon and loading enemies if visited town in the last map
- Fixed loot dissapearing in town when dropped.
- Fixed potion re-rolling.
- Fixed WH Timer desync with client (seems like client still has time even though the timer has run out)
- Fixed chest armor Dodge % changing.
- Fixed Ankh behavior in online multiplayer.
- Fixed enemy Mortar
- Fixed Rune filter


- Added a combo bar for Viking Combo Points.
- Increased Stone Skin duration to 5 seconds.
- Decreased Stone Skin proc chance from 20% to 17%
- Fixed Stone Skin ability
- Buffed Stone Skin scaling a bit

- Fixed Moonshine madness, improved how it works + added an effect to it when its active!
- Redneck Roughness shield now scales with your talent points.

- Fixed Agility and re-worked how its calculated and affected. Also gives an effect when active!

- Nerfed Manacalypse from 0.075 per talent multiplier to 0.0525
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Hero Siege - TheFattestman

Unfortunately due to problems caused by Town Portal, ruby respawn abuse with Magnet relic and stacking GoH runes broke the game so we had to fix these issues and make a soft reset on WH 100+ ranks and gear.

Here are the patch notes:

- Wormhole key drop rate from all bosses 26%
- Mystery chests now only drop 1 Wormhole key
- Removed Sheep King and Uber Damien 100% WH Key drop rate.
- Act Zones now remain as they are when you leave with town portal. Enemies, items, loot will not re-spawn.
- Lowered boss piece sell price to 125 gold from 5000 gold (old price from old balance)
- UI / Graphics Improvements
- Re-worked Crypts graphics wise and added enemies
- Nerfed Magnet relic and collecting drops. (Magnet now only increases range a bit and drops wont come behind walls and over chasms.
- Improved Ingame dungeon shop.

- Fixed Client wings wont draw to side if attacking
- Fixed a more readable font for the game.
- Fixed Parasectoid boss in wormhole
- Fixed Thunderstorm cast range on enemies.
- Fixed Stone Skin viking talent, no longer lowers armor.
- Fixed small enemies.

- Corrected rune upgrade chances.
- GoH Runes cant be stacked on 1 talent, only 1 rune will give the stats. You can use other types of GoH runes with each other.
- Dau Rune buffed to 3 AS from 2 AS
- Hel Rune buffed to 35% from 25%
- Improved Rune screen graphics.
- Fixed Bo rune damage return from basic monster attacks (didnt work before)
- Stat runes now give 2% instead of 1%
- Bo rune buffed to 0.5% from 0.025%

- Redbeck Beartrap, Marksman Landmine and Pirate X Mark are now throwable abilities

Demon Slayer
- Synergy for dash now has a 10% chance to happen per dash impact.
- Lowered Bullet Hell damage scaling
- Light in Darkness giving wrong amounts fixed
- Arrow Rampage now only hits enemies in view
- Arrow Rampage Damage scaling lowered per talent point.

- Lowered Fire Totem damage scaling

- Fixed Stone Skin viking talent, no longer lowers armor.
Hero Siege - TheFattestman

After lots of hard work we are proud to present you the new and improved Hero Siege!

Better balance, Ton of bug fixes, better UI and graphics, Improved Networking engine and MORE!

The new halloween event includes the old quest lines + new daily quests!

Hero Siege

Major Changes

- Wormhole can now only be upgraded +1 at time (we no longer need +5 since numbers wont go that high so no need to speed up grinding)
- Clearing a wormhole fast rewards you with up to 5 additional item drops and more rubies.
- Wormholes can no longer get satanic mode.
- Wormholes are suggested to be played with higher than Normal difficulty gear.
- If you die in a Wormhole (or all your team members die) you lose 1 wormhole level.
- Resurrection no longer works in wormholes, each partymember has to be able to stay alive, though 1 can kill the boss
and upgrade the level for all.
- Wormhole debuffs removed
- Added 2 new wormhole themes
- Improved Wormhole aesthetics

- Runes are capped at max level 18.
- Stats overhaul for all numbers in game. Players and Enemies now start from very small numbers
- All progress is tied to player level and difficulty, including items
- Major item stats overhaul, all items now have progressive scaling
- Higher difficulties can now be played from level 1 for increased challenge and rewards
- Fixed and improved all talents for all classes
- Enemy oneshot mechanics have been fixed (Small red ball of doom etc.)
- Level requirement for loot is set to player level (only affects stashed items or trading with other players now)
- Attack Speed slightly decreased
- Boxes in Town no longer drop loot
- Grim Reaper mechanics slightly nerfed
- Toxic bosses not dropping loot for clients fixed
- Weapon damage per rarity decreased.
- Enemy max hp/damage now refreshes when you level up
- Enemy scaling out of wormhole/toxic + per player decreased to 8.5% hp+ 2.5% damage+ and 7.5% exp +
- Enemy scaling in wormhole/toxic + per player decreased to 20% hp+ 5.5% damage+ and 7.5% exp +
- HP outside of combat regens 8.5% per second
- Mana outside of combat regens 6% per second
- HP in combat regens 2.5% per second
- Mana in combat regens 1% per second
- All Act end bosses now drop specific loot to toxic on every difficulty
- Potions are no longer auto-pickup
- Drops now have correct shadows for more visibility
- You now have to kill 75% of the enemies in a map to get the boss out.
- Decreased gold drops a lot
- If you die you will lose your relics, ankh or not, resurrected or not.
- Enemy pack system added.
- Added new enemy enchant: Pack Leader
- Waller walls now block projectiles
- Buffed damage on various boss abilities that are "easy" to dodge
- Mystery Chest price dropped to 900 rubies
- WH Key price dropped to 20000 gold
- Changed Punisher enchant to 1 ball only.
- Melee classes have a 32.5% damage reduction from 25%
- Fixed range where Enchant effects are done from, now triggers when the enemy "detects" you
- Arcana enchant no longer deals damage before it grows big.
- Improved all enchants code how they randomize around the player, checking out of bounds and not overlapping
- Teleport enchant now comes closer to the player but has a slight disorient time.
- Lowered reset prices to 5000 gold each
- Bosses are now immune to damage while casting
- Weapons can now also have energy as a main stat

- Networking improved smoother player/client movement.
- Networking improved smoother interaction with spells, enemies and attacks
- Networking improved overall, game should feel more like single player for everyone. Packet system now scales with ping.
- Fixed a potential client/server crash issue

Audio/Visual feedback
- Enemies now have unique impact effects.
- All classes with powerful slam/smash/explosion effects now knock back enemies slightly to give more visual feedback
- Menu graphics improvements
- All boss effects are improved for a more clear view
- Lots of art assets improved
- Added item pickup effect
- Leviathan boss acid puddles destroy themselves in 10-20 seconds.
- Improved Enchant effects on enemies for better visibility.
- Improved UI (text size) for better visibility
- Improved Minimap for better visibility
- Improved Character art
- Improved Hat art for shop hats (color skills and detail skills improve over the years tho ^___^)
- Improved NPC interaction and UI
- Improved character selection and slot system
- Re-made the shop
- Season rewards now show in chat and pre-game


- Host not dying on HC fixed.
- Stat synergy fixed for online play
- Talents not updating online fixed
- Fixed Trap damage for clients (was still the old percentage thing)
- Fixed double reflection for clients
- Fixed enemies "healing" themselves client side

Relics / Loot
- Relic descriptions and damage/stats corrected.
- Poison Vial & Amazon Poison Gas crash fixed
- Items showing up without names fixed
- Toxic dropping low loot fixed
- Fixed decimals in ilevel and level req
- Shattered Katana balanced
- All relic passive/item effect damage corrected.
- Fixed follower relic damage
- Relic saving & loading improved, no more random disappearing
- Items/runes disappearing after trading fixed
- Book of Belial now only boosts damage by 25%
- Rotten Apple duration lowered to 6 seconds.
- Kings Crown relic adds 0,5% of your gold to damage (silently) up to 2000 damage+

- Marksman Land Mine not doing damage fixed.
- Redneck Stomp not doing damage fixed.
- Viking Charge combat text showing decimals fixed.
- Pyromancer Meteor ticking too frequently fixed to a single tick per enemy.
- Necromancer Meat Bomb doing too much damage fixed.
- Necromancer Minions showing decimals in talent screen fixed.
- Necromancer minion AI improved + damage / HP nerfed a bit
- All single hit AOE spells in game fixed to correctly impact every enemy they hit once.
- Poison damage corrected.
- Fixed some abilities not triggering healthbars
- White Mage healing zone not dealing damage fixed.
- All chainlightning spells are fixed, they no longer stop if the current or next target is dead.
- Fixed Odin's fury on clients

- Basic Minion damage fixed.
- Pressing Esc now shuts down inventory / talents etc
- Secret level generation fixed
- Shop minion damage/hp fixed
- Fixed minion stat scaling after level up, scaled with old system
- Fixed shadows and effects for boss / enemy abilities
- Enemies not spawning in dungeons fixed.
- Fixed traps, enemies, items etc being outside of the map or on top of chasms
- Fixed quest pickup texts for clients + improved the drawing

Buff List

White Mage
- White Mage's curse proc chance 15 => 21
- White Mage's Flame proc chance from 20 => 28
- Restless Spirits and Mana Orb can now proc Heavenly Fire and Curse.
- White Mage's Healing Zone now reduces incoming damage by 50%
- White Mage's Mana Orb cooldown lowered
- Increased damage on all spells for White Mage
- Healing Zone now fades away if it comes in contact with another healing zone

- Charge now works better, hits more enemies than before.
- Odin's Fury no longer declines attacking

- Improved Samurais spells and hitboxes
- Doubled synergy effect on Samurai abilities: Focus, Lightning Enchant, Ice Enchant, Zend Wind and Vorpal Enchant

- Doubled synergy effect on X Marks the spot
- Lowered rapidfire cooldown a bit

- Increased Blood Surge's damage by 2x per ability level

Demon Slayer
- Increased Weapon Switch proc chance from 5% to 21%

Nerf List

- Marksman's multishot is now: (damage / arrows) + (1% * talent number)
- Marksman's colossal is now: (damage) + (1% * talent number)
- Maksman's critical attack now increases 0.5% crit damage per level with a 13% chance to crit
- Marksman's grenade proc chance set to static 17%
- Marksman range lowered

- Pirate Bomb rain reduced from 12 bombs to 6 bombs
- Pirate Cannonball range lowered.
- Pirate Cannonball set to static 13% chance
- Pirate rapidfire nerfed to 6 seconds from 10.

- Nerfed Necromancer minion movement speed.
- Lowered synergy on all summons
- Lowered Summon Mastery % gain.
- Meat Bomb particles removed, too many damage multipliers.
- Reduced minion hand spawns to 1 at all times

Class changes
- Nomad Traveler & Sword throw re-worked.
- Viking Shockwave re-worked
- Most damage scaling spells now curve up with the talent level in damage.
- Paladin's Shield Bash re-worked, now throws the shield like a boomerang.
- Paladin's Holy Hammers no longer follow the player, hammers now orbit the point created in.
- Marksman's Disengage re-worked, now shoots arrows into opposite direction you jump into
- Viking's charge can no longer be controller, but he is immortal during it and shortly after.
- Viking's charge has better effect now.
- Fixed Pirates rapidfire resetting to negative values.
- Improved minion AI
- Minion attack range boosted
- Fixed how Viking's stone skin works, now just removes an amount of damage according to the ability.

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