Rytmik Studio - Eb42
  • FIXED: Loading options were not working correctly for ROM songs.
  • FIXED: Song name is now not changed when loading or adding only samples from another song.
  • CHANGED: Rytmik Studio is 32bit app again (users requested).
Rytmik Studio - Eb42
New Synth!
  • NEW: Added new Instrument DrSynth3
  • NEW: Added Shimmer mode for Delay
  • NEW: Added new Presets for DrSynth3
  • NEW: Added new demo song: DrSynth3 Studio Demo (Rytmik Studio library)
  • NEW: Added new demo song: DrSynth3 Demo (Rytmik Ultimate library)
  • FIX: Resonant fIlter under some circumstances became unstable and was causing its channel to mute.
  • FIX:Wide in combination with Wave Loop 3 (legato) was not working properly.

Rytmik Studio - Eb42
Imagine you have a rich set of sounds, jingles and music pieces within reach which you can use in your games, music videos, trailers, advertisements or your streams. Royalty free. Available inside a robust music software. Mega Pack for Rytmik Studio is precisely like this.


This DLC for Rytmik Studio is offering hundreds of jingles, sounds and music pieces instantly usable in your games and videos. You can access all this content through three tracks included in this DLC.

  • The first track offers ready-made sound effect perfect for any arcade game or animation. (170 Ready-made Fx Sounds)
  • The second track is all about jingles. Do you need win, loose or death sound? We are ready for this. (136 Jingles)
  • The third track offers short music pieces with various kinds of moods. Positive, negative, happy, fast, slow, atmospheric - we got all your needs covered. (84 Music Pieces)

Everything we are offering you is based on instrumental bank which is an integral part of Rytmik Studio. You can use jingle, music piece or sound effect as you like without or with further modification. We don’t care as long as your players and viewers are happy. But to be honest, we hope you play with our presets and create and share your creations with the community. It’s straightforward and fun to create something unique and original.

This DLC also include tracks from Rytmik Ultimate – CHIPTUNE PACK: Games & Videos. Additional 100 fx sounds, 60 jingles, 120 moods and music pieces.

Copyright & Licensing Terms

You are welcome to use all the content in this DLC for commercial use in your games, videos, advertisements, just anything. Please don't resell our content and credit us as follows:



The copyright to all CINEMAX, s.r.o. content always remains with us, regardless of what you use it for or what type of licence it is used under. ​

All our content is composed exclusively by us, CINEMAX, s.r.o. You cannot state that you own our content, or that anyone else owns it, or that you or anyone else has the rights to use it, or that you composed it and/or performed it.

You cannot make our content available for download or tell others that they can do so. You cannot resell it in any form, or tell others that they can do so. You cannot redistribute it in any form aside from its part in your production.

Licensing Terms

All the content of this DLC is licensed under the terms of a Creative Commons Attribution License 3.0.
Rytmik Studio - Eb42
Supporter DLC is finished!
  • NEW: Supporters Song for Supporter DLC
  • NEW: New visualization mode for Supporter DLC
  • NEW: MIDI Channel added to MIDI CC mapping
  • NEW: 2k and 4k mode - Just the same gfx for now, but at least window can be sized bigger. Can be set in OPTIONS.
  • NEW: Added One-shot option for LIVE SELECT MODE
  • NEW: Added Random Select Line option for LIVE LINE MODE
  • FIX: Spectrogram mode in Master FX window is working again
  • FIX:Pitchband in LIVE mode is working properly again
  • FIX: Several minor bugfixes

15 Ağu 2018
Rytmik Studio - Eb42
Tutorial – Instrument FX
14 Ağu 2018
Rytmik Studio - Eb42
Tutorial How to Import, Record or Create User Samples in Rytmik Studio

13 Ağu 2018
Rytmik Studio - Eb42
Rytmik Studio: Tutorial - How to Use Sidechain in Rytmik Studio.
Rytmik Studio - Eb42

Two sessions from Rytmik Live. Enjoy!

Trance Trumpet by Martin Linda (Rytmik Studio Live Demo Session)

Space by Martin Linda (Rytmik Studio Live Demo Session)
30 Tem 2018
Rytmik Studio - Eb42
Version 0.84.2.b80727

  • NEW: added key short-cuts: Home, End - move song cursor to start/end of the song
  • NEW: added key short-cuts: Page Up, Page Down - move song cursor one page right/left
  • NEW: added key short-cuts: Arrow Up - move song cursor to next song marker (same as W key)
  • NEW: added key short-cuts: Arrow Down - move song cursor to previous song marker or to the start (same as S key)
  • NEW: added key short-cuts: Arrow Right - move song cursor one step right (same as D key)
  • NEW: added key short-cuts: Arrow Left - move song cursor one step left (same as A key)
  • NEW: song scrolling now adjusts its speed acording to distance of view from cursor
  • NEW: Delete comment in song browser
  • NEW: control + mouse on song name or author name in Song browser sets song filter
  • NEW: some minor bug fixes

  • NEW: RYTMIK LIVE (DLC will be released 7th of August 2018, now available for Backers)

  • FIX: sidechain was not working properly for song Preview
  • FIX: there was wrong clip playback when song Preview andvanced to the next song
  • FIX: some key-short cuts for song browser were active even if browser was closed
  • FIX: MIDI CC was not working correctly in Clip Editor
  • FIX: Mousewheel was not working correctly in Clip Editor
  • FIX: With Clip Song mode on now flawlessly swicth between Song and Clip editor
  • FIX: Song plays are not counted for users own songs
  • FIX: metronome in Clip Editor was not working correctly
  • FIX: Live Space and Live Trance Trumpet songs with Live setup added to ROM
Rytmik Studio - Eb42
We recorded two sessions from upcoming Rytmik Live. Enjoy!

Trance Trumpet by Martin Linda (Rytmik Studio Live Demo Session)

Space by Martin Linda (Rytmik Studio Live Demo Session)

Rytmik Live will be released on 7th of August.


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