27 Oca 2015
Battle Worlds: Kronos - KINGArt_Marco
A new update (1.4.3) is available.

Here's the changelog:

- Savegames can now be deleted in the LoadGameScreen by selecting a savegame and then pressing the button that appears on the right.
- In a multiplayer online game you can now cancel ending your turn by clicking on the X in the message window
- Intro is now only shown on the first startup per default. If you want to show the intro on every startup you can enable it in the settings menu.
- Vision range is now changed immediately when diving/resurfacing submarines or choosing vision upgrades on unit level up

- fixed a Multiplayer bug that a player could do 2 turns in a row
- damaged units should now smoke correctly after loading a level
- Mission End Screen is now showed after 3 seconds delay
- fixed Manual Cam Movement so posteffects are not turned on while zooming
- fixed a graphic glitch in ProfileEditScreen
- fixed leagues showing after logout
- Remove blocking map object when first enemy is destroyed to remove game blocker
- Fixed multiple clicks on a multiplayergame opening it multiple times
- Fixed positioning of notifications
- Fixed tactical map: now appears earlier
- small changes in english tutorial texts
- fixed a bug that water settings could not be changed after changing from one level to another
- fixed some crashes/freezes
Battle Worlds: Kronos - jtheysen
We've just released the free DLC "Trains" for our turn-based strategy game "Battle Worlds: Kronos".

It features:

  • An additional single player campaign (~ 15 hours of play time!)
  • Four new unit types with new gameplay features
  • Two new multiplayer maps
  • One new singleplayer challenge map

Free for everybody who bought the main game!

Take a look: Features & New Units

And these are the things we've benn working on in the last six month since the release of the game: Improvements since launch

Have fun!

Your KING Art Team
3 Nis 2014
Battle Worlds: Kronos - KINGArt_Marco
Hey everyone.

The new update (1.3.3) is now available and contains lots of changes.

Here’s the change log:
- Technician can now carry up to 3 mines and defuse mines
- The Hurricane’s hit points have been reduced
- Several GUI bugs have been fixed
- Memory usage has been reduced by about 25-30%
- Performance is optimized
- Elite units that were loaded into buildings or other units can now be transferred over to other missions
- The Hacker can’t take over human units anymore
- Vehicles of the Residents now also heal on level 1 wrecks
- In tactical map view commands can’t be given anymore
- Diver/Meteor can be produced in the airbase
- Buildings can now be placed with PlaceUnitAction
- Aerial units will not be blocked by low map objects like barbed wire anymore
- Impassable terrain (with wrecks on it) can’t be passed anymore
- Damage preview on skip animation fixed
- Towers don’t turn on transverse axis anymore
- Upgrade "Blitz" updated: If an enemy unit attacks one of your units and dies, it won´t fire any longer before dying.
- Grid rendering fixed
- Trigger event "All units destroyed" now also triggers, when units are not destroyed but hacked by Hackers and is therefore renamed to „no unit left“
- Technicians can defuse and pick up mines of their own team
- Technicians cannot pick up mines, when the ammo-cap is reached. Deploy a mine to make room before picking up another one
- Hidden submarines are now shown correctly after passing a bridge
- Technician cannot "defuse" other units than mines any longer

Additionally we taught the editor some extra things:

- Buildings can now be placed with PlaceUnitAction
- Orbital Drop / Orbital Extract can now be executed in parallel several times
- OrbitalDropUnits can now be assigned to a squad in the builder

Your Battle Worlds team
Battle Worlds: Kronos - jtheysen
Improved, scalable UI

We've updated our UI system. The biggest feature is a new option in the settings that allows you to scale the UI up to 200% of its normal size. So if you're using a very high resolution or you want to play on your television you should be fine now.

Other improvements include:
  • Better text input (copy & paste, navigation in text fields)
  • Hotkey for “End Turn”
  • Hotkey for “Display unit info permanently”
  • Option to disable the auto chat-login

Let us know if everything works!

Better Performance

We had some performance issues on OpenGL Systems (Mac & Linux). We tweaked a couple of things and the performance should be noticeably better on all systems, but especially on Mac and Linux.

  • High quality settings: Only minor improvements here
  • Medium quality: You should notice a substantial performance improvement here
  • Low quality: Substantial performance improvements
  • (New) Very low quality: This is a new, very fast set of settings

On our low specs Mac test system the performance went up from ~15-20 fps to 30-40 fps in Medium quality. Depending on your system your experience may differ. Please let us know how the performance changed.

Many small things & Bug fixes
  • AI for air raid defense turrets and guard towers fixed
  • Fixed tooltip hide/unhide units
  • The unit info now shows the amount of mines a unit carries
  • Buildings no longer hinder movement
  • Now units turn their turrets when attacking (where applicable)
  • The "Next Unit" and "Sleep" Buttons no longer open the transporter screen
  • Fixed a bug when a mine was deployed next to a hidden unit
  • Fixed a bug where hidden units had been visible for the enemy while they were moving
  • Fixed a bug when loading savegames from the main menu
  • Loca updates for it, fr, es, rus

    Changelog: http://forum.kingart-games.com/index.php/topic,13446.0.html
Battle Worlds: Kronos - jtheysen
Version 1.3 has been released.

Now you can upload your user-generated maps directly into the game and other players can rate them.

The Battle Worlds: Kronos editor is now part of the game data and can be launched via Steam (Windows only).

Have fun!
Battle Worlds: Kronos - jtheysen
We've released a new version yesterday. It features some major improvements:

Faster gameplay
  • AI units now move in parallel making AI turns faster
  • AI animations can now be disabled
  • Units covering far distance accelerate over time

Multiplayer enhancements
  • Leagues are now available for all players
  • Players can collect points and gain ranks
  • Players are now given a comprehensive Skill level

General fixes and optimizations
  • Higher quality battle sounds for many units
  • Counter-attack damage now displayed
  • Revised AI algorithm for unit selection to reducing panning
  • Balance tuning for numerous single-player missions
  • Auto-login to multiplayer features
11 Ara 2013
Battle Worlds: Kronos - jtheysen
You don't know if Battle Worlds: Kronos is the right game for you (some feel it's pretty difficult...)? Try the demo and find out!
Battle Worlds: Kronos - jtheysen
You want to build your own missions and multiplayer maps? Then take a look at the Battle Worlds: Kronos editor.

You can get the editor here: Get the editor (Game required)

...and info about it here: To the forum
Battle Worlds: Kronos - jtheysen
We’ve released a patch this morning that should fix the following problems:
  • Fixed a bug where the menu would remain unresponsive for several seconds after starting the game.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would continue to scroll the view despite the right mouse button not being pressed.
  • Fixed a bug where multiplayer games did no longer show up in the Multiplayer Hub.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the unlimitted shootbacks upgrade to function properly.
  • Fixed a bug that caused noticeable input lag and sound stuttering when issuing a move order to a selected unit.
  • Fixed a bug that allowed players to toggle through enemy units with Tab that should be concealed by the fog of war.
  • Steam achievements are now granted regardless of whether the user is logged in with his KING Art account.
  • The minimum supported screen resolution has been lowered to 1024 x 768.
  • Fixed a number of localization bugs in several languages.
  • Various smaller UI tweaks.
  • Tweaks in several single player maps.
Battle Worlds: Kronos - Valve
Battle Worlds: Kronos is Now Available on Steam and is 20% off!*

Battle World: Kronos is a classic turn-based strategy game in the tradition of Battle Isle, Advance Wars and Panzer General. Have you ever wondered what games like that would look like today? Well, we did. As a result, we decided to develop Battle Worlds: Kronos.

*Offer ends November 11th at 10AM Pacific Time


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